Nike says it wants to keep innovating with NFL uniforms


Are the new Nike-designed Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniforms a step toward Nike doing in the NFL what it has done with the futuristic uniforms worn by the Oregon Ducks?

Not necessarily. But Nike says it wants to keep innovating with NFL uniforms, and other teams are interested.

“What we’re interested in is finding what is completely unique about each and every team that we work with,” Nike Creative Director for Football Todd Van Horne said. “We’re very proud of our innovation.”

Van Horne said other teams have also shown interest in working with Nike to redesign their uniforms, although he did not say which teams or when the next new uniforms may be unveiled.

“The NFL has certainly been a fantastic partner,” Van Horne said. “They’ve really wanted to bring that innovation.”

The NFL will probably never go the route of Oregon, which changes its uniforms constantly and often looks like its football players are wearing the creations of a designer who had way too much fun coloring with fluorescent highlighters. But jersey sales often increase after uniforms are redesigned, and for that reason alone it’s likely that several other teams will work with Nike on developing new uniforms.

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  1. “But there’s nothing we can do for Cleveland. If they want to keep staying with horrendous uniforms from 1946, that’s their business” – Nike Creative Director

  2. I’ve got an innovation for them. How about a replica jersey that doesn’t cost $100!

  3. It’ll happen. See the pro bowl. While I liked the designs, the colors were terruble

  4. Futuristic… Uh, OK, that’s one way to put it.

    A more accurate way would be to use George Carlin’s 7 words you can’t say on TV.

    “The NFL will probably never go the route of Oregon, which changes its uniforms constantly and often looks like its football players are wearing the creations of a designer who had way too much fun coloring with fluorescent highlighters.”

    Highlighters? I think the Nike uniform designers have been licking some very… special… stamps lately.

  5. I like the new Bucs helmet , but those uniforms are absolutely hideous. I didn’t think they would come up with units that are worse than Seattle’s , but they just let the Hawks off the hook . . .

  6. I find it funny that every time a team changes their jersey, a lot of people act like the new jerseys are hideous.

    Calm down, just because there not 100% spectacular doesn’t mean its hideous… Some of you guys need to lower your standards, if you catch my drift.

  7. Nike needs to get to a better understanding of the less is more theory,

    I am glad teams like GB, Chi, and Oak told Nike to leave their gear alone.

  8. Nike won’t be satisfied until they “Oregon Duck” the whole league’s uniforms. SMH.

  9. I wouldn’t call what they are doing “innovation”. They are changing things but not much is better. Their swoosh logo is a prominent feature and it shouldn’t be. Put it on the tags and get it off the uniforms. Nike likes to take things too far and they are doing so with the NFL unis.

  10. The Green Bay Packers would never agree to have Nike turn their classic uniform into something that looks like it came out of the XFL.

    Thank goodness.

  11. It’s a huge cash cow. Everyone wants the newest iPhone because it is new and different but not because they need it. This is no different. Tradition and longevity are a thing of the past. People will buy the new gear and start a collection to justify the purchases…but the bottom line is that it’s just a creative way to sustain cash flow.

  12. My condolences to the Bucs and their fans. I hope the Vikings don’t mess with their uniforms any further. I don’t want them looking like some cartoon ‘Vikings from space’. They have enough problems already.

  13. Some of Oregon’s unis are actually nice looking.

    These Bucs threads, I vomited in my mouth after seeing them.

  14. Nike and Tampa Bay should re-design the Buccaneers helmets to two guys in pirate outfits handing Josh Freeman’s medical records to a reporter.

  15. What’s so innovative about bizarre-font numbers I can’t see or read during the game? There’s a reason old-school teams like the Packers, Colts, Giants, and 49ers still use the traditional block-style numbers that have been around 50+ years. They’re visible on television. They’re visible to the press box and coaches’ booths. They’re visible to the fan in the upper deck. If Nike wants to innovate the materials used that will keep players more comfortable and better protected, great – but for those of us watching the action, simple classic uniform designs still work the best. I know the league and teams want new looks to sell gear and make more money – but teams interested in a redesign can certainly do so without making the player numbers visibly useless during the game.

  16. For years I’ve been wishing that instead of a “throwback” uniform once or twice a season, the Packers would experiment with a “new” look.
    But after seeing the TB uniforms… never mind.

  17. But Nike says it wants to keep innovating with NFL uniforms, and other teams are interested.

    Nike and the NFL care about only one thing, $$$$. They use terms like innovating to push their agenda. They could care less if the fans of the NFL like them as long as the teams wear them they know fans will buy them too.

    Nike is everything that’s wrong with college sports today and now bring on the money grubbing NFL.

  18. You know what, I can hand a 4 year old crayons and paper and I will get something “unique” too. Doesn’t mean it belongs in the Met.

    There was nothing wrong with the current uniforms and they are less likely to be confused for a punch line.

  19. So far from what I have seen by Nike, I am not impressed.

    The first thing they did was take everyone’s old uniforms and add a pointed collar to them. They just looked bad in 2012.

    Then they completely ruined the Dolphins iconic uniforms. Speaking of highlighters…..

    Now let’s see them try that with the Steelers, Raiders, Cowboys or Saints. That will go over like a lead balloon.

    I am sorry but I dont want the NFL looking like the Oregon Ducks. Oregon did that as a gimmick to attract media and fans to them when they were a second tier program.

    The NFL is not second tier and doesn’t need that.

    No thanks, stay in college.

  20. Look, if the Bucs start winning games this coming season, they could dress in uniforms designed by Zubasz and real football fans wouldn’t care less.

    Aside from the LED alarm clock looking numbers, the new Bucs jersey isn’t bad. Anyway, let’s wait until we actually see a picture of a player wearing one and not some mock up with a black background before we jump to conclusions.

  21. Why is it that everyone (alright 90%+) love the old uniforms (circa 1977) yet Nike and the NFL continually try to re-invent the wheel? STOP IT. You both already make obscene amounts of money. Enough is enough. Give me Doug Williams and James Wilder in the Creamsicles any day of the week of the atrocities of pewter.

  22. Looks like they might have improved training with their child labor force, since I saw a lot fewer ripped jerseys this year than last. So that’s something.

  23. I agree with the sentiment about the helmet being awesome but the uniforms being ugly.

    It’s the basic K.I.S.S. principle being ignored yet again. The uniforms have too many coloured shapes slapped somewhere seemingly “just because”.

    Take off the patches of colour on the thighs and make the colour in the numbers solid, suddenly it becomes less ugly.

    The numbers are the worst design aspect of the uniform, for sure. I see what they are trying for: a skeleton feel to the numbers. But the futuristic slanted edges of the numbers destroys that aesthetic and it looks like two ideas vomited into one (no doubt the result of a committee featuring a minority of graphic designers).

    Less is more, Nike.

  24. Of course the Vikings sell a lot of jerseys. They have a new QB ever 2-3 seasons and there fans are silly enough go throw down 75 bucks for them.

    A year or two ago I even saw a Viking #12 Rodgers jersey… cuz the fan was hoping that he would eventually play for them before he retired. So they could have another great QB.

  25. They can innovate with the Eagles’ unis all they want. As long as when they’re done they look just like the late 80’s early 90’s kelly green jerseys.

  26. Now that there’s a giant hideous flag where the helmet used to be, I can’t imagine this helmet will sit well with Goodell and his anti-concussion crusade.

  27. After a while we’ll all get used to them and won’t even think about it. I recall people saying the same things about the Broncos uni’s years ago. They seem rather conservative now.

  28. Meaning, they had their hands tied with the Bucs uniforms and do not approve of the outcome. Please forgive them and the other 30 teams will be fine if they don’t try to meddle with the designs.

  29. What else do you expect?

    If there is a dollar in the pocket of any brain dead fan, they want it and they want it now.

  30. Haha…Donkey fan saying their uniforms are nice. Nothing but the ugliest in the league…even worse than these hideous Buc togs.

  31. If by “Innovate”, Nike means crapulate, then they, yes by all means, they are really innovating.

    I hope they don’t “innovate” my team’s uniforms.

    The bucs uniforms are the opposite of timeless, classic, and clean.


  32. These new uniforms are god-awful terrible.

    We’ve gone from arguably one of the best looking uniforms in the league to….a joke.


    Just when it looked like things were shaping up at one buc place.

  33. An infinite number of monkeys, with an infinite number of typewriters, with an infinite amount of time will type out the complete works of Shakespeare. Until then, this is what we get.

  34. Leave Cleveland alone. Those uniforms will look pretty darn good when the team starts winning again.

  35. Another step back for the NFL. Teams and especially Nike wants them to look as a college team and not as a professional team.

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