Harvard professor urges NFL to fund medical marijuana studies for CTE treatment

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has said the league would consider allowing players to use medical marijuana if the medicine supports its potential benefits, especially as it relates to concussion treatment.

A Harvard professor believes that the medicine will only get to that point if appropriate studies are funded.  And the Harvard professor believes the NFL should fund a study regarding whether marijuana can treat or prevent Chronic Traumatic Encephelopathy.

“The extensive research required to definitively determine cannabis’s ability to prevent CTE will require millions of dollars in upfront investment,” Dr. Lester Grinspoon wrote in an open letter to Goodell, via LeafScience.com.  “[I]t’s highly unlikely that a pharmaceutical company will get involved in studying cannabis as a treatment for CTE, because the plant [and its natural components] can’t be patented.”

Grinspoon, 85, has been an advocate of medical marijuana for decades.

“Given the severity of the problem . . . I think you, and the NFL, must go beyond simply following the medicine, and help lead the way by directly funding research to determine if cannabis . . . can indeed provide significant protection against the damage of repetitive concussions,” Grinspoon wrote to Goodell.

Grinspoon’s letter speaks to the fundamental question of whether the NFL will sit and wait for someone else to figure out whether medical marijuana can help treat or prevent CTE, or whether the NFL is sufficiently committed to the health of players to fully explore this and any other possibility.

Here’s hoping the league adopts the spirit of Dr. Grinspoon’s letter, objectively assessing any possible treatment for CTE and spending money as warranted to explore potential vehicles for helping players reverse or prevent its development.

31 responses to “Harvard professor urges NFL to fund medical marijuana studies for CTE treatment

  1. That’d be weird but somehow awesome if medical marijuana actually helped football players with too many concussions. Hell I’d rather have that than them do pills and drink themselves to death. Just saying.

  2. Granted, concussions may be different from seizures – but my best friend had seizures quite often growing up, and literally since the day he started smoking pot, he hasn’t had one since. I don’t think it is too farfetched to think pot can help concussions/head trauma too.

  3. Dr Grinspoon is 100% correct. Big pharma companies have nothing to gain in our health-to-the-highest-bidder system.
    The NFL is obligated despite the many excuses they will offer to do nothing.
    I think all NFL locker rooms should have vaporizers and dab gear available in the training rooms.

    note: notice the Dr uses the correct term, “cannabis” instead of the racist and denigrating term, “marijuana”. Seriously. Check the history.

  4. The best treatment for Chronic Traumatic Encephelopathy is the chronic. Makes sense to me.

  5. The NFL looks down on marijuana but won’t think twice about shooting you up with enough painkillers to completely numb a gorilla.

  6. Someone’s been hanging out with Kyle Turley.

    Turley was the first ex-player that I ever heard use medical marijuana for CTE treatment. He told this to ESPN’s “Outside the Lines.”

  7. What kind of example does this send to children? Go ahead, smoke another doobie, Professor Pothead.

    Ridiculous what’s happening in this country.

  8. i would respect these “legalize it” people more if they admitted they just want to smoke weed. But no, they have to launch into an infomercial on all the uses of it like Ron Popeil with a new gadget.

    When alcohol was illegal during prohibition, people were honest about wanting to drink. You didn’t hear brewers trying to tell you that beer was great for polio.

  9. So the medicine in my joint is anti-cancer, helps autism, relieves migraines, makes peace,and may now prevent CTE. While all alcohol does is cause hangovers, cause fights, and drunk driving. Which one is legal, and which one is illegal? Lol US government

  10. Why should the NFL fund this?

    Why not take up a collection from all the pot-smokers out there. After all, most pot-smokers will tell you the most intelligent and most creative people on Earth smoke it, so there should be plenty of money laying around from all of these world famous tokers.

  11. Lester has been an advocate for decades, at least it seems like decades. Maybe it’s just been a couple of years. He still had the ponytail when he started his advocacy he remembers that much. It was back when his three speed bike was still working… it was hell riding that thing uphill wearing sandals, but goddamn he misses it some times.

  12. Does anyone think the N.F.L. would spend one dollar from profits to fund that. It is all about greed.

  13. I was posting about this months ago and you guys deleted my posts…

    Once again the US gov holds the patent on the usage for brain trauma. The cool thing it can be altered to remove the THC and increase the CBD levels to treat head injuries. Watch se Sanjay Guptas doc. It is eye opening.

  14. “What kind of example does this send to children? Go ahead, smoke another doobie, Professor Pothead. ”

    what example does shooting NFL players up with narcotic pain killing INJECTIONS send?

    btw most medical marijuana isn’t even smoked

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