Harbaugh, O’Brien check out Jimmy Garoppolo workout

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With the Combine in the books, the pro day workout season is picking up, as is the interest in an under-the-radar quarterback.

While most of the attention in Indianapolis was on the trip of Blake Bortles, Teddy Bridgewater and Johnny Manziel, today the focus turned to Eastern Illinois quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

While he may not be a first-rounder, he was working out at Northwestern’s pro day under the watchful eye of Texans coach Bill O’Brien, according to multiple reports. Also, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh put him through a private workout while there.

While it’s easy to overstate the importance of which coach goes to which pro day, O’Brien and Harbaugh are standing in much different positions at the position.

O’Brien is looking for one, and will almost certainly use the first pick in the draft on one. Eyeballing Garoppolo might help create the impression he’s thinking about going another direction, but it’s almost impossible to imagine him not taking one first overall.

Harbaugh’s covered for a starter unless he’s thinking about his next job, which he swears he’s not thinking about, so there.

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  1. The Mastermind QB Guru Norv Turner already knows what Quarterback is the best in the draft and will draft him.

    Every other hopeless franchise will draft busts, while we draft the future Super Bowl MVP QB.

    It’s nice being one step ahead of the game.


  2. OR as they have learned from the Aaron Rodger’s situation – a competent person you can develop into a back-up QB is always a good thing.

    Just because you draft QB in the first round doesn’t mean you don’t add a BPA and that might be a QB in round 4/5.

    Pats took Mallett, the best thing Shanny did was take Cousins, Packers took Rodgers with Favre there, et cetera.

  3. Well SF has a tough decision to make on how to deal with the Kaep contract situation, maybe they want to figure out a backup plan in case somebody offers them a compelling trade package.

  4. Jim Harbaugh is thinking about how he was able to win with a young cheap qb ….especially since his old cheap qb now wants 18 mil a year ; )

  5. Really? Because I think it’s impossible Houston passes on Clowney. I think they can find a QB in the 2nd rd. a guy like Garapolo will prob be there. If they pass on Clowney they will regret it immensely.

  6. Nice being one step ahead of the game??????? Like when the vikes picked up the bucks QB? That is considered one step ahead of the game in the Vikings book.

  7. Houston will almost certainly pick a quarterback with the first pick? What if they don’t think there’s a quarterback worthy of the first pick? What if they think Clowney or someone else is head and shoulders ahead of the best quarterback on their board? What if they don’t think any of the top three QBs are that much better than Garoppolo? It seems to me that it isn’t at all unlikely that they would take the best player available at 1 and then pick the quarterback at the top of Round 2.

  8. “Harbaugh’s covered for a starter unless he’s thinking about his next job, which he swears he’s not thinking about, so there.”

    The guy isn’t going anywhere. No owner is dumb enough to let a guy like Jim go, personality aside, guy is a winner.

    Can you guys stop beating a dead horse? ESPN 2.0

  9. I have been eyeing him since September when someone called a local Cleveland radio station and asked about him. Quick delivery, nice arm, I would say a good second round pick. Kaep was also a 2nd rounder and he turned out pretty good. Hope the Browns draft him #2. Jimmy G.

  10. OR, think Drew Brees. SD traded down with Atlanta and took LT and then took Brees at the top of the 2nd round. Houston could take Clowney and then take this kid at the top of the 2nd.

    I’m not sold on any of these QBs this year. None of them are Andrew Luck.

  11. Harbaugh is there because the Niners need a backup QB. Colt McCoy is garbage and Bethel-Thompson is a practice squad player for bottom of depth chart depth. But keep pushing your false stories about Coach Harbaugh leaving.

  12. Clowney gives inconsistent effort. Houston is better off taking their chances on a QB.

  13. Niners should think about drafting him with their 1st pick as they are going to need someone soon to take over for Kap. If they pay him 18Mil then the team will have to make serious cap cuts elsewhere diminishing their strength. Go with Kap one more season and then move on w/o him. Garapolo could be that guy.

  14. I’m a Niner fan and I want us to draft a QB that can challenge Kaepernick for his spot down the road. Kaepernick played at his highest level when there was another viable starting QB behind him on the depth chart. Besides, Kaepernick isn’t worth a huge contract just yet and the team doesn’t necessarily need an Aaron Rodgers or Pryton Manning to make a SB push.

  15. If Kaepernick really believes he’s in line for $18mm the 49ers couple be looking for a steal in round 3-4 that could be ready to go next year or in 2016.

  16. The 49ers need to upgrade the backup QB position as the thought of Colt McCoy being pressed into action is a nightmare. If they can come up with something in the second half of the draft it would be a prudent move.

  17. The days of first overall pick being QB nearly automatically are gone, I think. Only a couple of top 5 drafted QBs have won Super Bowls for the team that drafted them over the past 20 years or so. P. Manning and John Elway. Not good odds, considering the value of the pick.

  18. Clowney clearly will be the first pick. It’s only a matter if the Texans take him or they trade out so someone else take him. As a fan of the game, I’m rooting for HOU to take him. Lined up on the same line with Watt would tilt the field for the Texans in a big way.

  19. Harbaugh needs to get a solid backup. When Keap gets hurt (as most running QB’s do) he will be forced to be a pocket passer. If that happens, Kaep will be a backup. He does not have the skill set to be a pocket passer. He is a run first QB and is damn lucky he has gotten this far. Harbaugh could be looking for his next job. He might get fired after all this. Some things are just not worth it. Plus next year the 49ers will have a huge hurdle with FA, cap space, etc. Harbaugh would be smart to leave now for more money longer contract and to start over with a cap friendly team. Personally I like Harbaugh as a QB. Asa coach he is a dick like Pete Carroll. I don’t like how he treats other teams and how he belittles people and whines like a girl. When it’s a bad call for him it’s ok but if it’s against him it is the end of e world. Just like Carroll. No class.

  20. Please stop with the Kap wants 18 million per year. Did anyone hear it from Kap or his agents? And where did that story originate from? An east coast writer who is going on speculation based on Cutler/Romo contract…again the media outside of the Bay Area is grasping at straws really…just looking for web-site hits and income to get on radio shows…

  21. As a niner fan I don’t want to see the team sink 18mil into any qb this team is built perfectly and any capable qb could lead us to the Super Bowl all we need is a Trent dilfer type qb a cheap veteran( preferably ) or rookie qb will do the job

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