Jairus Byrd says he’s still talking to the Bills

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Soon-to-be free agent safety Jairus Byrd says that just because the Bills didn’t put the franchise tag on him, that doesn’t mean he’s definitely leaving Buffalo.

The door is not closed on anything. I’m not closing the door on any opportunities at all. The lines of communication are still open,” Byrd told ESPN.com. “I’ve talked to [CEO] Russ [Brandon] and [general manager] Doug [Whaley] a couple days ago. We’re talking. So it’s not anything that’s hard feelings or anything like that. The conversations that we’ve had, we know what’s going on. We’re all on the same page. We’ll go from here.”

Byrd suggested that a report saying he turned down a three-year, $30 million contract from the Bills was incorrect.

“I don’t want to get into details, but I will say any time you have something where it’s a source, an unnamed source, and the full details of the situation aren’t revealed, you can’t really believe everything you hear,” Byrd said.

Still, while Byrd is willing to stay in Buffalo for the right deal, a better deal may come from elsewhere. The Browns, now coached by former Bills defensive coordinator Mike Pettine, are expected to make Byrd an offer, and if Byrd is Cleveland’s top priority, the Browns have enough cap space that they could blow him away with a big offer. Byrd is still talking to the Bills now, but a week from now he may be talking about leaving Buffalo.

47 responses to “Jairus Byrd says he’s still talking to the Bills

  1. Jarius Byrd is going to join the Vikings on the first day of free agency to pair up with Harrison Smith and be the best safety combination in the NFL.

    We will have the most rebuilt secondary and be a top 5 defense under defensive guru Mike Zimmer.

    Our offense will be top 5 with a new franchise quarterback and the best running back to ever play in the backfield paired with Greg Jennings & Cordarelle.

    We will be hoisting the Lombardi trophy in the next 3 years.

    I can already see the purple and gold confetti falling.

  2. I really hope the Ravens get this guy. No matter where he goes, I’m a fan.

    Maybe it’s my love for Ed Reed but I will always be a fan of free safeties with range and an eye for the ball.

  3. No, it was a 4 yr deal worth 38.5 million, the 1st 3 years would of made him the highest paid at his position and he still turned it down. This guy has plantar facilitis which comes and goes, he will have health issues. Jairus Byrd is a liar.

  4. It’s would be nice to see Cleveland open it’s coffers Show the fans that they want a winner on the field. Get creative front office. I’m the only one on the planet that thinks they would be a great tandem.

  5. Watch for him to rejoin his college coach he is the kind of player Chip Kelly loves !!

  6. Jarius Byrd is a great player & will boost any teams secondary. The contract reports don’t add up, but that said you don’t kill your cap for a Free Safety.

    If he stays and they work something out great … if not then the Bills have money to spend on their OL, TE, LB … etc.

    Not end of the world if he walks.

  7. funny how you mention the browns, when they have TJ Ward to still sign…thats ok let byrd sign with the browns, we can bring Ward back home to the east bay!

    10 million to Alex Mack….man talking about hitting the winning lottery ticket.

  8. Take the lowball offer from our stingy general manager and come to the frozen tundra where we’re just one safety and two linebackers away from another championship.

  9. Why would he go to the Browns? He’s trying to leave a losing organization. He might as well stay in Buffalo if that was the case. Come to the Eagles and join a team that will be winning the NFC East for the forseeable future.

  10. He stayed with plantar fasciitis because he was upset about being tagged. He said that he could’ve played all year on it, but didn’t want to further aggravate it.

  11. wow! looks like all the fans were sitting in on negotiations and know it all. look i hate the fact Byrd faked his injury last yr also,but don’t believe the proposed contract terms that the TEAM leaked out ok?! please!

  12. Leave the Bills to join the Browns? That would suck! That would be like working for an awful company and quitting to go work for the worst company in the business.

    Who would ever want to play for a team that is associated with the term “Factory of Sadness?”

  13. Henry jones you read my mind. Some of the people on message boards are scary. I’m a die hard Bills fan but I’m not going to sit here and act like Jbyrd has been treated well by Buffalo. He should’ve been locked up long term before half the guys they paid. You can’t blame this guy for feeling a little bitter. Look at some of these guys on our team with huge contracts. Fitz, Stevie, Mario, etc. I don’t blame him at all, and none of us have a clue on “what he turned down or didn’t turn down”.

  14. JB has had problems with plantar fasciitis, Once you get it you have it for life. It will come and go. Damaged good here, go ahead sign him. WHile you’re at it pick up Darren McFadden too. You have the making of the “All IR” team.

  15. He will be “talking” to anyone who offers the most guaranteed money.
    That seems pretty clear at this point.

    Plus, if he would like to win for a change…

  16. I will tell you why is still talking to the Bills, It is all about the process. His loser agent Parker calls him after the Bills GM went on the radio and said that they gave him generous offer which he turned down so the Bills were going to move on. AAAHHH his agent freaks! We need the Bills for leverage. We need to use them so we can make more somewhere else. Without them still on the hook and have other teams know they are interested we won’t get more somewhere else. Mark my words He is not going to be playing in Buffalo.

  17. If there is any chance of Byrd and Ward playing in the same secondary, I would love to see it. Those two would make the most formidable safety duo I’ve seen in a long time.

  18. Who would want to stay in Buffalo? No offense, I’ve never been to the city. But I would absolutely take less to get out of a city that cold with so much snow, Chicago maybe being the one exception. MInnesota? No thanks. Buffalo? No thanks. Cleveland? No thanks. Give me $1m less per year to go to a team below the Arctic Circle.

  19. Maybe he doesn’t want to play for my Bills because our porous OL cannot stop the run and our safeties/LB’s are tired of having to make those tackles……

  20. I just saw him being interviewed on Sports Center. This kid doesn’t know what he wants. He’s “letting his agent handle everything”. He can tell his agent do to whatever he wants him to do, but Parker has got this kid all twisted up.

  21. 10 0r 12 million a year for a safety? The NFL needs a cap on positions…teams need to have an unwritten cap that they follow to stop these guys from making a million dollars a game etc. How about a cap and with all the mone thats left over it gets put on the ticket prices so people can afford to take their families to games…or to charities etc

  22. If that Bills offer was serious, then that says it all right there, hes just doesn’t want to be in buffalo because I doubt he gets much more than that offer. Id say, he ends up in Cleveland or Philly, just a guess.

  23. He’s not leaving one divisional bottom dweller for another. He’ll sign with Philly or back in buffalo.

  24. typical bills move, i was hoping whaley would change things up, but sounds like that lifers vs noobs story may be playing out here, the CEO and CFO still thinking like old man wilson. the bills don’t pay good players they have and they want to ‘build through the draft’ resign average to 2nd stringer quality talent and let the rest go in free agency.

    pay the byrd man and move on, you have the cap space and god knows no one is coming to buffalo unless to get paid or to become a starter when they’d be a 2nd stringer on 31 other teams in the nfl.

  25. The Bills should offer him $1 million per game that he actually plays in. Then he’d be able to show off his big-boy contract and it would only cost the Bills $2 million.

  26. He will go to who ever offers the most $$$$. Going to a winning team would be nice but it’s secondary, no pun intended. I do see him in Cleveland.

  27. Been to Buffalo several times, and like the city. I hope they make the right decision on Byrd. They need some breaks,


  29. I was sentenced to Buffalo for 5 days once. I’ll never do that again.

  30. Great player but, wants to much. Eagles get a legit pass rusher and safety is not quit so important. Still need help but, not at his price.

  31. Everybody that says he’s gone for a winner and not considering the Browns is a moron. They can offer him as much as money anybody else. He loves Mike Pettine. Here is the scenarios: 1)Cleveland -get paid play for a coach you love and hope to get to playoffs 2)Team X- get paid/not get paid play for a coach/an A hole coach and hope for playoff. Seems like Cleveland can promise $ and a coach he loves. Team X can promise a paycheck.

  32. Yes they are communicating, Jarius has asked the Bills for 31 copies of their latest off to him.

  33. All of you are wrong. Washington is very high on Byrd they need a legit safety bad and have the cash to make his eyes pop. Book it he will be a Redskin.

  34. Something tells me these Eagles fans here are not very bright.

    Chip Kelly was, quite obviously, an offensive coordinator at Oregon.

    Chip Kelly was not promoted to head coach until after Byrd was drafted.

    Byrd is a defensive back.

    If Byrd went to Philly, it would be the first time that Kelly coached Byrd.

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