Browns unveiling “cutting-edge” uniforms next year

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It’s been known for a year that the Browns will unveil new uniforms next year.  Beyond owner Jimmy Haslam explaining that the helmets won’t change, details have been scant.

On Tuesday, Browns president Alec Scheiner provided an update on the process, which will culminate on the sheet being pulled off the new uniforms right before the 2015 draft.

“We’ll have cutting-edge uniforms that link back to our history,” Scheiner told Bull & Fox of 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland on Tuesday.  “I’m really excited about our direction.  We’ve been working with the NFL and Nike for almost a year now.  We have another year until we roll out our uniforms.  I’d be very surprised if our fans don’t love our new-look uniforms.”

The Browns will become at least the sixth team to undergo a significant redesign since the NFL partnered with Nike in 2012.  Two of the new uniforms (Jaguars and Buccaneers) are not attractive.  The Seahawks’ uniforms looked iffy at first; stellar play since the helmets, jerseys, and pants were unveiled has caused most to warm up to the duds.  The Vikings’ new uniforms amounted to an upgrade, notwithstanding the too-trendy matte finish on the helmet and the unconventional numbers.  The Dolphins’ had a dramatic logo overhaul as part of a more subtle shift in the overall uniform.

If the Browns plan to link back to their history, there’s not much of a uniform history to link back to.  When the team was initially founded, the numbers had a shadowing effect, which was trendy about 20 years ago — and which could mean it’s time for it to become trendy again.  The uniform hasn’t changed that much since then, with periodic orange pants and brown pants and at one point an ill-advised orange jersey.

In the interim, Browns fans who have set aside the funds to buy a new jersey in 2014 may want to wait to make the purchase until next year.

For Browns fans, waiting until next year has pretty much become a way of life.

183 responses to “Browns unveiling “cutting-edge” uniforms next year

  1. “… I’d be very surprised if our fans don’t love our new-look uniforms.”

    Sounds a lot like what Tampa Bay was pitching before coming out with their gawdawful abominations.

    Miami said similar things too, and their new unis also totally blow.

  2. The Vikings uniforms were an upgrade? They were horrible, just like the Vikings themselves.

    And no surprise a dumpster fire like the Browns are pathetically looking back to their long gone history, because they have nothing to look forward to in the present and future. Just like the 49ers.

  3. “We’ll have cutting-edge uniforms that link back to our history”

    Considering Haslem’s background, does this mean brown and orange bumblee bee outfits?

  4. Someone needs to stop Nike.

    Do the brown’s uniforms lack in hte excitement department? sure, but giving over more of the NFL uniforms to Nike’s division of 13 year olds with magic markers needs to be stopped.

  5. I think only the Seahawks and Vikings actually came away with decent unis.

    Jags and Bucs are AWFUL, I don’t see Browns being much better.

  6. The Browns should try to erase all links to their past history. Including that woman beater Jim Brown who ran against DT that weighed 250 pounds.

    They should have Tim Couch and Courtney Brown unveil the new uni’s. They are the Browns version of 49ers greats Aldon Smith and Colin Kaepernick.

  7. Not sure what new uniforms are suppossed to bring to the table but if its the same crappy product then by all means. I guess it is meant to create a buzz.

  8. When I think cutting edge uniforms I think of those gross Nike pro combat uniforms which were so cutting edge Flock of Seagulls could have wore them .

  9. I actually think the Browns current unis with the white jerseys are OK…awful with the brown jerseys though.

    Based on the pile of barf that Nike just unveiled in Tampa Bay I’m not optimistic.

  10. I heard that it is going to be orange jump suits that have the initials “DOC” on them. Haslam will be modeling the first one.

  11. And by “cutting edge” he means, the uniforms will feature a different team’s logo.

  12. Just as long as they don’t do something gawdawful like what Tampa Bay did.

  13. Oh no. Another XFL-type monstrosity with an ugly “futuristic” number font, multicolored jersey, day-glo helmet, and a few other gimmicks to try to cover up the fact that the team inside the uniform is bad at football.

    Just like the Tampa Bay Bucs, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Minnesota Vikings.

  14. 1] THREE sets of jerseys and pants [white /orange/brown…[put some stripes on the brown pants for jimmysakes]
    2]Mix & Match !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Eagles fan here.

    This is really a shame; the Browns uniform is one of my favorite in sports. Now, they are guaranteed to be an abomination. This is exactly what I knew would happen when Nike came aboard. Get used to this trend of crap.

    Old School look > Puketastic Nike uniforms
    (and no, I’m not an old crank. In my 20s)

  16. I’ve got $5 on metallic bronze uniforms with a cross hatched metal plate look on the shoulders.

  17. While the rest of the league struggles to find a good look, the Raiders continue to wear the classic uni’s that transcend time.

  18. I don’t know why the attachment to the orange helmets in the first place. I am a lifelong Browns fan, but the need for more than just a subtle chance has long since been necessary. I am tired of plain Jane, I want Krazy Karen. The Bucks jerseys are horrendous, they just are. “Digital numbers”? The “history” of Browns uniforms are boring, lazy and so 1960’s or older. To those who oppose, a rose by any other name…so there. I want something that I can be proud of. Remember when the Broncos changed? The SECOND Buccaneer change? Let’s do it.

  19. If they decide to go for brown and orange together on the jersey, hopefully the use the design that Jim Drake came up with, only with a less Bengals-ish logo.

    You could do a lot with keeping the color scheme simple and making the design really clean. After seeing what Nike has gotten up to with everyone else, though…

  20. They just HAVE TO incorporate a cleveland steamer in that design……it’s only fitting.

  21. I’m sorry, but you can’t do this. Those uniforms ARE the Browns.

    What’s next, removing the star from the Dallas Cowboy’s helmets? Removing the horseshoe from the Colt’s helmets? Replacing the ‘C’ on the Bear’s helmets?

  22. Get rid of the Sewer Brown period.

    Bring in any shade of blue, and please drop the name “Browns” it’s generic and it’s history is even worse. And- please don’t point out the 1940’s.

    Football wasn’t even as big or the same as it was back in the non TV days.

    Cleveland “Dogs” or “Dawgs” in Orange and
    Midnight Blue.

    Put a Fierce Dog logo on the helmet.

    Cincinnati Bengals vs Cleveland Dogs 2015

    Sounds strong.

  23. The helmets are the thing that sucks about the uniform. I actually like the dark brown/black uniforms. What really more can you do to it?

    What are they going to make them look like Brownie the Elf with the buckle belt and stripped socks?

  24. They should wait another year or two. There are more losing seasons ahead. A new uniform is better when a team is on the rise.

  25. I guess if you cant play average football, you play the “new uni card” to keep fan interest.


  26. haha… the browns should focus on making the team play better, not the uniform. This is funny.

  27. What is the motivation here? If you can’t play good, at least look good sucking?

  28. How about an ugly textured mud brown that looks like they were already rolling around in the mud. Shiny clean chrome numbers amidst a mess of mud. And at least update the texture of the helmet so the orange has either some kind of a chrome or matte effect. The way it is now it’s a pastellic eyesore.

  29. Freaking Nike should stick to designing ugly running shoes instead of ugly unis.

  30. Please stop writing “Brown’s”. You’re smarter than that.

    I don’t think Cleveland can really do anything at all to improve how their uniforms look. If the Buccaneers’ uniforms are any indication, I’m preparing to laugh my ass off when I see these next year.

    I’m surprised at how bad a lot of these new uniforms look, considering that generally I think their college stuff looks pretty sweet. Generally. They’re striking out on the NFL, though I do think the Dolphins uniforms look pretty good.

  31. I believe they are called the ‘Browns’ after their legendary coach, Paul Brown.
    And the one thing they could have changed that people would likely notice most is the helmets…and Haslam said that won’t change! Puzzling…

  32. I have to admit, I’m disappointed with this news. I love the classic teams that hold on to their look… and I always felt the Browns were one of them. Raiders, Packers, Bears, Steelers, etc. all have classic uniforms that I don’t think ever need to be changed. No team nowadays would ever go with the color and uniforms that the Browns have but that’s exactly why I like them. They are unique. They are old school and they need to stay that way. Some teams change their uni’s and it’s fine… but the Brown’s should not be one of them. Too much history in a great football city to “change it up” for the sake of attracting a little attention. Hold on to your history Browns!

  33. I’m picturing the old Vancouver Canucks shirts with the orange and yellow diagonal lines over a brown/black/putrid jersey. can’t wait.

  34. Still like the SD Charger throwback powder blue… don’t let Nike near them.

  35. “I’m really excited about our direction. We’ve been working with the NFL and Nike for almost a year now….I’d be very surprised if our fans don’t love our new-look uniforms.” WOW…how about putting that same effort and excitement into fielding a TEAM…sigh.

  36. The Browns’ president has his priorities all wrong if he’s excited about some uniform change NEXT year instead of putting a competitive team on field or dealing with an incompetent owner.

  37. Haven’t browns fans suffered enough? Now they are going to have to stare at Nike designed unis.

  38. every team needs to keep nike away from their uniforms, the jerseys have been decent but the new pants for all 32 teams not only suck but become transparent when they get wet..seriously.

  39. Orange helmets, with the outline of the Dawg. in white, only to enlarge to stupid proportions.

    If they did something with that football logo with the B on the side of the helmet, I think that would be reasonable start.

    This whole Nike thing is going to be like the league and EA sports. Might seem like a good idea, but the fans are going to hate it in a few seasons.

  40. The pants will feature a footprint on the butt to reflect their history.

  41. For the love of god, is there anything that can be done to stop Nike from ruining every uniform it touches? Please make is stop.

    Oh and you kids get the hell off my lawn!

  42. Nike is ruining the look of the NFL teams. The Super Bowl was the ugly bowl. The Bucs numbers look like a clock radio. Yuck.

    Give me the classic looks: SF, Steelers, GB

  43. Did you notice its the teams with no tradition that are always “tinkering” with their clothes? I’m happy my team strives to get into the playoffs and win championships.

  44. I’m prepared to see the worst uniforms possible if they’ve been working with Nike for over a year now.

  45. Put a big brown turd on each side of an orange helmet. That exemplifies the Cleveland Browns.

  46. For me, less equals more, as in number of colors and schemes. Give me all the old team uniforms from the 1970’s over all team uniforms from today.

  47. The ONLY male that ever wore a brown suit successfully was Ronald Reagan. And, other than UPS and law enforcement, who actually wears brown uniforms on purpose? The early Nazis did, but that didn’t work out, did it?

    To put it another way: Cleveland, as a city, do you really want brown as your signature color? I mean, wasn’t that river bad enough?

  48. the browns should change their mascot to a big turd, then they could truly be the cleveland browns and their new uniforms could be skid marks… now that would be great.

  49. Take heart Browns fans!

    Whatever nike comes up with this time can’t possibly be any worse than what the Bucs settled for.

    My gawd they’re awful.

    Keep trying to put a positive spin on em…just can’t.

    2014’s gonna be a long season.

  50. I’ve always liked the Browns uniforms. I hope they don’t change them too much. I don’t like the Nike College look for the most part. I do like the Seahawks Unis, before they started beating up on the 49ers.

  51. So what color will they randomly add to the Browns uniform to make them “cutting edge”. Please quit allowing Nike to design these uniforms, they are so out of touch on what looks good.

  52. All I have to say, is that I’ll be really depressed about the new uniforms if people buy them for fashion purposes, like the steelers, raiders, jags, coyboys, etc. They’re the color of fall leaves and mud, just as football should be.

  53. Let me guess, Haslam has bought the Bucs’s old Dreamsicle Orange unies at a discount?…

    The Bucs’s new design looks like something the Brown’s would wear. (BTW, I like the new Bucs outfits, numerals and all.)

  54. Read between the lines. “Cutting edge” means “screwed up just enough to make you pry your wallet open and spend $100 on a new replica jersey.”

  55. Chicken bleep!!!!!!!why don’t the Yankees, Celtics, Packers, etc change theirs too. Our uniforms kick ass the way they are!! That southern carpetbagger needs to worry about winning rather than jerking with tradition. Maybe us “Yankees” should go and change the Tennessee uniforms for him. See if he likes it. I hate Jimmy Haslam!!! Big talk, no walk!!!

  56. The last time they unveiled cutting edge uniforms was when they moved to Baltimore and called themselves the Ravens.

  57. Oregon was Phil Knight’s Manhattan Project & the NFL is his Hiroshima.. duck & cover

  58. Telling your fans that you will have new uniforms in a year really kills jersey sales this year. Ask the Bobcats. How many jerseys have the Bobcats sold since they announced they were becoming the Hornets? Probably not many.

  59. Take heart Browns’ fans. The last time the Browns changed their uniforms, a few years later they won the Super Bowl. Of course they had to change their colors to black & purple and change cities, but at least the franchise won the Super Bowl.

  60. One more opportunity for Nike to show that they have no business designing NFL uniforms…
    MLB fixed this mistake in the 70’s and 80’s with sorry looking Indians, Astros and White Sox duds but has looked pretty classy as a whole ever since.
    The NFL should pay attention…

  61. So Browns fans now have a year not to buy the current/going to be old jersey? Great marketing plan.

  62. Well it sounds like we have to clear the slow moving inventory of Browns current uniforms, but thanks for the really exciting news for a year’s time. Maybe Jimmy will be in jail by then (and there will be probably be further changes in coaching and GM roles). Cleveland fans have a helluva lot to look forward to.

  63. Its so embarrassing. I wish the Browns had never come back. Its so hard to be beaten down every year and be the object of national ridicule. New uniforms wont change a thing. Lets rearrange the chairs on the Titanic.

  64. Some things in football should never change. The Browns have always had the worst unis in the league and they should always have the worst unis in the league.

  65. Ok so why not change the pumpkin head helmets? Those are the worst part of their uni’s anyways! At least try a dark metallic burnt orange helmet with a bulldog logo would be a nice upgrade!

  66. I’m not a Browns fan, I’m a Bengals fan, But I gotta speak up, I like the old school Browns uniforms. I wish our teams were in different conferances so I could support both Ohio teams.

  67. They should change uniforms. The product they have put on the field since ’99 doesn’t deserve our colors. Let them wear used Penn State uniform’s until we see something that is worthy of the Brown & Orange. New uniform’s and scoreboards … great. How about some talent on the field?

  68. How do you put a river on fire on a helmet??? They will change the team colors to purple. They are, anyway, the Ravens b@tch!

  69. Yeah, they might want to spend more time worrying about playing good on the field and less time worrying about looking good.

  70. Just glad it’s not the Packers. I’m still ticked about going from 5 sleeve stripes to 3 after they won Superbowl XXXI.

  71. As a long-time Bucs fan, Cleveland has nothing to worry about. Nike has insured that the Bucs new gear is the most disturbing in NFL history and will never be topped.

  72. This article epitomizes being a Browns fan. The third paragraph begins with how ownership wants the uniforms to be a link to the past while the very last sentence is a dig on how us Browns fans are waiting for next year. It’s funny because it’s true.

    If they want to change the uniforms go ahead but I ask that they not be an ode to years past. This team has stunk it up so much in recent history that I’m tired of reminding myself that at one time they were good and I’m tired of “waiting until next year”.

    I’d rather see them go with a new and current look altogether and get some W’s in the win column. They can keep the helmets the same for the sake of tradition.

    That’s just my 2 cents,
    Go Browns!

  73. Put a winning team on the field and keep the classic look.

    Personally, I have always liked the traditional 49’ers, Bears, Giants, Packers, and Redskins uniforms. Traditional uniforms unique to the sport of American Football.

    Even the MLB woke up and went back to their traditional baseball uniforms.

  74. ….helmet needs a logo
    ….incorporate a lot of black and relegate the brown to trim
    ….go a brighter orange

  75. What the heck is a “Brown” anyway??
    They’re named after their first head coach.

  76. LOL,lots of comments from non-Browns Backers. Doesn’t matter how bad we are,we still dwell in your mind!

    PS some of you “football historians” may want to actually read up on the team’s history.

  77. “Cutting edge” is code for ugly. First the Seahawks monstrosities, then the Jags helmets, then whatever the hell that mess in Tampa is. I had a feeling the move to Nike was going to give us a bunch of crap, and I guess it’s just going to get worse.

    Oh, and the dude who claimed the Raiders have only had one jersey, guess again. Minor changes, yes, but changes nonetheless.

  78. Lmao, it takes 2 years to work on these uniforms. You have got to be kidding me. If it takes Nike 2 years to redesign the Browns uniforms, then they should be fired.

    First, please go back to the white facemasks. Slapping that horrible gray facemask on a orange helmet looks hideous. And in typical Browns fashion, Haslem says the Helmet isnt changing. Can this guy do anything right?

    Second, theres not much that can be done with orange and brown. I liked the orange pants with the white jersey look, though. Minimize the brown at all costs.

    Third, i’m so sick of the Browns going to the history card. I dont care how good they were in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s. The history ive seen includes, no Super Bowls, 86 games under .500 since 1999, inept front offices, horrible players, horrible front office hirings, horrible drafting, 2 heartbreaking losses to Denver in the AFC Championship games.

    My guess is the uniforms will be jacked up just like they will find some way to screw up the 2014 Draft.

  79. And the lesson for fans is to buy a throwback jersey and leave it at that.

    No one will point out you are wearing an “old” jersey, and you won’t have the problem of spending $120 on a shirt, to have him sign with your rival next year.

    That is if you feel the need to own a jersey at all.

  80. Browns are named after the founder of the Bengals. Paul Brown. So it’s named after the Brown family. The and and city of Cleveland chose it.

  81. Oh yeah, that’s the problem in Cleveland. what they need to change is management.

  82. Regarding the history comment, the Browns are not the Ravens so they only have a short history as an expansion team.

    Nevertheless, the history of the old Browns, as some remember, was to always wear white uniforms with that helmet.

    I don’t know why the Browns, Rams, and Cowboys abandoned wearing their whites at home. It looked good.

    The old Browns used to win more when they wore white. Go with tradition and not a bad habit.

  83. What was wrong with the all brown uniforms that made the players look like fudge brownies with legs?… or a steaming pile of dog-turd with legs?

    Either way, the all brown uniforms fit the teams on-field performance didn’t they?

  84. “somethingsmellsrotten says: Mar 4, 2014 3:34 PM

    Can you just imagine what Nike can do with Brown & Orange? :O”

    Well if the Buccaneers new uniform is anything to go by….

    The Brown will be replaced by a color that is essentially black. The trade mark orange will be relegated to piping, stitching, and outlines…meaning it will hardly be there. White will be used as color for a shirt. Then for no apparent reason turquoise will be the new secondary color. Just because.

    WAY back when the Browns actually had a logo on their helmet, it was a Brownie, an elf-like creature. Look for that logo to come back and take up almost the entire helmet now. They will also change it to something more like a Jabberwocky kind of monster.

    The numbers will be written in Roman Numerals, but with a caligraphy-type font.

  85. Those geniuses at Nike could mess up a Picasso if given the opportunity; change for chance sake isn’t necessarily a great thing; especially in the NFL.

    Note to Nike: DO NOT “UPDATE” the Eagles’ uniforms…no thanks!

  86. I think that along with modern movements like no more hitting heads and the coming out of Michael Sam, a team should embrace pink and purple as accent colors to a new look.

    I think brown and orange, with touches of pink and purple would be new age and trendy. It gives an attitude that says, “Who cares? It’s only fashion.”

  87. Lets not forget the ‘probowl’ uniforms. Yea, spell the players last name in neon colors, thats smart. When the camera zooms more than 10 feet away you have no idea what the name is, it just looks like a green blur no matter how HD your tv is.

  88. nike, please be careful with giving us Browns fans something “cutting edge”. generally we’re supposed to stay away from sharp objects…

  89. The Browns uniform isn’t “broken” so naturally Nike is going to “fix” it.

  90. The current uni’s look like crap, and they team hasn’t won anything in them in about 50 years. And people want to maintain the “tradition”? I so blow the whole thing up and start over, first by getting rid of the horrible team name, then the for-crap colors, finally by adding a logo (like every other sports team in every league in every country).

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