Pettine says Browns didn’t conduct a “formal interview” of Manziel at the Scouting Combine

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The Scouting Combine ended nearly a week ago, but interesting tidbits continue to emerge.

For example, Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that coach Mike Pettine said Monday the Browns didn’t conduct a “formal interview” with Johnny Manziel in Indianapolis.

The “formal interview” process consists of the 15-minute nightly ping-pong sessions from door to door in hotel rooms with the beds removed.  But there’s also an informal process involving interviews at the local train station.  While the formal interviews are limited in number, a team with sufficient resources and motivations could, in theory, interview every player at the Scouting Combine.

Even if the Browns didn’t speak to Manziel formally or informally in Indy, they’ll have other opportunities to speak to him before the draft.

There’s also a chance the Browns are trying to create the impression they’re not interested in Manziel, in order to avoid being leapfrogged by a team drafting lower than fourth.  With franchise quarterbacks in short supply, the Browns gain nothing by being candid about whether they want Manziel.

Tonight’s nugget tells us only one thing — that the Browns didn’t have a formal sit-down with Manziel in Indianapolis.  Don’t expect them to share much more than that about Manziel or any other quarterback prospect between now and May 8.

18 responses to “Pettine says Browns didn’t conduct a “formal interview” of Manziel at the Scouting Combine

  1. Even the Browns know better. Expect the Vikings to misfire on a quarterback again, regardless of which one they select.

  2. We, the Brownies, did not (wink wink) interview Johnny Football at the scouting combine because we are not interested (wink wink).


  3. This is great news. Dont waste the #4 pick on manziel. He would be a big mistake by the browns if we took him at 4. He forces too many throws,small,doesnt have a big arm,also isnt accurate and he is selfish. Grab Watkins at 4 then best available player at 26(lb,cb,rb).

    Go Browns

  4. With Dumbturdi and Bummer out of the picture you can expect a more professional approach from the Browns.

  5. GMs are waking up to Johnny Wildcat. Once sober, the novelty act wears off. To a man, they thought he would run at worse, a 4.5 forty. Now knowing Clowney could swat him from the air or smash him in the pocket, due to his 4.68 forty time, he has lost some of his shine.

    Some are saying Ryan Leaf, I’m think Brian Bosworth. At least he got on the field and still has Bo Jackson tracks on his chest to prove it.

  6. Johnny accidentaly was given the wrong room number and ended up having a chat with a paint ball equipment distributor from Iowa in town on convention. It was a bit awkward because the guy wasn’t a football fan but had heard there was a gay prospect at the Combine and wasn’t sure why Manziel came to his room. He kept asking Johnny “Your name ain’t Sam Michaels is it?”.

  7. With all of the talent available this year, and the fact that the Browns have 2 first round picks, I don’t think they have to play too many games…there’s no real point to it. They’ll either get one of the top 3 QB’s or WR’s available. At the worst, they would get Manziel or Watkins.

    Now that Dumbardi is gone, I’m not sure they would choose Manziel, even if he’s still available. They may even trade down some and still get some decent help. I believe in Ray Farmer.

  8. No question the Browns need a QB, but in all honesty! I’d rather see them take Watkins at 4 or move down a bit and grab either Evans, Clinton-Dix or Mosley. I’m just not blown away with any of these QB’s in this year’s draft!

    If I were the Browns I’d stick with Hoyer and grab a QB in the later rounds…Mettenberger, McCarron, Garoppolo, Smith etc. and look into next years draft instead, and who knows! they just may by chance find a diamond in the rough this year with a later round pick..or even in Hoyer…who knows!

  9. Anybody else notice that the experts talk about how all of the intangibles make Johnny Football great, but those same tangibles made Tim Tebow a late round pick.

    Don’t get me wrong, Manziel is a better QB than Tebow, but nobody is talking what he does well as a QB. Can he read a defense? Adjust a protection at the line? Make accurate throws, on time, from the pocket?

  10. I am pretty sure the Vikings did not interview him either. I tweeted Mike Wobschall and asked him and replied that he didn’t think so..

  11. Why bother, it’s a done deal. Cle wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to miss big on another 1st rounder.

  12. I am an SEC fan, but I find it hard to believe that an NFL team really views Manziel as a franchise QB. In fact, I am skeptical that a franchise QB can be found in this year’s draft. The closest approximation of a franchise QB is Bortles.

    I would avoid Manziel and Bridgewater. I doubt either can survive much less thrive in the NFL…Russell Wilson notwithstanding.

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