Carroll on Bryant and Rice: Maybe we have a chance to get them back


The Seahawks released defensive end Red Bryant and wide receiver Sidney Rice last week to clear some $13 million in salary obligations off the books before the start of free agency.

The move leaves both players free to sign with any team immediately, although neither player appears to be on the verge of landing a contract. Should they continue to remain unemployed, coach Pete Carroll suggested that a return to Seattle at a reduced salary could be in the cards for both players.

“We’ve had some difficult choices to make,” Carroll said, via the Tacoma News Tribune. “Every season teams are faced with these kinds of decisions. Again, we’ve taken it under great advisement, we’ve done what we’ve had to do at this point. There are other tough decisions that will come up I’m sure, but the magnitude of these were really impacting for our football team and guys we’re going to miss. Maybe we have a chance to get them back, maybe we don’t. We’ll have to wait and see.”

Both players are almost certain to wind up signing for less than they were set to make in 2014 wherever they wind up and that could help lead back to Seattle if the money is going to be similar without the familiarity. Any return would probably come well into free agency, though, and could turn into a longer shot based on other moves the Seahawks make in the coming weeks.

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  1. Someone will make Bryant an offer he can’t refuse.

    Rice is a much better shot. Tons of FA WRs available, deep draft class, and he’s coming off an ACL – he may not find the offer he’s looking for on the open market.

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    The Seahawks management deserves a lot of credit for putting together a highly competitive team. However, now they’re faced with the “you can’t sign everyone” dilemma.

    They have a nucleus to be in the hunt for a decade like the Patriots Ravens. It will be interesting to see if they can get it accomplished.


  3. Red, Yes…. Rice, Goodbye. We need to pick up another WR that can stretch the field, perform well, and not always be injured. Someone from the draft cheap would be a good thing.

  4. I know most people aren’t impressed with Rice because of the injury history and how much money he made for basically 1 good year of production. I would love to have that 6’4 frame out there making sideline catches and winning jump balls in the Red Zone for 3 million a year.

    Thinking Red Bryant isn’t going to get paid big as in free agency sounds like a pipe dream to me. His tape out there the last few years is impressive.

  5. I have a feeling Carroll would welcome Red back with open arms, but I get the idea that they are done with Rice, regardless of cost.

    They have moved on. WR is a position of strength for this year’s draft, so they’ll be OK, even if Tate leaves.

  6. Bryant already had his “big” contract. He’ll take less to come back and finish his career in Seattle. Rice won’t be back. Hell, Tate might not be back either. The WR class in this draft is way to loaded. I’ll take paying a first round pick 1.2 million as opposed to paying Tate 5-6 million. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have Tate and Bryant back, but there are other options out there…much cheaper options considering Sherman’s, Thomas’, and Wilson’s contracts are all coming up.

  7. I actually think Rice is more likely to remain available and come back on a one year “prove it” contract. Pete even remarked several times this season and post season that he was impressed with how Rice was progressing and recovering from the ACL injury. I would think he would take him back with open arms and wouldn’t have “promoted” him just to get some other team to pick him up off Free Agency.

    Red will take a significant pay cut but will sign with a team in the first few days of the FA Frenzy. If he doesn’t, odds significantly increase that he can get back to the Hawks!

    I would welcome both back for one year deals that don’t impact the cap levels in 2015/2016 where there will obviously be an increased cap space need.

  8. And I think Red comes back for less money or maybe Gus Bradley in Jax picks him up. I see him trying to poach some of his old D.

    Because WR class is so deep, and good ones in FA I don’t think Rice comes back at all. They need big bodies. I think they might look at Hakeem Nicks or go after some athletic TEs. I think they like the Tate/Harvin combo, and because they are so similar they are interchange able, I can see them holding on to both. Draft and free agency will be a must see. I just wish it would start already.

  9. I don’t want Rice back and Golden Tate can walk. I hope someone takes Tate off the market quick! I have a feeling that Tate’s phone won’t ring much. But I pray that someone takes him so Seattle can move on and get Russell some real weapons.

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