Cowboys likely will have to restructure Romo again next year

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The Cowboys created $10 million in 2014 cap space by converting $12.5 million of quarterback Tony Romo’s $13.5 million base salary into a signing bonus.

The move sets the stage for another restructuring in 2015.

With Romo’s cap number already due to be $25.2 million, the restructuring adds another $2.5 million, pushing the cap number to $27.7 million.

While the cap is expected to continue to go up in larger amounts than in the first two years of the current labor deal, $27.7 million will be a lot to carry for one play.  Even if the cap shoots to $140 million, Romo will count for nearly 20 percent of the entire cap.

With a $17 million salary next year, the Cowboys can easily shrink the number again.  If, for example, the Cowboys convert $15 million to a signing bonus and spread it over the five remaining years of the deal, the cap number will drop to $15.7 million.

In turn, that would increase the future cap numbers to $20.6 million for 2016, $24.5 million for 2017, $25 million for 2018, and $23.5 million for 2019.

Of course, Romo will be 39 by the time 2019 rolls around.  At some point before then, Romo likely will call it quits (voluntarily or otherwise), and the Cowboys will assume a cap charge for any remaining bonus money that was kicked down the road this year and, inevitably, next year.

34 responses to “Cowboys likely will have to restructure Romo again next year

  1. Restructuring doesn’t solve anything. It just makes the problem even worse later.

  2. Watch Dallas’ genius GM work his magic!

    Who got them in this predicament in the first place?

  3. I’ve been a ‘Boys fan since 1963, but it’s utterly amazing how Jerry Jones can put together a team with such a long and demonstrated trail of mediocrity and still be in the cap space dumpster. This franchise is a flat out mess. Either average talent is massively overpaid or the staff can’t get anything even remotely resembling top dollar performance out of properly valued players. Jerry and his little band of nepotistic (Is that even a word?) minions have created a long term scenario in which there is no clear way out. He can yap all he wants, but they will be a .500 team–at best–into the distant future.

  4. That guy will win a Super Bowl for Jerry and the ‘Boys — then won’t the world be shocked!

  5. Romo’s contract is almost like paying Sam Bradford 17.4M for 2014…Wait never mind the Rams are …

  6. Cowboys will WIN the NFC East in 2014,guaranteed. Romo will finally get the ghost of Danny White off his back. Cowboys Will be the surprise team in the NFC next season. How about them Cowboys!! Remember U heard it here 1st.

  7. At this rate Romo may not play until he’s 40 but the Cowboys will be paying him until then.

    Keep kicking that can down the road Jerruh. Your cap problems will continue until you (1) hire a new GM (the current GM is an idiot) and (2) you hire a new capologist (the current one must be your idiot GM).

  8. Being a Redskins fan he is my favorite Cowboy, well other than Jerra.
    And people think Kaepernick is crazy for asking for 18 million! Kap has been in 4 times as many playoff games in just the last 2 seasons than Romo has in his career.

  9. Isn’t the the same problem most teams with this kind of QB contract will have? The Broncos have even worse numbers with Peyton in coming years. Not saying the Cowboys don’t suck at cap management, they do mostly because of other stupid contracts, just saying it’s not unique to them.

  10. Romo loves this part im sure lol. More cash for him to keep since tax free state n he doesnt have to pay tax in every city since its a bonus nice for him

  11. RG3enoughsaid:

    The rest of the nfc least would be fine with 3-13 being a life long ‘skin too. It would be a tough decision between the two who’d I want as QB of my franchise, that’s not a ringing endorsement of either.

  12. Next will be Dez wanting a big contract and kicking more money down the road. The only way out of this credit card bill is to do what the Raiders have done. Gut the salaries, bite the bullet, and start over. But, Jerry will never do that, as it would be him admitting he was wrong.

  13. I personally like Romo even though im a Giants fan. I think the guy is a very good QB and is as tough as nails.

    Sadly though, if the boys don’t win a SB in the next 2-3 years (and yes, we all know they wont), Romo will go down as the biggest waste of a contract the NFL has ever seen.

  14. Can’t ever call Romo selfish, but the problem lies in the front office. Jerry’s team building skills just aren’t there.

    Romo will be a Cowboy for life but that will come with regrets because post Parcells – this team didn’t have a chance at the stability or direction required to build a championship team.

    …just waiting for Jerry’s inevitable retirement.

  15. Why does JJ keep mortgaging their future so deeply when his current team is not even a contender? I guess he just wants to ensure that they continue to be irrelevant in the future too. No complaints here!

  16. What a mind-boggling amount against the cap QB’s are raking in…

    Imagine this ias the 1980/90’s and we all know it takes a team for success, instead of a time where we are led to believe that QB’s are entitled to 15% of the salary cap – even if they can’t win meaningful games… Cutler, Stafford, Ryan and Romo should be thanking their lucky stars.

  17. someone should write jerry jones resume, change the name and let jerry jones the owner give his honest opinion on if he would hire this guy.

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