Plaxico Burress: I want to come back and play


When you scroll down the list of wide receivers set to become free agents next week, one that might jump out at you is Plaxico Burress.

It’s not because Burress is someone you’d expect to have a major impact on an offense during the 2014 season nearly as much as it is because you might have forgotten that Burress was still an active NFL player. He signed with the Steelers late in 2012, but didn’t play at all in 2013 after having rotator cuff surgery before the season.

Burress said it was “tough” watching the Steelers, especially because he felt he could be a boost to the team in the red zone. Burress, who turns 37 this summer, would like to get that chance this season instead.

“I am going to treat it as I am coming back to play. I am going to keep that mindset until they tell me otherwise. I am going to keep going until I can’t go anymore. The stronger I can get, I can come back and play. I want to come back and play,” Burress said, via the team’s website. “Nobody wants to leave via injury. I am too much of a competitor to go out on that note. I am going to attack it and compete. I am going to train and rehab that way. I am approaching it with a business mind. I want to help the Steelers get to the ultimate goal, and that is winning a championship. That is why we work so hard when nobody is watching.”

Burress is working on the range of motion in the shoulder and said he still has a way to go in the rehab process. Once he’s gone further down that road, he’ll probably get a look or two to see if there’s still something in the tank.