Steelers use transition tag on Jason Worilds


After the transition tag sat dormant for so long, it has been used twice in the last hour.

The Steelers named outside linebacker Jason Worilds their transition player, the team announced.

That guarantees Worilds, who wasn’t even a full-time starter last year, a one-year deal worth $9.754 million. The franchise tag would have cost $11.455 million.

Worilds had value after registering 8.0 sacks last year, but his side and the Steelers couldn’t agree on what it was.

Now, he can go to the market, and the Steelers have the opportunity to match any deal he finds, though there’s no compensation if they don’t.

The transition tag effectively dares the agent to find a contract. If the Steelers don’t elect to match, they’ll just return their gaze to 2013 first-rounder Jarvis Jones, whose rookie year went in fits and starts.

53 responses to “Steelers use transition tag on Jason Worilds

  1. This is the worst contract in the whole worild (pun intended)

    The incompetentence of the Steelers front office is illuminating brightly.

  2. Some funny math by the Steelers brass yet again…time to break out the credit card Colbert! Troy, Ben, Antonio Brown all to be restructured, Woodley cut? Ike cut?

    So essentially all the extra cap space gained for this years cap will be tied up in Worilds?


  3. How many water boy contracts will have to be restructured or terminated to fit this one in?

    Steeler nation? No one? Thought so. Career back up just got 9.75 mil. K.

    Steeler Slayer Joe Flacco approves.

  4. hey pftpoet, it’s not a pun if you change the spelling of the word. As a poet, I would think you’d know that.

  5. Worilds has only been in the league 3 years, and already has more playoff wins than Lewis, Dalton, Green, and the entire Bengals team combined over the last 20+ years.

  6. Some funny math by the Steelers brass yet again…time to break out the credit card Colbert! Troy, Ben, Antonio Brown all to be restructured, Woodley cut? Ike cut?

    So essentially all the extra cap space gained for this years cap will be tied up in Worilds?


    Every year at this time a raven troll gets a burr up their butt about Steeler cap management. Every year we make it under the cap and can beat you with a third string QB……yawn.

  7. It is loudly laughable that a Ravens fan would comment about a Steeler contract given that the Ravens a. are stuck with mediocre Flacco for years, b. have their top RB in serious legal trouble, and c. are quite likely staring at a below .500 season next year.

    #7-9. Quite seriously.

    BTW the Steelers restructured Heath Miller’s contract yesterday.

  8. How does it feel to be DESTROYED by Andy Dalton and not make the playoffs… AGAIN?!?


  9. Steelers managment did this to buy time to work something out long term.

    Sorry all you Raven’s trolls; We will be whipping your butts again this coming year. As usual.

  10. Already extended Heath Miller’s Contract dropping his cap number. If they cut Ryan Clark, Levi Brown, extend Roethlisberger and Polamalu, and Cut Ike Taylor’s pay like he said he would, their cap will be in good shape. It amazes me how many trolls have time to come on here and type how the steelers are going to explode somehow. You know so little about football. These are the same guys that would be talking about how the steelers don’t resign their young talent and keep getting older and slower if they had just let worild walk.

  11. @si1m

    LMAO…did you seriously just call Flacco “Steeler slayer”

    I suggest you go look at his career stats vs the Steelers. Outside of two games, he has been garbage.

    And LMAO at moron Ratbirds fans laughing at this contract. Your idiot GM paid Flacco based on a 4 game stretch he will never have again. See how bad Flacco was this year? Yeah…get used to that. Thats how he will be for the rest of his career.

  12. “Worilds has only been in the league 3 years, and already has more playoff wins than Lewis, Dalton, Green, and the entire Bengals team combined over the last 20+ years.”

    I think you mean 4 years. Because going back 3 years only gets you as far as the one and done to Tim Tebow.

  13. @doctorrustbelt – How’d Andy Dalton do the last time he played the Steelers?

    How’d Andy Dalton do in the playoffs?

    Thats what I thought.

    Shut up.

  14. doctor, how does it feel to make the playoffs, and then be destroyed by Andy Dalton?

  15. What happened to that Super Bowl repeat the Baltimore fans were insisting was going to happen? 8-8, and missed the playoffs.

  16. steelers fans whose answer for being DESTROYED out of playoff contention two years in a row by Andy Dalton and the Cincinnati Bengals is to bring up the past.

    steelers fans remind me of lil’ guys with big trucks who act tough… but… shower in their underwear.

  17. Actually, this was pretty brilliant. They can negotiate at any time including after June 1 when they can free up half of Woodleys dead money.

    In essence, they could offer Worilds a front loaded contract with the $9m designated to him today, plus up to $6m more of Woodleys money. After that, the contract provides cap relief starting in year 2 since he made his money in year 1.

    At the same time, they dont have to make that decision for 6 months and get to see how Woodley looks in the meantime.

  18. I can hear the insecurity in all the Rat-trolls and Bunglehole fans. Realistically, you two fanbase’s should take notes from Browns fans and remain silent because out of all 4 AFC NORTH teams trending up, it’s the Steelers! 8-8 is the WORST we can do in transition. Good luck stopping us when we have our house in order. You’ll need it.


  19. doctorrustbelt says:

    steelers fans remind me of lil’ guys with big trucks who act tough… but… shower in their underwear.
    You should get some new thoughts, dude. And another piece of the puzzle falls into place.

  20. … and you and he have just as many playoff appearances in the past two seasons.


  21. Steelerslayer Dalton just happy peed a little this morning…….along with the rest of the AFC NORTH CHAMPS. $9 million for a back-up????? Lol. What a trainwreck of a front office.

  22. doctorrustbelt

    You lost a game to us last year correct? Then were embarrassed at home by the Chargers?

    I suggest you put down the keyboard and back away slowly

  23. bengalguy

    Are you seriously trying to slam the Steelers? A bungle fan? When have you WON ANYTHING? How did that Charger game at home in the playoffs work out?

    You have no franchise QB, no playoff win and you couldnt capitalize when we were down, now we’re on our way back amd im going to enjoy watching the Bungles be..well the Bungles.

    A Bungles fan talking smack. lmao

  24. I’m not sure who to laugh at more, Ravens fans or Bengals fans. For the moment, I’ll go with Bengal fans.

  25. and thats how its done people. Take note cincy and baltimore. While the steelers continue to march up to the top of the division, the bungles are still trying to figure out what happen to their one and done again.

  26. doctorrustbelt

    and you have just as many trophies….no wait. lmao What a joke. You’re one step above the Browns, your coach is a joke. Please, stop….you’re making me laugh uncontrollably

  27. Raven fans would almost be funny if they weren’t so pathetic. This is a team who signed a less than mediocre QB to a mega bucks deal based on how he played in four games. Flacco’s cap hit this year is $14,800,000, jumping up to $28,000,000 in 2016. Yeppers, that Ozzie sure is a genius when it comes to handling the salary cap. Good luck getting rid of Jump Ball Joe and his ridiculous contract when he reverts back to being the turn over king of the NFL. LOL

  28. doctorrustbelt:

    2 seasons vs. 20+.

    For Bengals fans, winning that last playoff game was like a monumental historical event. Older fans saying things like, “Yeah, I remember where I was when they won that playoff game, do you?”

  29. Throw it up Joe really played worth a 100 mill this year didnt he? Then you sign your TE to a locked in deal and the guy is out as much as Woodley. lol

    Im sure Pitta will all of a sudden be healthy all the time.

  30. If the Steelers do sign Worilds it’s a case of having their cake and eating it too, at least for he 2014 season.

    It will give them the freedom to cut Woodley, or keep Woodley and give J. Jones more time to bulk up and learn the game. Same way Lloyd, Porter, Gildon, and Harrison became dominant in their 34 defense.

    Anyways, I’d rather have three pass rushers as opposed to two.

  31. When we are rebuilding, a bad year is 8-8. The Bengals, Browns? lol

    You better do something real quick with this team, because anyone who saw the Steelers go 6-2 at the end of the year knows….we aren’t going to be down for long.

  32. “Ravens fans are great at bringing a ton of comedy to the threads”

    Never let it be said we contributed nothing to the high brow discussion of the PFT forums!

    But cmon thats the fun of these. We “contribute” to steeler articles, they “contribute” to ours, the Bengals try to interject like the annoying guy who stops the elevator door from closing at the last second. The Browns watch from the dimly lit corridor, imagining the time they almost won “State” in 1946.

  33. flacco8

    Who finished ahead of the Ravens in the division again? Did you think you would add NINE new starters and win the superbowl again? Really?

    Now you have issues all over the place and uppercut Ray is one of them.

    Id worry about the Ravens instead of the Steelers my friend.

  34. Lil’ guys in big OLD trucks.

    I think the little guys are the ones driving a truck big enough to carry all those Bungal Lombardi trophies…..wait sitting on the floor in diapers pushing a Tonka truck is more like it.

  35. Too expensive to cut woodley this year so they would paying dead money to woodley for the same amount they might pay worilds. If worilds can find a better contract then great for him. Too much risk to sign long term given the rash of injuries he’s had. 2013 was his first healthy year. Steelers took a good gamble with the cards they had.

  36. I dont think they will be able to sign Worilds unfortunately but I do think they will make a move in free agency. After the skins franchised Orakpo I think Worilds is the most sought after outside lb in free agency. Someone will probably overpay for him.

    After we draft a big receiver and some new pieces for the defense we will be good to go.

  37. It’s so funny to see other AFC North fans “try” to trash the standard franchise in the NFL. Multiple Super Bowl victories in 2 separate decades and climbing back to the top again. I trust the Rooney’s ownership. Mike Brown’s bungles have achieved almost nothing. And speaking of nothing, the Browns. And the last time I checked, Charlie Batch still owned the Ravens!!!

  38. well. Charlie is gone and the ravens with flacco are the last afcn team to win the super bowl. and as well as Ben played last year, the Steelers still finished 8 and 8. Joe and the ravens will be better. and it will be another great season

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