Report: Boldin, 49ers agreement expected in next 24 hours


The uncertain future of coach Jim Harbaugh has been the biggest storyline around the 49ers of late, but there may be a happier announcement coming down the pike shortly.

Ed Werder of ESPN reports that an announcement of a new contract for wide receiver Anquan Boldin is expected within the next 24 hours. The two sides have been talking for a couple of weeks and there’s always been optimism that a deal would get done before the start of free agency next week.

Getting the deal done would enable the 49ers to bring back their leading receiver from the 2013 season and team him with Michael Crabtree for an entire season rather than the abbreviated run they had together when Crabtree returned from his Achilles injury last year. They’ll still need to look for more depth at receiver, but eliminating the need for an immediate starter before free agency starts would allow the 49ers to concentrate on other areas.

One of those areas could be an extension for quarterback Colin Kaepernick, whose prospects for 2014 would look much better once the 49ers are sure that Boldin will return to the team.

17 responses to “Report: Boldin, 49ers agreement expected in next 24 hours

  1. Anything over $8 million a year is too much for him (he’s not that good). Personally, i hope they give him $15-20 million a year and blow they cap number…

  2. Finally some better news. Kap’s deal probably will be around $18 million after Cutler’s and Romo’s deal.

  3. Great work Baalke, now give Kap that $18 mill per extension. As a result we can watch your talent rich roster slowly disappear year after year as you have large money tied up in a QB with limited accuracy and questionable decision making.

  4. Hey great news!!! let the haters start crying..
    3 nfc championship games! 1 superbowl appearance in 3 yrs… now lets pay kapp! hes 1 of the best qbs in the nfl period….just look what a 100 million qb did in last yrs superbowl against seattle….. atleast kapp made it interesting.
    GOOOOOOOOO 49ers

  5. “…team him with Michael Crabtree for an entire season rather than the abbreviated run…”

    Uh, in what universe is Crabtree expected to play a whole season?

  6. But I thought players and coaches don’t like playing and coaching with Harbaugh….

  7. Getting rid of Boldin when the difference in offer was 2 mill is and was the biggest mistake the Ravens front office has ever made. They underestimated how quickly the young receivers would step up. Huge error and it prob cost them the playoffs when you look at some of their losses last season.

  8. beardinals – Crabtree’s Achilles tear was the first time he had ever missed NFL games due to injury.

  9. beardinals says:
    Mar 3, 2014 2:19 PM

    Uh, in what universe is Crabtree expected to play a whole season?
    2009: 11 games
    2010: 16 games
    2011: 15 games
    2012: 16 games
    2013: 5 games

    Other than the injury last year, it doesn’t look that bad.

  10. LOL at those predicting/wishing cap disaster for the 49ers. Kaps deal will be 6-8 years with probably not a huge salary cap hit in years one and two. They’re going to be fine . . . plus even though the cap went up quite a bit this year, the same trend is supposed to continue in the coming years. No big worries here.


    Remember this story PFT? When you claimed the 49ers and Boldin weren’t talking and your “source” conflicted the real reports that they were talking extension?

    I can understand why you wouldn’t want to admit that your “source” inside the 49ers is wrong or more than likely completely made up to continue trolling the 49ers. Instead you choose to troll the 49ers some more by introducing good news with your completely made up story about Harbaugh drama.

    PFT = ZERO integrity and just a troll website

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