Martin could be a tough sell to Colts front office


During an interview last week on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck spoke in favorable terms regarding his former Stanford teammate, tackle Jonathan Martin.

But Luck seemed to be a bit hesitant to make too strong of a public pitch for Martin.  There could be a good reason for that.

There’s a sense in some league circles it will be difficult to persuade G.M. Ryan Grigson to take a chance on Martin, given the premium Grigson places on toughness.

Regardless of where the blame lands for the events that resulted in Martin leaving the Dolphins (and there’s enough to go around for everyone), a fundamental question remains regarding whether Martin is tough enough to thrive in the NFL.  The various Stanford connections (from Luck to offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton to tight end Coby Fleener) could be enough to persuade Grigson to give Martin a chance.

Still, Martin will have to show Grigson something quickly or Martin may not last in Indy.  If he even gets an opportunity there.

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  1. Yep, gotta be plenty tough to help carry all that recently obtained Super Bowl hardware. (Or to rearrange Irsay’s or Grigson’s office furniture.)

  2. He can’t handle criticism or personal failure and lacks the ability or social skills to handle conflict. Not good for a job based on conflict. He is soft. He got handled by D-lineman and LBs. I would pass if I were them.

  3. The Colts have Gosder Cherilous and Anthony Costanzo that play both left and right tackle. They were really the only consistent production the Colts got from there offensive line all year. Jonathan Martin would have to play guard to even play for the Colts. A position I don’t he’s ever played before.

  4. I 100% agree with this article. Luck can speak highly of him all he wants but the harrassment fiasco, while avoidable, does not speak well of Martin’s mental and physical toughness. There is an ole saying in football “the eye in the sky don’t lie”. Look at the tape. He gets physically assaulted on just about every play. Now I am sure Martin will do his best to dispell that perception but I have a hard time believing this bullying story would have blown up the way it did if Martin took care of business on the field as I believe his teammates made assumptions about him based on his play.

  5. Hard to sell to Ryan Grigson?

    Isn’t this the GM that traded a first rounder for Trent “Bust” Richardson?

    This is a move this Incompetent GM would make.

  6. The issue is more about poor management and coaching in Miami. You let the inmates run the asylum, you get the dumpster fire that the Dolphins had to deal with. Both players involved should get a second chance.

  7. What’s the harm? You’d be picking up a guy who was a high second rounder just two years ago for peanuts. Why not pick him up and see if you can turn him into something? Whatever locker room concerns you might have will minimized by Luck’s presence anyways.

  8. If Grigson places a premium on toughness , there’s a certain offensive guard who wore number 68 for the Dolphins season who should be available . . .

  9. Lost in all of this is that before the incident occurred he wasn’t even a good player. Maybe that should also be considered? No? Ill just shut up then.

  10. I think Martin is plenty tough enough for any reasonable NFL locker room. I’ve followed him for years. But take Coby’s word for it, if you don’t trust me (and I can’t imagine why anyone would!). That said, Martin does not have a really mean edge on the field, that some like to see from linemen. So that is something Grigson would do well to consider.

  11. They shouldn’t even be talking about adding him to their team since he is still under contract with the Dolphins. He is not a free agent and unless they are discussing a trade with the Dolphins any statements could be considered tampering.

  12. There are several problems any GM must confront before taking Martin:
    1. He did not perform up to the level expected as an NFL player on the field. He was a virtual turnstile on the OL.
    2. Trust by team mates in the locker room. Could any other player trust him to not throw them under the media bus if things did not go his way?
    3. What gm wants to deal with the microscopic media coverage of his team? The circus that will inevitably follow Martin wherever he goes?
    4. IF you sign him, what is a third string offensive lineman worth? Can you get a different one without the baggage?
    I think Martin is so close to finished in the NFL that, unless the league office really leans on one of the teams, his next payday will be from the lawsuit he files, if he wins it.

  13. Martin’s only tough enough for the Lingerie Football League, and then maybe then some of those girls might abuse him. The guy is SOFT and he QUIT on his team, those are two traits that do not work well in the NFL.

  14. “Still, Martin will have to show Grigson something quickly or Martin may not last in Indy. If he even gets an opportunity there.”


    Doesn’t the player have to impress the coaching staff once he’s on the roster?

  15. Don’t let the facts get in the way on this one regardless if you believe any of the Dolphins Bully Scandal. Martin ranked 58th out of 64 Tackles in the League. Tough does not matter when you SUCK!

  16. …. and lil’ richie incognito lays medicated and quiet in a padded room in a state mental hospital.

    REMEMBER: It’s ALLLLLLL Jonathan Martin’s fault

  17. NFL = Not For Long League. Jonathan “the victim” Martin is done.

    Time to go back to Stanford and finish that Art History degree.

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