Lions make it clear they want Fairley in better shape

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The Lions are about a month away from their “voluntary” offseason conditioning program, and they’re already making it clear how truly “voluntary” they are.

According to Kyle Meinke of, the Lions want Nick Fairley to volunteer more often.

“As I told him, I’d like to see his commitment to the offseason program improve, and see him on a consistent basis,” General Manager Martin Mayhew said recently. “It’s voluntary, but if he’s not training with us, I’d like to see him training somewhere.”

The Lions get a two-week head start on the program because they changed coaches this offseason, and they’re hoping Fairley and others use that time to work on their conditioning.

Mayhew said he’d like to see Fairley “reposition” some of his weight, which is a delicate euphemism for “lose the belly, fat man.”

“This guy has an immeasurable amount of talent, and it’s my job to get it out of him,” new coach Jim Caldwell said. “And that’s the key. And I think he’s capable. I also think he’s willing. So we’ll see how that goes.”

The Lions have a decision to make this offseason on whether to pick up his fifth-year option on his rookie contract, and while that’s still likely, Fairley could make it an easier call for them by getting himself in better shape.

19 responses to “Lions make it clear they want Fairley in better shape

  1. I remember there was talk of him possibly being the 1st overall pick the year Newton was taken. Then he started slipping big time, because of worries like this and other off the field stuff.

  2. Shocker!!
    Bleacher Report 2011 NFL Draft,…. “Fairley, who had some work ethic and character concerns from his time at Auburn. ”
    He’s been tagged as an immature and lazy athlete since pre college. Not going to change and these supposed “experts” think they can change him by stating that he needs to be mature and grow up. Too late

  3. Your ENTIRE career depends on the condition of your body, you have access to world class trainers, nutritionists, facilities and equipment, and you are so indolent and lacking in discipline that the opinion of your new coach is “we’ll see how that goes.” How can ANYONE coach a player with Fairley’s attitude about his job-related responsibilities? NFL coaches must be part wizard.

  4. As a Packer fan, the coaching change in Detroit flat-out frightens me. There’s a LOT of talent on that roster and if Caldwell can do with the Lions talent what Harbaugh did with the Niners talent, look out.

  5. The good thing about new leadership coming in is that they’re not worried about hurting anyone’s feelings. They want to take care of business. These guys are not their friends…yet. I expect good things.

  6. If I was one of these guys I would just tell myself that half my salary is for conditioning, figure out how much it comes to per hour, and let that distract me while working out.
    You have the talent, gotta be in shape to take it to the summit.

  7. It’s about time someone lit a fire under Fairley’s big butt. If he gets motivated, and in shape so he can go 100% all the time the way Suh does, he’ll be unstoppable.

  8. Lions didn’t just beat the Bears twice last season–they crushed them. Their fans are still whining about it.

  9. @hurricane88

    Yes they did only to still fall short of winning the division and finish behind the Bears and Packers…..pathetic.

    Thank you for providing more proof to my point about lions fans.

  10. Not sure Caldwell will help much with Fairley’s weight problem unless it’s his goal to put Fairley to sleep out of boredom before meals.

  11. steveb9995 says:
    Mar 3, 2014 11:33 AM
    Lions didn’t just beat the Bears twice last season–they crushed them. Their fans are still whining about it.


    First game you won by 8, second game you won by 2 points???? Crushed us!?!?!?!

    Bears are 13-5 against the pitiful Lions since 2005!

  12. 1st game we were up by a million and we went prevent and let you get close….2nd game I’ll take a win on the road at any score …

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