Raiders not expected to tag Lamarr Houston

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Raiders defensive end Lamarr Houston is apparently going to get a chance to test the free agent market.

According to Adam Caplan of ESPN, the Raiders are not expected to use the tag on Houston, which will allow him to become an unrestricted free agent.

The Raiders have other priorities at the moment, specifically left tackle Jared Veldheer, so it’s not a total surprise.

The 26-year-old had 6.0 sacks last year, but will benefit of a market that won’t contain Greg Hardy or Brian Orakpo, both of whom were franchised by their teams.

Houston figures to draw plenty of interest despite his moderate production, because, well primarily because of the law of supply and demand.

34 responses to “Raiders not expected to tag Lamarr Houston

  1. I don’t get it. Whith all the cap space, why aren’t they signing one of the free agents they said was a priority. This is why I’m a torturedraiderfan.

  2. Cut Bowen & Carriker & sign Houston! Make it happen Bruce! Go

    Houston & Rak coming off the right side together will be impossible for offenses to contain

  3. Raiders got mad bank….sign him! You’d think the first two signings would have been Houston and Veldheer not Jones and Barnes!!!

  4. Stupid ass move by the Raiders!! Put the tag on him an keep negotiating! With Hardy and Orakpo tagged Houston is going to be overpaid either way and now we have to fill both end spots! Oh and by the way Bennett, Allen, and M Johnson will all cost more anyway and Houston is better against the run! Stupid stupid stupid

  5. Not like we let Shaunessy and Bryant go for nothing….

    Oh wait we did.

    I don’t know how we can allow for all of our young D Line men leave….

    I understand Seymour, Kelly etc. Old and overpaid.

    But you let go of the 2 young guys above and now run the risk of losing houston?

    I just hope the Allen and McKenzie know what the hell they are doing…..

  6. This is smart on the part of the Raiders. Houston is a mid-level talent like Tommy Kelly was and I’m glad they’re not going to pay an outrageous price (and mortgage the cap) to retain Houston like Al Davis did with Kelly.

  7. They say build through draft and keep your own talent! He is the best player we have drafted on defense in Years! Front load a contract so he feels like he is getting paid properly while also giving us cap flexibility moving forward! Irritating, they are gonna blow it after I had so many high hopes! 65 million means nothing when you can’t keep your best players which send a message to other free agents that raiders don’t take care of there own! There’s a reason Orakpo was franchised! Same exact situation but they did the right thing! So diss appointing!

  8. The Raiders can’t sign anybody until they send two first round picks to Houston for Matt Schaub and sign Schaub to a $20 million per year contract.

  9. If they want to play him out of position then let him go Reggie and Dennis is like the blind leading the blind not to mention that dc Tarver who belongs coaching on Friday nights not even Saturdays and sure as hell not Sundays

  10. Houston isn’t the best, but I love his motor. He’s a hustle player. But from what I’ve heard, he wants a lot more than McKenzie wants to pay, and McKenzie has stated that he isn’t going to overpay just because he can.

  11. Why would you want to tag Houston? He’s not worth that kind of money.

    I would like for him to stay here, not for Franchise tag kind of money. If you tag him, you lose all leverage for a long term deal.

    He plays well against the run, but he’s not a QB killer. Pay the guys who get to the QB franchise money. If there isn’t of those guys to give the money to, keep the money or put it towards Alterraun Verner and/or Jon Asamoah or Alex Mack.

    11 mil to Houston is ridiculous money. Houston may be one of the best players the Raiders have, but is that really saying a whole lot?

  12. I think they still have until March 11th to get a deal done. Then he becomes a free agent. Hopefully they work something out, he’s no Bruce Smith but he’s solid against the run and descent in pass rush.

  13. They should just use the transition tag on him…then they can see what his market value is and decide if they’re willing to pay what another team would. If not, then let him sign elsewhere.

  14. That is a weak argument ! That would be my point but to the contrary! He is our best player with zero help! Put Michael Johnson or Jared Allen on the right and then what you have is the best LE in Houston in the entire league! Such a thoughtless argument! But let him go and we have both spots needed to fill and there is definitely no one of his caliber to replace on that side! The point being that if we are improving the roster it will in turn improve his play and he is very capable of being a too tier player! He was ranked as the 11th best DE playing on the wrong side with no talent on the other side! Unless Jason Hunter is what you call quality on the other side!

  15. Personally I don’t think the Raiders are going to sign either one of their top FA. I think they want “their” own guys. Yes I’m a Raiders fan till I die, however, I don’t have to put up with mediocrity or incompetence from the Raiders staff.

  16. tooz72 – Barnes was re-signed for freaking pennies on the dollar compared to what Houston wants. Houston has been saying he didn’t think he’d be back for months now. He had to know he’d be a FA in the perfect year.

  17. Relax Everyone! Relax…

    Lamarr has hinted various times about him hitting the FA Market – he really hasnt validated if he wants to stay or not! so what’s his real worth? He is looking between $8-$11 Mil..but his real value is $6 mill. He had only 6 sacks, you have a draft that is deep in DE’s and DT’s ..And Michael Bennett, Michael Johnson, are available as of today..So let him go figure out the market value and see what he’s really worth.. He can come back and negotiate.. Veldheer is Priority right now.. so Veld is $11mil and you want to give Lamar $8Mil.. Come on people somethings got to give here.. do the homework.. Reggie knows what he’s doing..

  18. You posters are right, our raiders do have a ton of cap space. But maybe they want him to test the open mkt just to show him his contract value isn’t as high as he may think, allowing the raiders to sign him for less. I dunno. Its the only strategy I can think of. He has disappeared in games here and there but he is solid. Seems like a high energy guy.

  19. For all you Raider fans freaked out about losing Houston….he is good but not great and doesn’t deserve the money is he probable seeking. This just goes to show how bad the defense is when fans freak out about losing a slightly above average player.

  20. humb0lt says: Mar 3, 2014 3:04 PM

    The Raiders can’t sign anybody until they send two first round picks to Houston for Matt Schaub and sign Schaub to a $20 million per year contract.
    That’s not going to happen as long as Jordan Palmer is available. For nothing.

  21. I am so tired of hearing he only had 6 sacks! He had zero talent around him! He has gotten better each year and he is EXCELLENT against the run. If you don’t think he is worth 8 million per year you are crazy! Ya let’s save money and stick work guys like Jason Hunter! That will really work! Look what happened when we cut Mike Mitchell. If a guy is always getting better year to year on a team that is downright terrible then maybe just maybe those are the types of guys you keep! Anybody who says that he only had 6 sacks so he isn’t worth it is an idiot! He was among the leaders in pressures and again no talent on the other side! Hell I would say 6 sacks under those circumstances is almost a brilliant season.

  22. Dude jumps offsides, lines up in the neutral zone, and starts fights/get penalized for PF’s after we stop offenses on third down.

    Not a smart player and not worthy of a tag.

    I’d say keep him if he wants to get paid what he is worth, and not more.

    If some other team wants to pay him more, well, Mr. Houston we love you, but we are going to miss you. Cya.

  23. Could be they let both of them test free agency and they pick up other quality players replace d-ends houston and hunter with jared allen and justin tuck since he had a okay year and offensive tackle could go with mack from browns and other OT’s since these quiet a lot in this free agency maybe just a theory and maybe also draft one in the midrounds

  24. “Raiders are not expected to use the tag on Houston, which will allow him to become an unrestricted free agent.”

    I wasn’t aware that free agency had started today….

    Neither was the NFL.

  25. He’s a good end but not great.Honestly if he played for any other team he’d probably just be in in third down situations.Let another team overpay for him(hello Dallas).

  26. Paying Houston 12 mil for getting only 6 sacks last year, 4.5 in 2012 & 1 in 2011 is crazy. That’s 11.5 sacks in 3 yrs. Totally not worth the tag. 7 mil for Vandeer after a tri tear is kinda sketchy. Plus I see us drafting talented ends and olinemen or through free agency which starts March 11th. We need to worry about a QB mainly here and saving money is number one. Get a good free agent QB and defense through free agency and build the team with our 65 mil.

  27. Houston is decent, but I’m not overwhelmed. Six sacks? No way I overpay for that. Decent player, but not someone who can’t be replaced. And people freaked when Kelly and Seymour got cut….and then Pat Sims and Vance Walker came in and outplayed them. You can’t pay for a name….

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