No tag for Eugene Monroe creates a tackle market


While other positions are picked over already, there will be a market for top pass protectors this offseason.

With the deadline to use franchise (and transition) tags passed, the Ravens did not use one on Eugene Monroe.

Along with Branden Albert and Jared Veldheer, that creates some traffic, though there are a number of teams with significant needs at the position.

The Ravens are among that group if Monroe leaves. After trading away a pair of picks to rent him last year, the Ravens have some pressure over the next four days to try to reach a deal, before the legal tampering period begins this weekend.

With the Dolphins and Cardinals also have glaring needs as well, the Ravens at least have a head start in the negotiations.

37 responses to “No tag for Eugene Monroe creates a tackle market

  1. Ravens should have tagged him. Last year his dominance helped lead them to a 2.1 yd rushing average, and about 50 sacks given up.

    Sadly, he was their most effective lineman.

  2. By reaching the playoffs in five of the last six years Ozzie Newsome is in rare company. Unlike other teams who are quite dysfunctional, the Ravens front office is considered one of the best if not the best in the league as determined by their peers, the media and most intelligent fans (that may be an oxymoron). I am sure Ozzie feels that he is close enough he didn’t need to make waves with the franchise tag or that he has already decided that Monroe wasn’t worth the cap hit and he feels he can do better either in the draft or in free agency. After watching Miami throw crazy money at Ellerbe and Cleveland throwing it at Kruger, I am sure some idiot will throw outrageous money at Monroe but they will have to pay at another position. Ozzie is great at balancing the load.

  3. Dr. Rustbelt.

    I realize there’s nothing to do when you’re a Cincinnati fan come January but really, you need to have found a hobby by now.

    I worry about you. All those playoff loses must take their toll.

  4. Steeler trolls out in full effect. Kinda of makes you laugh since its been years since they made the playoffs. when was the last time, anyways.. Oh yeah, when Tebow was with the Broncos! I remember cause he knocked their butt’s out! lol!

  5. Monroe can go! I think the Ravens finally have an OC who can get the offense moving consistently regardless of mediocre line play.

  6. the reason that flacco got 120 million is he was the super bowl mvp. when Dalton wins a playoff game feel free to comment. until then, just realize the Bengals are the red headed step children of the afcn

  7. There are two ways to look at this….

    First, the Ravens and Moore’s agent are close enough to a deal that Ozzie thinks he can sign him in the next 4 days to a fair contract.

    Second, Moore is asking crazy man money that the Ravens simply do not want to pay. See Danelle Ellerbe and Paul Kruger. They will take the comp pick and look elsewhere.

    I’m betting he will be sign a long term contract as a Raven before this Friday.

  8. Dr. Rustbelt;

    0-3 in the playoffs with Dalton,

    0-5 with Marvin

    5-12 Lifetime (which is over 44 years)

    A Bengals fan making fun of anyone is like snookie calling Halle Berry ugly.

  9. Miami will sign all of the lineman. Not just these three. ALL of them. They’ll keep Jonathan Martin, resign Richie Incognito, and play with Tannehill, Mike Wallace, and 9 Offensive Lineman….. They’ll sign them all.

  10. Dr. Rustbelt;

    0-3 in the playoffs with Dalton,

    0-5 with Marvin

    5-12 Lifetime (which is over 44 years)

    A Bengals fan making fun of anyone is like snookie calling Halle Berry ugly.

    A Raven fan being funny in a smart and clever manner……priceless and extremely rare. But I must say Dr a Rust brain is very weak sauce so don’t thump your chest.

  11. As usual, many of the lesser teams, the Redskins, Carolina, for example, panic and tag a player totally inflating their value, while the smart teams, Seattle, NE let things play out, don’t panic and let things come to them.

  12. Welcome to The Dolphins, Mr. Monroe. Who needs a rental in Owings Mills when you can get a place in Miami Beach and get this… State Tax Free! If Ray Rice struggled last year, he might have negative yards this coming season. That Flacco Contract sank the Ravens for a long time.

  13. regular season wins are great. winning division titles are great. losing in the first round of the playoffs every year simply means that your team isn’t good enough to go to the next level. the Ravens and (I have to speak the truth) Steelers are the team’s no one wants to play in the post season. the Bengals…they just aren’t there. congrats on winning the division. you had a good season. but don’t act like you are an elite franchise. the division has 8 super bowls wins and 5 super bowl appearances(with 4 wins) since 2000. in that time the Bengals have not won a single playoff game

  14. “The path to Heaven runs through miles of Michael Oher.”

    Does that mean everyone will get a 1 second headstart?

  15. doctorrustbelt says:
    Mar 3, 2014 5:16 PM
    I got you… and… Andy Dalton got your team.

    This is the saddest PFT comment in a long time.

  16. that’s “lol elite super bowl mvp” Joe Flacco to you. just like he is “lol never won a playoff game Andy Dalton” to us. and that is facts

  17. Even if he leaves, oh well. It’s tough to give up two picks for a half season of above average play in which the team went 8-8, but oh well. Gotta build with the future in mind.

    I know it can come back to bite you (*cough* Anquan Boldin *cough*), but I for one appreciate that Ozzie always has his eyes on the long term.

  18. Well anyway back to the topic at hand, the tag price is more than the Ravens think he’s worth but Ravens gave up picks to get him and have no viable options in the wings. Monroe has the negotiating leverage here. It comes down to whether or not he really is that good. Anyone have the stats on how he graded out on PFF?

  19. The Ravens rented a player for a 4th and 5th round pick. Your 3rd round comp pick will still be lower than the Steelers comp pick.

    The Ravens oline is in shambles. Kelvin Beachum is better than anyone on your line.

    The Steelers are going to win this division.

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