Michael Bennett “not worried about the outcome” of free agency

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The Seahawks chose not to use their franchise tag on defensive end Michael Bennett Monday, which means he’ll become a free agent if he doesn’t sign a deal with the team before March 11.

Bennett said on Sirius XM NFL Radio with Bruce Murray and Rich Gannon on Monday that all the talks with the Seahawks about a contract have been positive and that he expects them to continue.

“Obviously they want me to be a Seahawk for the rest of my career,” Bennett said, via the Seattle Times. “But everything plays into the numbers. Have to make sure everything is right.”

If things aren’t right with Seattle, Bennett said he’s “not worried about the outcome” of his foray into free agency. He settled for a one-year deal last year, but played a leading role on defense for the Super Bowl champs last season and feels confident that he’ll land a better deal this time around.

Should his brother Martellus unexpectedly become the general manager in Chicago, the Bears would be a good bet to give him that deal. Bennett said he’s heard pitches from his brother, but that they’d need to open up their wallet to land him and that he’s “looking forward” to remaining in Seattle.

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  1. I can hear it now.

    Michael Bennett begging to be released by the Seahawks because he wants to actually play for a classy franchise like the Vikings.

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he joins the Vikings at a league-minimum contract at a chance to win a Super Bowl legitly, not cheating the whole year using PED’s.

  2. I’m gonna be really interested to see the final numbers for this guy, regardless of what team he lands on…

    One of the most violent, versatile d-line player I’ve seen in awhile. A tad on the older side (28-29 this year) tho…

  3. “Leading Role” is overstating it. He was exceptional as a rotational player in on 55% of the snaps. If he wants to be paid on that basis – he’ll stay in Seattle – if he wants to be paid like a F/T premier player – he’s in for a surprise in free agency

  4. Hey 12th goons, what about the giant hometown discounts all these players were supposed to give to continue your “dynasty”? #naive #delusional #bandwagoners

  5. we dont need to worry about “hometown discounts” with the best front office in the league
    the best coaching staff in the league and the best owner the hawks are well prepared for the dynasty that awaits GO HAWKS!!!!!!!

  6. – No franchise tag
    – Gus Bradley has roots to Seattle
    – Jags have tons of money & the richest owner in the NFL

    This guy has Jacksonville written all over him.

  7. Dear thepftpoet,

    You won’t hear Bennett begging to be released by the Seahawks for the simple reason that he is not under contract. For all intents and purposes, he’s a free agent.

    You’re in for a big surprise when he does exactly what he said he wanted to do: get a fat contract.

    And BTW, it’s news to me that he was cheating the whole year using PEDs.

    Do you know anything about football, or do you just like seeing triple-digit counts on the thumbs down icon for every post you make?

  8. Hey jaxboydavid,

    No, the Jaguars owner is not the richest. That would be Paul Allen, that owner of the……..wait for it……Seahawks.

    Besides, the salary cap negates however much money the owner has in hs bank account.

  9. Bennet it’s going Oakland for a sweet deal.
    Bryant and Thurmond will be in Jacksonville by camp.

    Thanks for the years fellas. Best of luck

  10. Vikings fans should not be allowed to post until they win a playoff game. Let their team do the talking

  11. Normally I would say he stays in Seattle, but by listening to him, he’s all about the money and some team will pay 2-3 million more per yr for his services. I think he ends up going down the coast to Oakland.

  12. thepftpoet, Vikes 0-4 in superbowls. Last Conference Championship was the first year Seattle was even in the league. Your historically bad in the playoffs, not even mediocre.

    Hawks didn’t have any PED suspensions in 2013-14 but no need to actually use facts in your posts. (Pot is in no way a PED, and Alderall if you even want to try to say are PEDs were in 2012).

    But thanks for Harvin. He helped us get ours this year, and gives us a new weapon as we head our next season defending the trophy. Ah, defending champs; what a wonderful thought; something you’ve never had the experience of.

  13. Michael Bennett is like Justin Smith if Smith were a Super Bowl champion and a dominant player on one of the greatest defenses of all time.

  14. The Seahawks want Bennett back. Bennett wants to come back. The money will be in the ballpark of what he can accept to come back to a championship locker-room. He will play in Seattle next season.

  15. Logicalvoice has unleashed an entire wave of trolls. You have the Vikings trolls, the Packers trolls, the Steelers trolls, the Ravens trolls, the Bengals trolls, the Seahawks trolls…

    Yet two of those things aren’t like the others. I’ll let you all figure out what those are

  16. Bennett is a solid, top 20 to 30 defensive end who looked better than he was based on playing on an elite defense in an ideal environment. If money is his primary goal he will be elsewhere. When he doesn’t produce the same he may get released if his cap number is too high. He needs to weigh the option of playing in Seattle for 4 years or playing somewhere else for 2 to 3 years and whether he’ll make more in Seattle over 4 years than the other place over 2 or 3. If he makes 27 million and gets his walking papers would he be better off getting an entire 32 million in Seattle? Plus he doesn’t have to play 80% of the defensive snaps in Seattle.

  17. They need to create an exclusive site just for the fans of winning franchises!
    That would get rid of all the idiotic posts from Viking fans!
    What is going on over there??
    That cold weather must be giving them a brain freeze!!

  18. If he signs with Seattle, it will be on Seattle’s terms, not his. If he doesn’t, it will be his loss. No doubt a very good player, but he flourished because of the men around him and the 12th man in the stands.

    The Hawks will find a solid replacement that won’t break the bank.

  19. Lots of Seahawk Haters posting. You’ll wish they dismantle. Go S.A.D. cuz Seattle going to be in the hunt for the foreseeable future. Bennett to Raiders or Vikings? Laughable. Bennett will sign in Seattle. And I doubt he’ll break the bank. The beauty of living in a state with no state income tax means home town discount is built into any contract Seattle decides to sign. 8 games a year. For instance 8 games a year in Oakland he will lose over 12% of his paycheck every time he plays at home. Trust me the Seahawks will get first dibs on whoever they want.

  20. I’d have to make sure that blood is clean before we take last year at face value. That locker room was as dirty as USC. Never seen a team bench press another team as bad as the last one.

    Something is fishy in Seattle and that will get people paid and general mangers fired.

    Best thing to do is cash out now before the pit boss cathes Pete again.

  21. Bennett was part of a complete team effort and yes, he was important to the Defense. He had 8 sacks and did a great job, but he isn’t going to get the top end money. He will get a good contract and suspect it ends up being around 7M-8M a year for around 3 years.

    My guess is that he signs with Seattle after testing free market value. We will know right out of the gates (11th) if he is going to be getting big money.

  22. Someone will sign him to big money. And closing in on 30, Seattle will be better off if they do

  23. My guess it he will want to go to a team that didn’t just develop a fan base, and didn’t just have a home blacked out as recent as 2002. Its all fun and games when you’re winning, but what happens if you stop?
    Raider Trolls > The 12 Woman.

  24. Seems at least one poster doesn’t understand income tax.
    You are responsible to pay taxes in your official state of residence.
    It doesn’t matter that they play games on the road.
    If they officially live in the State of Washington, they don’t pay state income tax if they play a game in San Francisco, or Oakland… or anywhere else.
    Vice Versa, if their official residence is in Oakland, they still have to pay taxes even if they play a game or games in a different state.
    The same reasoning goes by corporations that have moved their HQ overseas to avoid paying taxes.

  25. Bennett is a key signing, but Earl Thomas is the key to our defence. Bruce Irvin at LB didn’t work out. He should only be used as a pass rusher.

  26. The pathetic Seahawks franchise????? Yet that’s where all the Vikings players go to win. Any questions vikqueens fans??? Reality is tough when your teams sucks fellas ain’t it.

  27. “jaxboydavid says: Mar 3, 2014 6:25 PM

    – No franchise tag
    – Gus Bradley has roots to Seattle
    – Jags have tons of money & the richest owner in the NFL”

    Actually the richest owner resides in Seattle. Compare Paul Allen’s net worth to Khan’s. Doesn’t even come close. Khan’s not even the 2nd richest. I believe that distinction belongs to the owner of the Rams, Kronke.

  28. All the Seahawks fans should be really looking over there back this year. Not even a fan of the Cardinals, but got a good feeling about this team coming up next year in that division. Already handed u your only home loss last season. Just sayin!

  29. Why are Vikings fans here they already know he ain’t going there nobody in there right mind would play there. Sad sack of crap franchise needs to A. Move to a real city and B. Rebuild as they just flat suck. FA would go to Oakland before that pathetic place they call Minnesota.

  30. Bennett went on to add “Unless they trade me to Minnesota, in which case I’ll play here for free.”

  31. “I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he joins the Vikings at a league-minimum contract at a chance to win a Super Bowl legitly, not cheating the whole year using PED’s.”

    Bennett will be dead of old age and long buried before the Viking franchise ever sniffs a Super Bowl.

    Just got to love those “classy” boat cruises the the Vikings have every year!

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