Logan Thomas threw 60 mph at the Combine


When Colin Kaepernick was a relatively unknown prospect coming out of Nevada, he raised some eyebrows at the Combine by throwing a football at 59 mph during on-field drills. That was the fastest of any quarterback that year and believed to be the fastest since the Combine started using a radar gun to track quarterbacks.

But now someone has thrown faster: Logan Thomas, the former Virginia Tech quarterback, reached 60 mph according to Ourlads.com.

Thomas is the first player to reach 60 mph at the Combine, but that doesn’t necessarily mean much: Other than Kaepernick, the list of quarterbacks with the fastest fastballs at the Combine is mostly a list of players who have never amounted to anything in the NFL. Tyler Bray, Zac Dysert, Brandon Weeden and Kirk Cousins are the four other quarterbacks to hit 59 mph since 2008, and the quarterbacks to hit 58 mph are John Parker Wilson, Mike Reilly, Drew Willy, Ryan Mallett and Austin Davis. How many of those guys would you want quarterbacking your team?

So while Thomas’s 60 mph throw is another data point for a guy who had a phenomenal Combine by any measure, what will determine if he can succeed as an NFL quarterback is whether he can throw with accuracy, not velocity.

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  1. Having zip on the ball is nice, but I’d take accuracy and brains at QB over pass-speed any day of the week.

  2. Congratulations to Logan Thomas (55 td – 39 ints – 55% completions at Virginia Tech) on his great velocity.

  3. He has more potential than a lot of people realize. VT doesn’t develop its quarterbacks well, which is why they’ve only ever been dominant with the freak mike Vick. With a real qb coach this kids physical tools could make him an eventual starter, and a nice pickup on the drafts last day.

  4. Meanwhile, Johnny Wildcat Prima Donna, threw a ball matching his age, which by appearance is 35.

    DBs across the NFL are salivating, but he’s a franchise guy.

  5. he throws it into the hands of his opponents faster than other other QB in this year’s draft

  6. We all likely saw enough of this guy in college to dismiss this as meaningless. Awesome physical tools, no doubt. In teh end, I think he’ll remain “intriguing” well into his NFL career….however long that may last. And that’ll be pretty much it.

  7. 55% with that WR corps is pretty damn good. I on,y watched a couple,of his games last year, but I know he had four or five drops in the Bama game alone.

  8. I still feel like this guy can succeed if he catches on somewhere where he can sit for a few years and develop. He went to Virginia Tech as a TE and seems to have the skill set and size to be a good QB. If I know one thing about that program it’s all about defense and special teams so maybe it was a tougher place for him to develop. There’s just that matter of accuracy and being able to read defenses that could hopefully improve over the course of a few years in the right system.

  9. Only the lame dog prospects who HAVE TO THROW at the Combine get clocked. That is why it’s such a sorry list. A lot of quarterbacks in the league throw harder but were never timed because THE BEST OF THEM DON’T THROW.

    Just dopes like Kaepernick.

  10. Don’t sell Ryan Mallett short – Belichick hasn’t kept him out of the media for 3 years without a reason – every other Patriot player has made the news. No one is going to get playing time behind Tom Brady, no one, but he’s learned a lot from the 2 of them and he was a hellofa QB before the NFL. He’ll have his day and I can’t wait to see him play again.

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