Russell Wilson shows up early for baseball camp appearance


The Texas Rangers spent $12,000 for a photo op.

But, as it turns out, they’re getting their money’s worth from Russell Wilson.

The Seahawks quarterback is spending a day with the Rangers, using his old baseball skills to run through some drills during Spring Training.

But he also showed up earlier than expected last night, and spoke to a group of sponsors at a team dinner.

“He talked sincerely about his faith, his family, playing both football and baseball, about graduating in three years because he promised his father he would and he talked about his struggles in baseball,” Rangers General Manager Jon Daniels said, via Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News. “One of his mottos is ‘Preparation is the Separation,’ and he discussed that with our guys, how he always feels like preparation is what separates you from the competition.”

Daniels used a pick in the minor league portion of the Rule 5 draft to acquire Wilson’s rights, primarily so he could come talk to players.

Wilson was a so-so baseball player, but his teammates-for-a-day were impressed nonetheless.

“He talked about self-motivation and on priding himself on getting ready,” outfielder Michael Choice said. “To see a guy that age that poised and that prepared was really impressive. He is well beyond his years in terms of wisdom. Yes, I learned something, but I think he could talk to 40-year-olds and they’d learn something, too.”

Wilson went through some drills Monday morning, taking part with the second basemen. According to the report, Wilson “remained very focused on every grounder and every pivot. He smiled easily, but appeared to be totally locked in.”

That’s consistent with his football character, and the reason he’s had such success at a young age.

36 responses to “Russell Wilson shows up early for baseball camp appearance

  1. Lets see who Minnesota chose over this kid…

    Matt Khalil – pro-bowl alternate (solid player)
    Harrison Smith – ejected for flopping into a ref
    Josh Robinson – replaced when he couldn’t be a situational corner

    Big time front office

    How about Washington?

    RGIII – 1 good season and then lost to Russ
    Josh LeRebius – 4 games inactive due to weight
    Gave away most other picks for RGIII

    Even bigger big time front office

    Seattle choose a classy, high caliber kid because he fit the organization and coaching style. Minn/ Wash choose players too who fit their styles. A culture of losing.

  2. 2 years into his career and Russell Wilson has already earned godlike status in the Emerald City. He is Seattle’s adopted but dearly beloved son.

    It’s amazing to think that only 2 years into his career, Russell Wilson is already bigger than Ken Griffey Jr and Steve Largent. He will have a street named after him, a statue raised in his honor, and will permanently be Seattle’s favorite son.

    The best part is that it hasn’t changed him at all. He still shows up every Tuesday at Children’s Hospital to bring hope and smiles to young cancer patients. He still shows up early to everything. Always smiling. Always giving the credit to others. Always, always the impressive young leader that you just WANT to follow. The kid enchants everyone with his magic.


  3. He once said that when he was younger he was a bit of a street tough. Hard to imagine when you see him and hear what he has to say.

  4. as a Saints fan…

    i’m not too embarrassed about the two seahawks losses because i know they were far and away the best team in the league; so at least we lost in that fashion to the best around(not our usual annual inexplicable losses to turds), and did better against them than the best of the afc so: (in my bill murray caddyshack voice), at least we got that going for us, which is nice.

    that being said i’m not bitter, russel wilson is such a smart, class act guy, and i’ll root for him any day except gameday vs. the Saints.

  5. braceyourselffor12 says:
    Mar 3, 2014 2:06 PM
    This hack is a lame as his slimey PED pushing coach. Only someone hiding something heinous is this much of a ‘nice guy’ i.e Priests and Politicians.

    Hey Brace, speck in your eye….Matt 7:1-4

  6. hahaha… i didn’t know russel wilson has 50-50% of haters on this post.
    haters – you mad, bros?

  7. Wilson is a great example, but it’s a little early to start erecting statues don’t you think? Speaks almost as much about the lack of role models in coffeeville (aka Jet City, Emerald City) as it does to his character. Griffey was the Michael Jordan of baseball when he was a Mariner, and Largent is one of the GOAT’s at his position. Lighten up Julius.

  8. The sky’s the limit for this kid. We’ve only scratched the surface so far, folks.

    -Titans Fan

  9. For those who haven’t heard this yet.

    The Rangers get to sell Russell Wilson Ranger Jerseys.

    Probably one of the best 12K investments any team could make.

  10. Wilson is the guy that all these QB’s pretend to be during the draft process, because its just so rare that anyone is actually like that. just a very intelligent person, who seems mature beyond his years. we often forget how young these guys are when drafted and thrown into a starting role in America’s most popular sport. so few are able to prepare like he does and remain poised in everything you do.

    Seattle got a great one.

  11. Any team could have had him. Any team could have gotten all that he has brought to the table. If you must hate against his accomplishments, don’t bring it against Russ, but the HC’s and GM’s of your team(s), that DIDN’T draft him when they had the chance.

  12. One word: CLASS

    Oh, and “Probably one of the best 12K investments any team could make.” Understatement!!! I’d like to see the ROI(return on investment) on this deal. What a genius PR coup for the Rangers, plus they got a motivational speaker.

  13. Yes, he was very focused on every pivot. He wouldn’t want to screw up an ankle, knee or groin messing around in a spring training camp.

  14. thepftpoet says:
    Mar 3, 2014 1:48 PM

    Russell Wilson is nice

    Did someone hack “thepftpoet’s” account??

  15. r8rsfan says: Mar 3, 2014 2:26 PM

    Wilson is a great example, but it’s a little early to start erecting statues don’t you think? Speaks almost as much about the lack of role models in coffeeville (aka Jet City, Emerald City) as it does to his character. Griffey was the Michael Jordan of baseball when he was a Mariner, and Largent is one of the GOAT’s at his position. Lighten up Julius.


    Wilson has done something Largent and Griffey couldn’t do in their entire careers – bring a championship to Seattle.

    The Seahawk fans are rabid, dedicated and faithful. Wilson finally brought us to the promised land. Carroll and Wilson will forever be ranked among Seattle’s greatest. Carroll has supplanted Lou Pinella, Chuck Knox and Mike Holmgren. Russell Wilson has eclipsed anyone and everyone, including Warren Moon – another hometown hero.

    I don’t care who believes it or what they think about it. Russell Wilson is a GOD in this town, for good reason.

    World Champs.

  16. Regarding the #3 Wilson ‘Ranger’ jerseys – as I understand it Seattle Mariner/Seahawk snow bird fans made their way to the Rangers’ camptoday and purchased them and are now a collectors’ item among fans in the Northwest.

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