Lions not expected to sign Brandon Pettigrew before free agency

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The Lions weren’t expected to use their franchise tag on tight end Brandon Pettigrew on Monday and the deadline indeed passed without the tag being applied.

That leaves the Lions with just a few days to get a deal done with Pettigrew before he can start talking to other teams on Saturday. The two sides are talking and the Lions have said they’d like to have Pettigrew back next season, but Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press reports that “odds are” they won’t be able to agree on a new deal by that point.

Tight ends played a big role in the offense when new head coach Jim Caldwell was in both Indianapolis and Baltimore so the Lions’ interest in retaining Pettigrew makes sense, but their other needs and overall cap situation could make that an impossibility.

Birkett also reports that the Lions are talking about a new deal with running back Joique Bell. If they can’t make it happen, they’re expected to tender the impending restricted free agent at the second-round level with a salary of just over $2 million.

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  1. I’ve watched nearly every game Pettigrew has played with the Lions. He drops too many passes and is extremely slow. However, he seems to make the real difficult catches and drop the easy ones. What I don’t understand is they claim he is a great run blocking TE. Lions are a pass first offense so why not get a pass first TE?

  2. He has some stone hands, he was hyped coming out of college, he was hyped because he has stafford as his qb. He was never hyped because of his playmaking and now his name will fade, fauria made more plays in one season than pettigrew did his whole career with lions.

  3. Keep Bell. Let Pettigrew go. He’s not worth the 15 yard penalties he seems to rack up.

    Fauria is good, let him grow and take a step up. Draft a young TE talent, and you can have two solid TE’s and both young.

    But KEEP BELL!

  4. No way any team should break the bank on him. He’s okay. That works on a rookie contract. But at $3-5million per year he becomes a terrible value.

  5. He never became the “all-star’ he was touted to be at the draft. A rookie or veteran free agent will be able to fill the void at a cheaper rate. Good player who will find a job but his middle name is inconsistent.

  6. I get why they keep LeShoure.. Pettigrew has got to go. He’s been terrible with no signs of improvement. He looks like he lacks dedication and has been happy to have been a high round pick and coast off that.

    I hate seeing contract year efforts out of players.. I prefer a consistent body of work (shows pride and passion imo).. but what does that say about Pettigrew and Nicks when this is what they produce with 120% when it matters most for them.

    They’re better off finding a stud in the draft, getting a bball project. They already got a guy catching Td’s and doing the td dance tree.

    Pettigre does make some fantastic jump over the defender when it most matters least, so there’s that. Be nice to see that effort when it matters most.

    I wouldn’t want him on my team, but hands off to the coaches if they get that switch turned on, he’d be a beast

  7. Guy doesn’t catch with his hands unless he has too. He makes great catches when the ball is thrown outside but if he gets hit in the numbers he tries to catch the ball with his body. Big no-no.

    He was a major contributor in losses to the Titans and Texans 2 years ago because he allowed a much smaller defender to rip the ball out of his hands. Verner scored for the Titans in a game Detroit would lose in OT, in the Texans game (best remembered for Schwartz red flag debacle) the Lions crossed midfield in OT when Regretagrew was stripped. Texans won on the ensuing possession.

    Tight ends shouldn’t lose you games. Don’t pay him.

  8. Joquie Bell was every hit as good as Reggie Bush last year with less injury issues. He’s gotta be one of the most under rated players in the NFL. The Lions need to keep him

  9. They should save the money on Bell too, he’s just not good enough and this team has too many needs and very little resources to address them all. And his dance contributions and getting excited over himself won’t be missed. Nor will his 3.9 YPC, and only Stevan Ridley and Reggie Bush had a higher rate of lost fumbles per touch of any RB in the league that lost more than him.

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