Talks between Rams, Saffold to intensify this week

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Although the Rams didn’t use the franchise tag or the resurrected transition tag on offensive lineman Rodger Saffold, the Rams continue to make keeping him a top priority.

Per a league source, talks between the team and Saffold are expected to intensify as the week unfolds.  To date, productive discussions have occurred.

The Rams retain the exclusive ability to negotiate with Saffold until Saturday.  At that point, a three-day legal tampering window opens.

That said, plenty of impermissible tampering is and has been happening.  And it will continue to happen.

A second-round pick in 2010, Saffold started all 16 games as a rookie.  Since then, he has missed 17 of 48 games due to injury.  Saffold nevertheless has proven to be a versatile component of the offensive line when healthy, and with left tackle Jake Long still recovering from a torn ACL, the Rams hope to keep Saffold around.

5 responses to “Talks between Rams, Saffold to intensify this week

  1. Saffold was a desperation pick to begin with ; I remember when they had that pick near the top of the second round a few years ago . . . they wanted a king’s ransom for it , and no one was buying , so even though there was no one there they really liked , they held their noses and took Saffold. They ended up hanging onto him all this time because their other draft picks on the offensive line (Like Jason Smith , who was taken with the second overall pick and whom I believe is now out of the NFL) failed so badly at the pro level. This is the same reason why they opened up the Brink’s truck for Jake Long last year , and he probably won’t even be ready to play at the start of the ’14 regular season. The Rams are about as good evaluating offensive linemen as the Vikings are at evaluating Quarterbacks and Corners . . .
    which is to say , not very good.

  2. The Rams have all the leverage, threatening to trade him to Minnesota for a dozen donuts and 500 pounds of wet snow.

  3. if roger agrees to playfor the money corresponding his value and the position he will most likely play, guard to help the team then i suspect he will be resigned if he continues to think he deserves elite LT money he will be gone its that simple i would love to see him resign so the rams can keep a draft pick avail, and maybe even for a bit more than guard money due to his versatility but with his health issues breaking the bank makes less sense then having to use a 3rd -4th rounder on a guard instead.

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