No tag for Donte Whitner


As the final 30 minutes of the two-week franchise-tag window tick-tock away, the 49ers won’t be applying their tag to safety Donte Whitner.  Per a league source, Whitner will not be subject to that restriction on otherwise unrestricted free agency.

It means that, absent a new deal, the team will potentially lose Whitner to another team in the same way they lost safety Dashon Goldon a year ago.

Whitner’s value on the open market isn’t clear at this point.  With Jairus Byrd and T.J. Ward available (unless one or both is tagged in the next 30 minutes), Whitner likely will be getting less than either of them.

And while Whitner can still run, lingering concerns about his instincts and ball skills could make it hard for him to get a deal that cracks $6 million per year in annual value.

Working in Whitner’s favor is the fact that he’s still only 28, and that he has established a reputation as being a big hitter.  Based on what the Seahawks did last year, that’s an important skill to bring to any defensive secondary.

As of right now, Whitner could be bringing that specific skill to a secondary other than the one in San Francisco.

5 responses to “No tag for Donte Whitner

  1. Catch-22 for a number of our players in San Fran:

    One one hand, your NFL career won’t be that long and you need to take the money when and where you get it, even if it means going to a team that will not see the playoffs anytime soon.

    On the other hand, you stay with the 49ers, albeit for a little less money, but knowing that you’re with a winning team that has the potential of going deep in the playoffs, with a possible Super Bowl win soon.

    Let’s hope all our guys make the right decision….

    Go Niners(sigh)

  2. If he learned to hit like Kam Chancellor, he would be worth a lot of big $$$…. but he doesn’t. He goes for the head instead of the target area between the shoulders and knees.

    Typical 49’er “goon” player. Low value to the team and the league.


  3. If he can’t get more than $6M per on 3 or 4 year deal he will be back in SF at a discount rate for another year or two; making a run at the 6th and grooming Eric Reid and this year’s pick for Niner’s future.

  4. It’s so pathetic how much the Niners are in the Seahack trolls head.

    There’s not one, ONE article that gets posted without them cawing in. The PEDawks got their first ring and anointing themselves the greatest team ever.

    Ask other Super Bowl winners how easy it’s been to come back for a repeat. In fact how far have the teams that have won done the following season. Let’s just go 4 years back:

    2010 Green Bay Packers -> 2011 eliminated in Divisional Round

    2011 New York Giants -> 2012 eliminated from playoff contention

    2012 Baltimore Ravens -> 2013 eliminated from playoff contention

    2013 Seahacks -> get the picture.

    Since Harbaugh has taken the helm they have made it to AT LEAST the NFCCG. Something your Podunk franchise could only dream of. As for the ring we got HELLA of them.

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