Russell Wilson’s advice to the Texas Rangers: Outwork everyone


The Texas Rangers drafted Russell Wilson not because they thought he’d quit his job as the Seahawks’ quarterback to join the Rangers’ minor league farm system, but because they viewed Wilson as the kind of guy they wanted to be associated with their franchise in some capacity. After Wilson visited spring training today, it sounds like the Rangers got just what they were looking for.

Wilson said after spending the last couple of days with the Rangers that he talked to the players about the importance of putting in work now, and reaping rewards later.

“Just working harder than anybody else,” Wilson said. “Perfecting your game, too, perfecting your craft.”

According to Wilson, a World Series can be won in March, in the same sense that a Super Bowl can be won in August.

“That’s why we won the Super Bowl,” Wilson said. “We had a championship offseason, we prepared the right way, and I always say the separation is in the preparation. Come Super Bowl Sunday, we were able to show that.”

Although Wilson was not considered a great prospect during his days as a minor league player, he loves the sport and loved his time with the Rangers.

“I always miss baseball,” he said. “I played it since I was 4 years old. . . . This is an unbelievable experience for me, obviously, something I’ll never forget.”

Fortunately for the Seahawks, it was also an experience that Wilson is ready to put behind him. He said that he’ll be back to work on football tomorrow.

43 responses to “Russell Wilson’s advice to the Texas Rangers: Outwork everyone

  1. Russell Wilson’s advice to the Texas Rangers:

    Hire a coach who cheats.
    Give the whole team PEDs

    And you can win Super Bowls unfairly.

    I guess cheaters do prosper.

  2. This guy rides the coattails of a great team to a championship and everyone acts like they couldn’t have done it without him…keep chasing that spotlight light a teenage girl

  3. Okay Russ; glad you had some time to travel around and have some fun. Now its’ time to get back to improving your individual football skills and overall offensive team chemistry, this off season.

    Go Hawks!

  4. what a colossal waste of a draft pick.. hey, let’s take a guy who we know will never play for us.. if you need a motivational speaker, go hire Tony Robbins

  5. You haters truly are sad. Is being a Viking fan so miserable that you have to crap on anything and everything? Remember all the talk about how it was a curse to go into the playoffs as the top ranked team in your conference and the Seahawks were doomed because of it? Remember how the Seahawks were so overrated and couldn’t win outside of Seattle? Yeah, shut up.

  6. They traded cash to the Rockies for his rights and publicity they did not draft him. He wasn’t that great as a minor leaguer and isn’t worth the invite to spring but he brings media attention out of the norm

  7. Guys, the Rangers came out like bandits in this. For only 12k, they garnered national headlines, and made more than their money back through merchandise alone. It was a low risk, high reward gamble. At worst they would get a talented athlete with a good head on his shoulders with a great message and story, and best case scenario was getting a Super Bowl Champion to don their uniform.

  8. Also, look at all the bitter Whiners fans in here. News flash, Krapperchoke rode an even better running game and an elite defense also, but couldn’t live up to his end of the bargain and choked repeatedly.

    If it weren’t for that butterfingers Packer DB dropping a gift wrapped pick-6, Butt Francisco is one and done in the playoffs to a team that barely made the postseason.

  9. Wow, so many haters! I am truly shocked at seeing this.
    I cannot understand it at all, specially given how nice of a person Russell Wilson is, and how respectful this kid is of other players, coaches, and their teams.
    His advice was also right on and can apply to virtually any profession.

    What’s going on folks? Why so angr

  10. “If you’re a marginal prospect, and weren’t drafted by MLB until 3 AM on the final day of the draft, just go win a Super Bowl to get your foot in the door in spring training on a tryout basis. That’s what I did.”.

  11. It’s few Vikings trolls and I’m tired of them. Just like the few Packer trolls. They don’t speak for Vikings fans. Given a change I’d ban their IP address from PFT. Please don’t confuse them as Vikings fans! They are trolls and nothing more.

  12. You would think this would be a common message but you’d be surprised at how many NFL players coast by on their natural gifts. For instance, does anyone really think a baseball team would draft Colon Krapperchoke for something like this? He’s too busy concerned with his GQ fashion rankings, tattoos, turtlenecks, Jaguars, and other endorsements. He’s happier with the idea of being a star QB than actually putting in the work to become one.

  13. Wilson is such a great guy that he almost singlehandedly makes up for the rest of the Seahawks organization. Almost.

  14. In all fairness, they didn’t outwork “everybody”. They hit on some late round picks and had depth that other teams didn’t. They”ll have to pay all those guys like champions soon enough, and they’ll have to cut some of them loose. And the depth will be gone. It’s already starting to happen.

    Carroll’s loose style has a limited shelf life, just like that of a disciplinarian. The ones that last are the ones that live in the middle. Carroll does not live in the middle. The inmates always end up running the asylum with his teams.

  15. Hating on Russell Wilson is like hating with no reason to hate. Here is a young man who has said all the right things and backed it up, by living it.

    He exudes positivity. The only segment for hate would have to be the Klan faction. I guess, because he does have a white wife.

    Handsome, smart, humble, a champion … yeah, that must be it. Bigots hate him.

  16. @mattolikesthevikes

    People just can’t seem to grow up and move out of their parents basement. All teams got em though. Respect for the positivity though. #gohawks

  17. Russell Wilson’s advice to the Rangers: Pray there are no teams as dominant as the Vikings, or else you won’t have a chance of ever winning a World Series. Oh yeah, no team in sports are as dominant as the impending Vikings dynasty. So the Rangers have a chance.

  18. meatcarroll says:
    Mar 3, 2014 7:33 PM
    Also, look at all the bitter Whiners fans in here.


    Pray tell, which one(s), O insecure one.

  19. Stix, making up some brand new narrative about how positive, players-coaches have a shelf-life just like crazy harbaugh and other intense diciplinarian type coaches is sad. Thats some deep hate ya got there. Niner fan perhaps? All the focus on the drama at coach in sf has got to have the fans pretty bummed out. Hate for PC is at an all time high in Santa Clara.

    After four years Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks are on top of the world. It would take a complete meltdown and even then it would take years to go.

    The depth you hope so much to dissappate is only getting deeper every draft. Red out, Scruggs and that monsta in.

    Losing good players is part of the plan, it is inevitable. The key is having the GM that scores on late round talent because he is so good, coaches to coach up the new kids to pro-bowl level of play and core veteran all-pros to set the tone of what is expected of them.


  20. Wilson went on to add, “Thank God the Vikings didn’t draft me, or they’d have converted me to defensive tackle.”

  21. “And if you are an average QB, get yourself a beast for a RB and a lights out league leading defense helps too.”

    That plan hasn’t worked for Kap..must be more to it than that.

  22. ketch20too
    “And if you are an average QB, get yourself a beast for a RB and a lights out league leading defense helps too.”

    That plan hasn’t worked for Kap..must be more to it than that.
    Seahawk fans like to say how much better their run game and defense is, unless they are saying how much better their QB is, in which case their defense and run game is no better than the 49ers.

    We get it. You have fallen in love with the whole team. It is just that non-Seahawk fans can see things a little more objectively. RW is very good. However, we will only know how good when Seattle’s run game, special teams, and defense aren’t so dominant.

  23. I know it’s a minor thing, all in all, but the fact that the Rangers did this and not the Mariners, tells you a lot about the two franchises.

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