Bucs hope NFL will allow them to wear their throwback uniforms

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The Buccaneers unveiled new uniforms today, but they’re still hoping they’ll someday be able to wear their original uniforms again.

Last year, the Bucs had to scrap plans to wear their throwback uniforms when the NFL told teams not to change helmets during the season, for safety reasons. That meant Tampa Bay couldn’t wear its original white helmets with the Bucco Bruce logo for a special throwback game.

But today Buccaneers Co-Chairman Edward Glazer said that he’s hoping the NFL will reconsider that rule, and allow the Bucs to mix in an annual throwback uniform game.

“The throwback uniforms are one of our favorite games of the year,” Glazer said. “They wanted the players to wear the same helmets throughout the whole year [but] we’re hopeful with the NFL that these rules may get changed again because we love our throwback look.”

When the Buccaneers first joined the NFL as an expansion franchise in 1976, their uniforms were often derided as every bit as ugly as the team, which lost its first 26 games. But over time, and as throwback jerseys have become popular, plenty of people have come to love the “Creamsicle” look. The NFL prefers to have players stick with one helmet all year long, but a lot of fans would love to see Bucco Bruce on the field again.

66 responses to “Bucs hope NFL will allow them to wear their throwback uniforms

  1. These jerseys are a joke.

    They are obviously trying to emulate the beautiful Vikings Jersey’s that are sold world-wide every year.

    The Vikings – The World’s team

  2. Helmets absorb several hits so I would think equipment managers are checking them after every game and replacing as needed.

    They aren’t digging out helmets from the 1977 equipment box. Paint the old scheme on new helmets. That rule was stupid.

  3. The Bucs can wear their old uniforms, but they would have to paint and re-paint the helmets.
    Notre Dame re-paints their gold helmets every week during their season. I’m certain that an NFL team can afford to paint theirs a couple of times a year if it really meant that much to them.

  4. This is why the vikings are the model franchise we keep it original.The yucks play like a college team so they wanna dress like one.now they want to go back to the worst unis in NFL history besides the ugly Turdbay packer uniforms.thats the difference between the vikings and pathetic franchises.SKOL

  5. Colon Krapperchoke would still look like a clown no matter what jersey you dress him up in.

  6. Another out of touch billionaire ! More concerned with wearing throw backs then the players safety ! It takes time to break in a helmet, just like a baseball clove.

  7. The Bucs just went from having arguably one of the best looking uniforms in the league to looking like a bunch of clowns.

    This is hard to stomach.

  8. pftfan says:
    Mar 3, 2014 6:16 PM
    Google “XFL San Francisco Demons” and have a laugh at the new Bucs jerseys.

    fyi – James Hundon was “J-Hun” and Otis Floyd was “Hit Squad”.

    If the NFL wants to wring more money from its sheeplike fans, they should let the players personalize their jerseys.

  9. thepftpoet says:
    Mar 3, 2014 6:18 PM
    These jerseys are a joke.

    They are obviously trying to emulate the beautiful Vikings Jersey’s that are sold world-wide every year.

    The Vikings – The World’s team

    Yeah because i’m pretty sure people from Croatia and Uganda rock those purple uni’s daily

  10. What’s the difference about the throwback uniform and all? Let the team do it! Look, the packers wear those ugly blue uniforms and the patriots used there old logo on the helmets! To me I would like to see the old come back a few games in the year! The NHL lets teams have a 3rd jersey and even let teams go to the throwbacks so why can’t the NFL! If they won’t let teams do it, instead of calling the NFL as the National Football League, call them the NO FUN LEAGUE!

  11. Viking fans have something to say? At least Tampa doesn’t wear purple and yellow and has a super bowl trophy.

  12. By throwback uniforms, do they mean 2013? Just end this farce with Nike and tell their design team to shove it.

  13. Those creamsickle uniforms should never see the light of day. They were worn by one of the worst teams in all of pro sports and the franchise has worked hard to put that in the past. No Bucs fan should allow them to see the field.

  14. not exactly difficult to have another set of approved helmets with the throwback design. Why make any argument for re-labeling or painting.

  15. Bucs hope NFL will allow them to wear their throwback uniforms

    Only the Bucs care about this…new & old uniforms assault the eyes.

  16. It doesn’t matter what they wear… This team is a grease fire right now.
    They should put patches over both the Pirates eyes so he doesn’t have to watch them.

  17. They should be more worried about whether the NFL will move them down to college Division 2.

  18. who the heck is in that focus group? 90 percent on PFT prefer either Retro or their Pewter uniforms.

    that is ridiculous.

    how did they not see the opportunity here. either leave it the way it is, or go with the pretty awesome retro uniforms that would likely gain a few fans?

    these are just hideous

  19. Nike is HORRIBLE!!!!! They have screwed up more uniforms, college and the NFL alike, than I can count. Who designs this garbage? It has to be a woman, or some guy who wears skinny jeans and designer glasses. Good lord these are hideous. Sigh…

  20. The Puter was awesome…. why on earth would they change it all again? Actually I’d like to see the Puter/Red with the old Bucco Bruce. Now that would be cool.

  21. Who would have thought that we’d actually look at the ‘creamsicles’ and say “looks better than what they’ve got now!”

  22. Why does it matter they aren’t the old helmets they have to go through the same inspection process as the others.

    I think the NFL is just being a stick in the mud.

  23. What? You can’t just paint the old helmet color and logo on a modern helmet? Don’t tell me that on throwback Sunday you use helmets made in 1977!!

    Teams should be allowed to field several different uniform designs throughout the season if they want to. And that should include one or several throwback designs that are popular with the fans.

    Use modern equipment with throwback colors and design. Simple. And merchandise sales would soar.

  24. Man they sucked me in on this one being I have bought and just bought an elite jerseys for hundreds of bucks. And now they come out with this mess which are bad for the eyes. I will NEVER buy any of this crap and we as buc fans should take a hard stand on this one until they change it back. We complain and then buy the mess we complain about. The Glaziers are testing my patients with this one. Worry about winning a game before you worry about what your wearing. I will take a stand on this one and might just say the hell with football and my overpriced NotForLong football package from Direct TV. First me as a football fan have to put up with the watered down Goodell league now this from the Glaziers team. I wonder if they asked any of the fans who spend their money how they felt about change? Well since they didn’t ask me I guess I will keep my change in my pocket.

  25. Yeesh, those are rough. I hate these, the Jaguars’, and still am not a fan of the Seahawks’. What’s with this new garbage? I hate to compliment the Vikings around here, but they have a modern twist on a traditional look. Why can’t other teams be as subtle?

  26. Hey Geniuses – the logos and colors are not just “painted” on the helmets. Hence the need for a completely different helmet. they dont just “paint” them a different color. Geesh….

  27. The Creamsicles are great for looking back but I wouldn’t want them every game….I mean I would over what they released yesterday. That is just awful and it makes so little sense. They had one of the top 5 unis going in the game today. Now it’s a punch line to a bad joke.

  28. Surely the best thing for safety would be to issue new helmets for each game, rather than keeping the same helmet all season.

    Certainly in terms of motorcycle helmets you are meant to replace it as soon as it takes any sort of impact.

    Football helmets certainly won’t get any stronger with each impact. Even if you can’t see any damage, a fresh shell and padding should be more effective.

    This just shouldn’t be an issue. It’s not as though the color of the helmet is going to affect its structural integrity.

  29. Tampa Bay TV channel 10 must really like these uniforms, or be on the Glazner payroll. Everybody they interview says they love the new look! All I can say is they didn’t interview this Bucs fan. These uniforms look worse than bilge water.

  30. I have a question about you have to play in the same helmet you started with all year rule. How about all the players that have been cut or traded mid season that catch on with another team? If the rule was the rule then Josh Freeman would have been wearing a Bucs helmet in the one game he played as a Viking (just one example)… Just saying NFL be consistent.

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