Cowboys tell Ware they want to keep him, but not at his current contract


As the Cowboys try to create more and more cap space, the organization’s attention finally has turned to the dilemma presented by defensive end DeMarcus Ware.

Per a league source, the Cowboys have advised Ware that they definitely want to keep Ware, but not at his current salary of $12.25 million and cap number of $16 million.

It’s unclear where it all will go from here.  Absent a deal that the Cowboys deem acceptable, Ware could indeed be cut — as owner/G.M. Jerry Jones publicly suggested last month.

So stay tuned, teams with 3-4 defenses (cough . . . Saints . . . cough).  DeMarcus Ware could soon be available.

68 responses to “Cowboys tell Ware they want to keep him, but not at his current contract

  1. Ware has already stated he is not interested in a pay cut but Jerry and Stephen may be able to restructure a contract that provides salary cap relief while still getting Ware his pay.

    That’s usually been their approach but it seems at some point that’s going to be played put and reality set in.

  2. It’s not like they need him now that Garrett is taking charge of the Defense. I’m sure everything will work out just fine. But I also don’t live in Dallas so I’m outside of the fallout zone just in case the unsupported sky starts falling.

  3. One of the few cowboys I actually like. Everyone thought this guy would get the sack record unfortunately injuries have plagued him and who knows what the rest of his career holds. Good luck ware.

  4. He counts $8.5mil against the cap if he is cut.
    How much can they save against the cap if they restructure his salary into a bonus and turn a 2014 problem into a 2015 problem?

  5. I smell an Elvis Dumervil situation. Get ready for some sweet, sweet shenanigans.

  6. Why would you pay that much money for a 31-year old (soon to be 32) DE who only had 6 sacks and 1 INT last year? He has been a great player but sadly, he’s not worth a cap hit of $16 million. He’s good for 1 year from some team that thinks he might have enough in the tank to get them past the Seahawks. Saints are a good possibility.

  7. What most football fans don’t know is that the Dallas Cowboys Defense has been below average all but two season that DeMarcus Ware has been in Dallas.

    Dallas (and their defense) can be mediocre with or without him.

  8. cut him loose …he’s seen better days
    foolish to kick this can down the road

  9. once they part ways with Austin,,,,,,,,,no brainer Austin can’t help. the hamies are shot….all scar tissue. Cut Miles and ask Ware to sign a cap friendly deal.

  10. the cowboys are still the most popular nfl team by far. Gotta turn it around though. Can’t rely on past greatness much longer. Jerry give the reins to Stephen and let’s see where it goes,

  11. DeMarcus welcome to Green Bay we have Clay playing opposite you and we also have two more things……the best Quarterback in the NFL and the MOST CHAMPIONSHIPS in NFL history.
    Sign write here son.

  12. Ware may want to play for a team that offers a real shot at a SB win. I’d bet he’ll take a cut to go with a contender and get away from the circus that is Dallas

  13. The Saints didn’t line up in the 3-4 that often. Plus they’re against the cap and were 4th in sacks last season. Ware would have to forego quite a bit of money elsewhere if he wanted to reunite with Ryan.

  14. How are the Saints going to afford Ware? Did you do any research before drawing that line? Right now they are only $1.5 million under. Not enough for a player like Ware. Nice try though.

  15. Restructure. Apparently Dallas thinks the salary cap will be $500M in 2015.

  16. Every team will contact him if he’s cut. He’s one of the best pass rushers of all time and the Cowboys may cut him?

    Put him back in a 3-4 where he belongs and he’s worth it.

    If I’m the 49ers, he’s on my speed dial.

  17. I think what it SHOULD come down to is NOT this “sort of” line-in-the-sand that Ware has drawn (i.e., “I will not take a pay cut”), but how loyal is he! The past 2 seasons, Ware has drawn FULL salary … yet, he DID NOT give quality performance, by any means.
    I love Ware but, let’s be real … he owes the Cowboys (at least) the ability to “get creative”. They can get him close to present money by restructuring. But, if Ware wants to play “hardball”, then the Cowboys SHOULD cut him! Go ahead, let him get well with the surgeries, then go somewhere else and let THEM reap the benefits of a “healthy” Ware, for next to nothing in salary (since the ‘Pokes will be paying him, anyway)! But he OWES that opportunity to Dallas … it’s called “loyalty” and “good faith”, D-Ware … like what the ‘Pokes have shown U the past 2 years!

  18. He was great….. But that faded about 5 yrs ago. Father Time catches up to everyone sooner or later, mostly sooner.

  19. I would think that D Ware would want a chance at a Super Bowl. The big question is does he want to be cut so that he can get away from the Circus that is Dallas. I’m sure New Orleans, Seattle (scary) and NY Jets would all be happy for a shot at him. Currently Seattle has a low cap number, so they could potentially give a huge contract and front load it before they need to resign Wilson.

  20. I’ll give you that the fade may have begun, but not 5 years ago. 3 years ago he had 19.5 sacks (i.e. the tenth best season all time in terms of sacks).

  21. He’s the same age Reggie White was when he left Philly. I think that worked out alright for GB.

    Also, for fading 5 years ago, I would take 6, 11.5, 19.5, 15.5, and 11 sacks. If he leaves Dallas, they will say he’s old. If he stays, Dallas fans will say he’s a top 3 pass rusher. I can see this one coming from a mile away.

  22. I got a feelin….Green Bay goin to da Super Bowl!
    DeMarcus if you really want to play for a winner…..why not the 13 TIME WORLD CHAMPION Green Bay Packers. holla

  23. In the NFL we hear about some players screaming they want more money and the owners always say…..Well you signed the contract and that is all we will pay till time to make a new contract………So why does Jerry not stand behind the contracts he signed

  24. DeMarcus is better as a person than his greatest days as a player, and he has had some great days as a player. However, the Cowboys can be just as historically bad on defense with or without him Just saying.

  25. Stop talking about Seattle. The Seahawks don’t need Ware. Aging, overpaid DEs are the last place the Seahawks are going to spend that kind of coin.

    And to whoever said Ware could help a team get past the Seahawks – guess you didn’t see him in Sep 2012 when they played and the Seahawks easily held Ware to 0 sacks. He was a total non-factor in that game.

  26. in other words… “you are our guy, but our owner/GM has put us in a jam here… can you help us out?”… Dallas is looking more and more like a team that doesn’t deserve to be in this league…

  27. this cracks me up. Watching people post about a 4-3 or 3-4 defense and who plays it. Most of you don’t even know what the defenses mean. A little tid bit for ya. NOBODY RUNS A 3-4 or 4-3 DEFENSE ONLY! All teams switch between both defenses depending on the offensive set.

  28. Could never dominate and take over meaningful games. Never contributed to a stop when his defense needed it most. His defense would choke it up and Romo would take the blame. Unless the numbers are right…later Ware!

  29. Sorry DeMarcus, but we used up all of Jerry’s shinny trinkets on Romo. Don’t let the door smack you on the way out. How sad.

  30. D. Ware isn’t going Anywhere, Jerry will find a way to keep. Ware in Big D. How about them Cowboys, according to Jerry, Super Bowl Bound, Baby!!

  31. I hope Dallas cuts him.

    They don’t deserve him.

    Jerry, give Demarcus Ware his walking papers and let him go to New Orleans to kick your ass the next time the Cowboys and Saints face off!!!

  32. he wasted his best years with Jerruh & nitwit Shephen Jones.. he’s done.. too washed up with injuries.. who would pay him jack if he gets cut? his best days are long gone. hello Raiders

  33. If it wasn’t for the salary cap, Jerruh would have this team at 8 &8 every year !… oh, wait…

  34. This team is not going to the Super Bowl much less win it until the GM retires or croaks. Ware is a stand up guy nearing the end of his career. His only chance of winning a ring would be playing for a real contender not a pretender like the “Boys”. I hope he gets a fair offer from a good team and takes it. I wish him well he is a class act.

  35. Been a Cowboy fan since ’66. Caught alot of grief from fellow “fans” before last year’s draft when I said trade him for picks…now he’s worth maybe a 3rd rounder “at best”! Should have traded Romo, too! Romo, Ware, Witten…core is getting old and beat up. Are you a “player” fan or a “team” fan? Love Ware, have autographed items and met him twice, but it’s a “team” game.

  36. The Cowboys are creating more CAP space by kicking money down the road. This in turns leads to perpetual CAP hell. Their best players are old a declining and they will never win by doing business this way.

  37. Ware has stated he wants his money, but he is willing to sign another contract for the same money and extend the amount of years. That would help the Cowboys this year, but Ware would count against the cap for more years. That is not what the Cowboys need. It the long run, it’s cheaper for the Cowboys to just release Ware this year, take less of a salary cap hit this year, and be done with it. Apparently no team is interested in trading for Ware at his current cap numbers, especially for a 31 year DE with declining numbers. This is another example why Jerry Jones needs to hire someone that understands cap numbers versus value to the team.

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