Jason Worilds signs his transition tag from Steelers


Obviously, Steelers outside linebacker Jason Worilds did not care for the advice Florio was so gracious to provide this morning.

Because according to Jason LaCanfora of CBSSports.com, Worilds has already signed his transition tag offer of $9.754 million.

That locks him into the Steelers, and keeps him from pursuing a better offer in the marketplace, which the Steelers would have had the opportunity to match.

It also signals that he must think the appropriate deal is coming from the Steelers, and he won’t have to go anywhere else for his long-term deal, as they need the cap space.

But other than the security of guaranteeing more than double his previous career earnings ($3.7 million in four years), it’s hard to see the benefit of signing immediately.

He shouldn’t have waited long, because the Steelers still have LaMarr Woodley (for now), and could have rescinded Worilds’ tag after the money was spent early in free agency.

But we’re with the boss on this one (blatant sucking up), signing before teams even have the chance to legally tamper seems premature on his part.

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  1. Ah crap, he called our bluff, now what do we do? That’s $9M in cap space we don’t have. Better get LaMarr, Troy, and Ike in here so we can give them the bad news.

    – Steelers front office

  2. Why leave a team on the rise and future superbowl contender when you could end up on a declining team like the ravens, bungles or some other bottom of the barrell franchise. Smart move.

  3. He had the chance to make more money and leave the sorry steelers cause the steelers couldnt match any offer with being 5 mil over the cap.

    Now time to listen to the trolls say how the ravens screwed up and have no money cause flacco, but the ravens are 22 mil under the cap not 5 mil over like the steelers.

  4. Maybe he’s close to a deal, and playing for a great DC makes a difference to him. He knows the complex system and has talked to other guys like Will Gay and Cotchery who can tell him that the grass isn’t always greener elsewhere when it comes to organizations.

  5. Uhhhh. Maybe it’s just because he doesn’t want to leave the best sports team in the world. Ask Wallace and Holmes what it’s like to go from the best to any of the remaining turds of the league. You’d sign with the steelers too.

  6. He’s locked in for $9.754 million this year. Hard to blame the guy for securing that amount of money for one year. Seems like a long term deal is in the near future though.

  7. Maybe he wants to stay with the team that drafted him and the system he thrived in and isn’t a greedy fool like some of these other guys. Sure he could’ve went to free agency and ran the price up but looks like he wants to be a steeler. Don’t see to many blue chip guys like this anymore

  8. Teams can still talk to him. This is the one case where poison pills will really still work.

    This actually works better for Worldis, because he has the Steelers by the short and curlies. They can’t afford to pay this AND keep others they need. So they will need to get a good offer, then he can drive it up with other teams.

    Since there is no compensation, the other teams won’t mind giving him what they thought he was worth anyway.

  9. .

    You can take your 9m in winnings home or you can roll the dice and hope the Steelers don’t rescind the tag.

    It would be a mistake to overplay your hand with the Steelers front office this year. No matter who you are I’m sure their attitude is, “we can go 8-8 without you”


  10. Long term deal will be announced any day now. Obviously they were close enough to a new deal that both sides were comfortable applying and signing the tender so they could continue progress and ultimately get it ironed out. The new deal will increase guarenteed money but drop annual salary. More cap space this year for the Steelers, long term secuirty for Worilds, and everyone is happy.

    @bigjdve hes off limits to all other teams.

  11. The Benefit? He remains a Steeler! And signing so quickly feels like a long term deal is in the works. So the Steelers sent him a message that he is wanted when they tagged him. And now by signing the tag offer so quickly says I want to stay. More to come.

  12. This is big for the Steelers. He’s virtually guaranteed a starting position, is only 26 years of age just hitting his stride in a versatile defense he finally understands. Solid, solid keep for the Steelers. A priority. It’s ALLLL coming together in the Steel City. LOOK…..OUT.

  13. A lot of these guys love playing for Dick Lebeau. Perhaps that factored in as well as familiarity with the system. Whats another year when you are 24 years old?

  14. He signed for 2 reasons:
    1. Eugene Monroe is close to signing with the ravens.
    2. His contract is incentive-heavy for sacks.

  15. Meanwhile, the Steeler’s scouts are out hitting the bars in Pittsburgh…looking for warm bodies to fill the roster and cut the payroll.

    Fact is…no one would notice any difference.

  16. Once again let me say – 72, 74, 75, 76, 78, 79, 84, 94, 95, 97, 01, 04, 05, 08, and 10 – find me one NFL franchise with that level of sustained success.

    We don’t win by accident kids.

  17. Why is this so complicated. Worilds’ agent had already felt out the marketplace over the last month and knows the 1-year, $9.75 million and free agency next year at age 27 is much better than any long-term guaranteed offer available in the marketplace. That explains the quick signing (don’t let the Steelers rescind the offer).

    The Steelers gambled and lost. Instead of letting the marketplace dictate Worilds price, the Steelers over-inflated his value with a huge 1-year contract. Now we are stuck with very little negotiating power at the table. Worilds and his agent hold all the cards.

    The Steelers made the same mistake in 2008 with Max Starks and ended up paying a very average to below average player $23 million over a 3-year period (’08-’10) before Starks finally did hit the open market and was valued properly as a minimum salary player (’11-’12).

    This reeks of the same incompetence.

  18. ^A longterm deal is the ultimate end-game in all of this, which will be more than fair for both sides of the coin that will help the cap situation by the end of this process. For now, it’s a one year deal but expect a long-term contract signed that will reduce 2014’s cap hit.

  19. With that signature — and proper conservative management — Worilds guarantees he will never have to worry about money the rest of his life. And by conservative I mean he could hide it in his mattress even. He doesn’t have to do anything fancy.

    It is only for ONE YEAR. That is incredible.

    1) Now he can try to work out a long term contract.

    2) Play great and set up an even bigger payday next year.

    3) Play bad and probably still get a decent contract next year.

    4) Or worst case scenario — and this is the kicker — get injured on or off the football field and never play another down again ever and still have almost $10 million in the bank.

  20. Does anybody else feel like he is overpaid? If that’s the set marker for pass rushers teams better be ready to overpaid Houston, Bennett Allen and Tuck.
    Year over year the steelers get away with all cap hell they go through, This time Woodley and Taylor might not come back.

  21. One of two things happened here:

    The Steelers told him that the offer is good until March 10th, at which time it would be rescinded before the start of free agency on the 11th.


    He already spent the money and needs to pay the bills.

    Maybe both…

  22. Is it so hard to imagine that he wants to have a long term deal, and is looking at getting a healthy signing bonus on it, and that the amount of money in the tag is irrelevant?

    If he’s looking at 4 years $25 million, with $4 million in a signing bonus, and yearly roster bonuses of $1 million, that puts him in line to make about the same as Timmons, and would be plenty to keep him in Pittsburgh.

  23. I think it’s safe to defriend Woodley from my Facebook now. Think of all the cap money we will save down the road and besides it’s not like the Steelers aren’t use to playing without him!

  24. Unless a long term deal comes then this is horrible. On the open market I would be the would’ve only got 4-5 mil a year tops. I hope this means Woodly is now gone.

  25. So the Steelers get to keep Worilds at the likely expense of Woodley, Polamalu, and possibly Ike Taylor.

    And Pittsburgh fans laughed at the Ravens parting ways with some of their veterans last year.

  26. Meanwhile Eugene Monroe will test the market and leave the Ravens. The Ravens rented a player for a 4th and 5th round pick. Your 3rd round comp pick will still be lower than the Steelers comp pick.

    20+ million in cap space and still can’t get it right. That oline is officially in shambles with both Oher and Monroe as UFA. haha

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