Ravens still “far apart” in Eugene Monroe talks, might tag him

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With the clock ticking toward this weekend’s legal tampering period and the start of free agency next week, the Ravens are working to keep Eugene Monroe’s head from being turned.

The team is working to do a deal with the unrestricted free agent-to-be left tackle, but the two sides remain “far apart” as of today, according to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun.

That’s the kind of forecast that can change with one phone call, but it’s clear the Ravens are motivated to do a deal. After locking up tight end Dennis Pitta over the weekend, keeping Monroe is a priority (after trading two picks to the Jaguars for the right to rent him last season).

The Ravens could guarantee he hangs around by using their franchise tag on him, which remains a possibility. It’s an expensive one ($11.654 million), but it might be worth it considering the number of teams looking for left tackles this offseason.

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  1. Definition of irony: Steelers fan continuously calls Flacco the highest paid QB in the league, when Flacco’s cap number for 2014 is over $5 million less than Ben’s cap number for the season.

    But hey, don’t let logic or common sense get in your way.

  2. If they hadnt given Pitta twice what Pitta was worth, this wouldnt be an issue. Dont get me wrong, Pitta is a good player, and he is important to them, but $7 million a year for a tight end that is average in run blocking, and only gets you 35 catches, 4 TDs and 400 yards??? That seems like an over reach. There are a dozen tight ends that could get you that kind of production for less than $2 million

  3. As teams are to be silent before free agency, the Dolphins sure floated to Monroe that they are interested and willing to pay top dollar. And where does Goodell stand on tampering, he is in a cannabis cafe under a table in Denver trying to stay oblivious during all these violations.

  4. Definition of denial: Ravens fan continuously calls Flacco deal a great value because of current $’s, when Flacco’s cap in 2016 is $30M, at which time their options are pay more money to extend, or hand him a check for the rest of his $51M.

  5. fast-forward to 2016:
    “Oz, I’d really like to pick up a solid FA WR.”
    “Sorry Harbs, no money left.”
    “That’s OK, at least our QB’s cap hit was low in 2013-15.”

  6. 1. Pitta got 5 years $32 mil: 16 guar…. That is $6.4/year or about $550,000/yr less than the franchise number that is gonna increase next year because of Graham.

    2. We will sign Monroe for $7-8m/yr over 5yr or Franchise him and draft his replacement. Oz is the best GM in the league.

    3. Everyone is going to be dropping $20/yr on their qbs, especially with the next 2 salary increases. It’s a fact of the nfl. Joe just hit the jackpot at the right time. NO ONE is worth $20/yr but market is market. Gas isn’t worth $4/gal when the same item cost $1 not 10 years ago.

    Joe 1st six season. 5 playoff runs including 1 playoff win each year. 3 afc championships, 1 Super Bowl MVP…. And, before you know it alls talk about the defense, he won the SB with our lowest ranked defense(#17) since before the year 2000(GOAT btw)! Tell me how many qbs in the league have done that? Not brees, not Rogers, not Peyton, not Matt Fluke Ryan(same length of career, WAY BETTER weapons, 1 playoff win), not stafford…. I could go on naming $20/y qbs that don’t have his track record…..

    Keep hating. I’d rather have a winning QB than a fantasy stat QB. 40 players have a Super Bowl MVP including Joe Flacco. When you look it up that fact will always show. No one will remember Ryan’s great completion percentages etc!

  7. Ok here’s a thought. I know I’ll be in the minority. Let him walk. I know it sucks to trade two picks for a rental, but Monroe is a solid player- nothing special. I don’t think its worth paying this guy 11 mill on the tag just to possibly go through the whole shebang again next year.

    Young left tackles don’t come along every day; I get that. But I have a cheaper and similar solution. Resign Oher. There it is. Michael Oher is just as serviceable as Monroe. The Ravens just need to plug the poor guy at one place for a while. He’s bounced from right to left to right and back again. You can pay Oher millions less/year, he’s the same age and is a fine left tackle. Maybe immature still but talented.

    Then a healthy Osemele can go back to right tackle. Draft yourself a tackle or guard in the middle rounds, or hope Rick Wagner can step in and play left guard (or possibly RT and leave Osemele at LG).

    I know Oher has grown unpopular here in Baltimore, but the poor guy hasn’t gotten a chance to settle in at any one position. I suppose that’s the price you pay for always being close to a championship – no time to let a guy develop; must win now.

    Anywho thay was long winded, but this frees uo the 17th pick for an offensive playmaker and some more cash on the open market to fill Center and some depth in the secondary.

  8. That mock conversation would be more appropriate between Tomlin and the Steelers GM than the Ravens. Again, irony.

    You really don’t know how Flacco’s contract was designed or how the Ravens cap situation looks going forward, do you? It’s really okay if you don’t, but as the old saying goes, it’s better to be suspected a fool and keep your mouth shut, than to actually speak up and remove all doubt.

  9. That’s my point target – even when the top QB’s in the league are making $20M, the ravens QB will be owed 150% of that number.

    The Steelers did it the right way – Ben’s last few contractual years he’s being paid less than the market would pay for his services. You have the reverse situation in Bal.

  10. I’d rather have a winning QB than a fantasy stat QB.

    Umm… Flacco was neither last year.

  11. southpaw, I know exactly how the contract works. Please tell me how I’m incorrect that his cap hit in 2016 will be $30M.

  12. Honest question Crown and please give me your honest answer… based off the market the Ravens had only 2 realistic options … pay Flacco what the market determined, thus 120 mil, or let him walk and get signed by Cleveland or whoever else was ready to sign him. Now I know hindsight is 20/20 but I want you to keep in mind that you have to think from what there position was at the time and not now. So… your qb just won the superbowl mvp and you have a veteran ball club who would be very upset that the guy who just led them on a championship run was able to walk… with those 2 options what would you have done? P.S. Please don’t make up another magical option in your answer as there was NOT another legible answer at that moment. The floor is yours my friend…

  13. I’m not debating Flacco’s cap number in 2016. What you don’t seem to have any knowledge of is how the Ravens cap situation at that time. Suggs’ new contract is very cap friendly, and Ngata will be off the books by 2016. The Ravens are going to redo Flacco’s contract, and they will have the room to do that while retaining their other key players like Webb, Torrey, Pitta, Dumervil, Jimmy Smith, and hopefully Monroe. What part of this equation escapes you?

  14. honestly humbleminded, I would have let him walk at that price tag, but I’ll admit I’ve always thought he was just slightly above average, even before the deal.

    With that said, I would have wanted Pit to pay as much as needed to keep Ben after the 05 or 08 season, so I get your point.

    My issue is not whether they had to or should have – my point is the first few years of a low cap # are meaningless, because you have to look at the whole deal, or at least guaranteed money. And when you look at that, even compared to the increasing contract $’s, Flacco’s is not in line with his value as a QB.

  15. This deal will be done before the week is out. Next up – A VETERAN CENTER to stop gap until we draft a worthy one.

  16. “And when you look at that, even compared to the increasing contract $’s, Flacco’s is not in line with his value as a QB.”

    Thanks for your honesty…really. Everyone sets there opinion on the notion ” “Yea he’s slightly good but not worth this or that” It’s one extreme or the other. Meaning you dish out every over the top penny that the market entitles that player or let him walk. Which means if you have to dish out x amount of dollars per the market, taking the cap hits are just part of the economics in doing so. Flacco is slightly above average who in a perfect world would get about 7-10 million at best but guess what… the market isn’t up to the suitors. Whether it’s the NFL , housing, or any other market… no one person or persons control the market value. Might I add that’s not my opinion, your opinion, or anyone elses opinion… that’s just life. So when you say those cap hits are high( which I agree) that isn’t because of the Ravens, Ozzie, Joe, his agent or any other party… it’s because of this little thing called…yep you guessed it… the market. People want it both ways but it doesn’t work like that. So long story short you either over pay based of the market or you hit the reset button and my friend after watching Trent Dilfer, Kyle Boller, Stoney Case, Tony Banks and other dreadful qb’s Ozzie wasn’t going to hit the reset button. Could you blame him?

  17. “The Ravens are going to redo Flacco’s contract,”

    thank you southpaw, you just made my point. In fact your whole post did that. How can it possibly be a cap-friendly deal when a restructure is required. And if in 2016 his cap takes up X% of the total cap, if that X is larger than the QB’s of other teams, then you have less to give to the other 52. That’s just math. So knowledge of 2016’s cap situation is pointless, unless you’re conceding less money for the other 52.

    You remember that thing you told me about being suspected a fool…

  18. Busy day today crown. Is school cancelled up in Pittsburgh today?

    You are slamming on Flacco’s deal, which you claim you understand, yet Steelers just restructured Heath Millers contract which was exactly the same model and not cap friendly. Ben is sitting on a cap number over $18M this year. How is that cap friendly? Cap numbers increase in every year of every contract that has bonus money added to the base salary. It is because the bonus money is spread over the remaining years of the contract. Every you add bonus money you add a little to the rest of the remaining years cap impact. Its the way they all work. Continue with the silly slams but stop trying to act you are smarter than an NFL GM.

  19. I like how people are still talking about Flaccos cap hit down the line when:

    A.) The Cap will be SIGNIFICANTLY higher (20m higher or more) in 2016
    B.) The biggest contracts (Ngata, Yanda, Suggs, etc) will likely be off the books.

    Ravens may be looking at a large cap hit but with 50mil of cap space.

  20. “Ben is sitting on a cap number over $18M this year. How is that cap friendly?”

    Um, because according to the market rate, he’s underpaid.

  21. I’m not worried about Flacco’s contract in the out years because with the rate the cap is increasing 20M a season will look like a bargain after Andrew Luck, Cam, RG3, Russell Wilson, Kaep get there new deals

    and BTW i can’t wait to see what Ben gets paid, hes gonna want more than 20M a season and his cap numbers are already high. I wouldn’t be surprised if pitt drafts another QB and lets him walk next year

  22. and BTW i can’t wait to see what Ben gets paid, hes gonna want more than 20M a season and his cap numbers are already high. I wouldn’t be surprised if pitt drafts another QB and lets him walk next year

    With that logic it’s easier to understand why you are a raven fan. Ben will get a deal fair for Ben and the steelers….be patient skippy and you’ll see how it’s done.

  23. Crown:

    Although they are my nemesis, I respect Ben and the steelers….. However
    1. Why is he worth more than Joe?
    The reason I ask is, how many years have you had a top 5 defense during Ben’s run?
    2. Of those years that you weren’t top 5, how many times did you win the Ring?

    After honestly answering that, I want you to do homework… If Ben is as valuable as you say then look at the stats…. In Ben’s 1st 5 seasons, he had 3 afc champs, 2 Super Bowl wins. Joe had more wins, yards, Tds. Let’s also not forget that Ben has the record for lowest passer rating in Super Bowl history 22.6 so he really shouldn’t get a lot of credit for that first one. The d and running game carried him. Joe on the other hand tied for the best Super Bowl run ever 11-0 td to int. Ben had top 3 d both years he won. Joe’s d was #17… Joe has 1 less ring and afc champ trip in 4 less years…….

    Bottom line if you think Ben is worth 18-20+mil a year! the stats, facts and numbers say Joe deserves the same or more. Whether you base it on stats or win…. It’s a team game. No 1 player should get the credit or blame but QB is the hero or dog and in this case, my dog has a pretty good track record…. Btw Ben is 10-4 all time in playoffs. Joe is 9-4 with 5 less home Games!

  24. target, I respect your opinion, but as soon as I read your question #1 I realized you just don’t get it. Talking cap $’s and value is one thing, but if your eye test doesn’t show you the truth, then there’s really not much to discuss.

    Flacco’s not in the same class – the only debate is does Ben belong in the Brady-Manning elite category. Of course I say he does. But to insinuate Flacco belongs is pure homerism.

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