Bernard Pollard lays blame for “mindset” at Mike Munchak’s feet

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Bernard Pollard said he had nothing but affection for former Titans coach Mike Munchak and his staff.

But it’s also clear he wanted nothing more than them gone for him to stay in Tennessee.

The veteran safety pointed to last year’s coaching staff as the reason for the team’s struggles, saying he’s excited to work for new boss Ken Whisenhunt.

“When I said things needed to change, one of the biggest things I saw last year was our mindset wasn’t good. When you come to a team that has been consistently losing, that almost becomes the norm for them,” Pollard told Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean. “To see things now, with Coach Whisenhunt and some of these other guys that have come in here who have been to Super Bowls and won Super Bowls, the mindset is totally different now. And that is one of the main things that played a factor in my decision on coming back.

“I love coach Munch and his staff. But I knew some things needed to change in order for me to want to be back here with the Titans.”

With love like that, Munchak won’t need hate for a while.

Pollard also apparently approves of the addition of Ray Horton to run the defense.

“We’re going to be an attack-style defense like I played in in Baltimore. We aren’t going to sit back and be that punching bag anymore,” Pollard said. “Not to say that Jerry Gray did that, I am just saying the style this year will be different, you wait and see.”

All that endorsement of Munchak and Gray really needed was a “no disrespect, but . . .” and it would have been complete.

21 responses to “Bernard Pollard lays blame for “mindset” at Mike Munchak’s feet

  1. I liked this guy as a player on the Ravens, but it’s pretty easy to see why he’s been on so many teams in his career.

    I still wish him the best and he’s still a champion. Once a Raven always a Raven.

  2. Right or wrong, Pollard is consistently one of the most abrasive locker room personalities football has ever seen…

  3. I don’t watch every Titans game but I do get them as a local team on tv. From what I saw Munchak was just a statue on the sideline. No emotion or passion. He’s the anti Pete Carroll personality wise. Teams feed off their head coach and the Titans played like Munchak’s personality– bland.

  4. If one disagrees with the approach his boss is taking, it doesn’t mean that he dislikes his boss, or is hating on his boss because he disagrees with his boss’s approach. It just means they disagree.

    I’ve told my boss many times that I think he is taking the wrong track on one issue or another. Sometimes he sees my point and agrees; other times he doesn’t. It’s just the way life works, it doesn’t matter what the job is.

  5. As a Titans fan, I can tell you that this defense was much better with him on the team than without him. Even FS Michael Griffin played better next to him after years of playing like a little girl.

  6. I’m a Ravens fan and think he did a great job there, but he was a trouble maker, so I also wasn’t crying when he left…because in his case…
    Once an A’hole, always an A’hole.

  7. I liked him when he was in Houston. He has absolutely no filter and no tact. He says what he means, and it has a LOT of truth to it. That’s why reporters love talking to him!

  8. “I’m not saying the last guys sucked, I’m just saying the last guys were very nice (and sucked)…”

  9. Pollard sucks up real nice when he needs a job. Give him one year and Whiz will be tired of his act.

    Pollard has been a head problem every team he’s been on. Makes no sense for him to dog on his ex-coaches.

    If he had a problem with the way Munchak ran things and the “mind set” he should of been a leader and talked to him about it.

    Pollard is a cheap shot artist on the field and off.

  10. The Titans can have him. He is nothing but an average player who runs his mouth too much. He ran his mouth this time last year about John Harbaugh. He’s running his mouth this year about Mike Munchak, and it’s probably a safe bet that he will run his mouth this time next year about Ken Whisenhunt.

  11. As a titans fan, watching every game and all media reports.. This guy led the way with media reports. Like someone said he has a lot to say so the media is drawn to me for a story. But I agree with the other guy who said that last yrs titans defense was much improved with him on it than without. He was a captain even. He may not be the best safety in the game and yes he will get your team some careless pententies but the leadership he brings, and with the very out spoken voice he has to keep other players in check cannot go unnoticed. I like the style of play he brings… He’s all about “knocking the piss outta someone” on the field. He he also says the things that need to be said at times when other players won’t bring them out. He holds he’s teammates accountable. And that’s someone we need on our team. I’m as a fan was glad they resigned him. And yes he was right it was very obvious our coaching staff needed changes.

  12. Boys, this is professional football. Why does the coach have to game plan and also get his players fired up to play. Players are making millions over their contract so wouldn’t one expect the players need to get themselves ready to play and they blame the coach for losing, so very typical. I like to keep up with current events in the NFL, but for no reason under the sun would I ever watch an entire football game.

  13. He’s right. Munchak was extremely unqualified for a head coaching job. The Titans’ D was statistically the worst in franchise history in ’12, and Gray wasn’t fired?! 3rd and whatever… 15 yard pass for a first down, every drive, every game, it’s draining to watch the slow destruction for three hours. The firings couldn’t have come soon enough.

  14. Ray Horton didn’t deliver what Ray Horton promised in Cleveland. You need to play for more than three quarters and his defense didn’t. Just sayin’.

  15. I would have to agree with ‘flipola’. The last few years with Jerry Gray was atrocious and Loggains playcalling was almost exactly the same as his predecessor. If it was 3rd and over 7 you could pretty much guarantee a failed WR screen play every.damn.time.

    Verner also needs to stay, I don’t think Blidi is good enough to hold down a #2 spot yet.

  16. Like him or not, he’s right. Nothing wrong with liking a guy, but also knowing he’s not good at his job. Munch was about as motivating as a garden slug on the sideline, and he was used to losing. The Titans need a guy like Pollard to help them get off their asses and play with attitude.

  17. slick50ks says:
    Mar 4, 2014 12:43 PM
    How does a guy this mediocre get any press?

    Because his nickname is the Bone Crusher and he KOs people. Watch him play and unless u dont like contact idk how u cant like this guy. Though he gets penaltys his presence out there alone doesnt go unnoticed.

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