NFL reinstates Brandon Browner


Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner was due to be a free agent next week.  But then Browner was suspended.

Now, he has been unsuspended.  Browner has announced on Twitter that he has been reinstated by the league.

I received wonderful news today,” Browner said.  “The NFL has reinstated me, and I now have the opportunity to prove to the fans and my teammates how important this sport is to me.  I realize now more than ever that being part of the NFL is not a right, but a privilege. I am grateful that Commissioner Goodell and my agent were able to resolve this issue in a positive, productive manner so I can continue my career, provide for my family, and help my team win a Super Bowl.  Thank you to all who have gone out of their way to show their support. I will live up to your expectations of me.”

It means that Browner will be a free agent next week, joining a market that includes cornerbacks like Aqib Talib, Vontae Davis, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, and Sam Shields.  It also means that the league has opted to lift the suspension as part of a negotiation launched in the wake of the news from last week that Browner planned to sue the NFL.

It’s unclear whether Browner has been reinstated with no strings attached, or whether he’ll have to serve a suspension (e.g., two, four, or six games) after participating in offseason workouts, training camp, and the preseason.  Previously, he was banned from all activities until December 2014.

Look for more details to come soon.  Potentially interested teams need to know whether and to what extent Browner will be unavailable as of Week One before they decide whether to attempt to sign him.

For now, he’s seven days away from being available to be signed by anyone.

80 responses to “NFL reinstates Brandon Browner

  1. They shouldn’t have.they should ban all shehawks and their fans.useless organization.they need to understand they are inferior to the Vikings and always will be.we will put them in their place next year and take back the NFC.SKOL

  2. Congrats to Browner for prevailing against an unjust punishment. A suspension was merited (and served), but the punishment originally handed down was a career killer & offered a total deaf ear to the mitigating circumstances. The NFL knew they would lose the case in court & opted for the best option for everyone involved. Best wishes to one of the charter LOB members for the rest of your career wherever you land. May you learn from your mistakes & be a better man for it.

  3. LMAO at all the hypocritical 49er fans. ” I wouldn’t mind him on my 9ers” OH SHUT UP…. Why would you guys want a cheating, PED taking CB who is dirty that holds on every play because all he does is cheat that’s the only reason why he is good, isn’t it? I’m pretty sure that’s what all of you have been saying for the past 2 years.

  4. Talib and browner in the same team…
    Lets do it bill,all in this season !!


  5. Couldn’t be happier for him. It was a crap suspension to start with and I’m glad the NFL came to their senses.

    On behalf of all Hawks fans, Brandon congratulations and we wish you the best. Don’t go sign with the Niners now. Good luck with your new team and I hope you and your family enjoy your new, upcoming contract.

    Go Hawks!

  6. He was suspended because he didn’t submit to the nfl drug tests while playing football in another country for another organization . What so many refuse to understand that it takes 3 failed drug tests for recreational drugs to be suspended and this was only his first which should have been kept private as well as resulted in NO SUSPENSION .

    This was a clear misinterpretation of the rules and it cost Browner money even with the opportunity to get into free agency bc now his name is blemished and it cost him the opportunity to play and win the superbowl . Seattle still gave him a ring bc of loyalty but he lost what many dream of and this is just a sliver of justice for his sacrifices .

    The league screwed him over and even of you believe he did the crime ( drugs) he gets the time , your opinion doesn’t proceed nfl protocol and policies . Also many of your favorite players on your team do drugs and just didn’t test positive more than a couple times so you don’t know . Most players smoke weed . Believe what you want , but I know this personally that most if say approx 75-80% smoke week atleast occasionally . Just don’t want to hear it . It exists and happens often .

  7. I am so happy for him. The whole situation sounded pretty screwed up so I am glad the NFL did the right thing. I hope he lands somewhere that can utilize his size and toughness.

  8. I don’t know if Gus wants him here in Jax but we could always use more of guys like him on our team. GO JAGS!

  9. If the Seahawks lose Thurmond to FA maybe we can get Browner back on a 1 year deal to prove himself for a multi-year contract somewhere. I know we would give him that opportunity and he would probably take it.

  10. Another Seahawk gets away with cheating once again…go figure. Unbelievable. This is like his fourth time getting caught. Under no circumstances should he be allowed back.

  11. Seahawks will be better in 2014 Season. Tough pill for people to swallow. And that doesn’t guarantee another championship either. Another great draft months away

  12. The NFL is so arrogant… thinking they could suspend him for things that happened while he wasn’t even a member of the NFL…. ridiculous

    How pissed would you be if the NFL took away your chance to play in the Super Bowl, participate in the parade, and not spend any time with your teammates through the title run? They have taken something away from him that is irreplaceable!!!

  13. Whooop! Browner is one of the most entertaining and tough football players in the NFL. Wherever he ends up I guarantee fans there will love the guy. Not the best cover corner(not terrible either) but creates turnovers and sets a tone. A mean man.

  14. For all the Seattle haters: Don’t you wish your team was full of cheaters?

    “We adapt. We improvise.” – Gunny Highway, Heartbreak Ridge.

  15. Go get those dollars, BB. Nothin’ but love and respect from the 206.

    BB will always be loved in the Emerald City, who knows he was the original Enforcer, the driving force that created the Legion of Boom.

    Brandon Browner will immediately change whatever defense he plays for. He will turn athletes into head-hunting gladiators. He elevates the violence, the intensity, the blood-thirst of an entire defense.

    Go watch this guy’s film. See him take out 3 dudes in one play on a kick return against Arizona. Watch him knock Welker silly against New England, changing the entire pace of the game. Those are just a few. This guy has an entire catalog of vicious hits.

    Go get that money, BB.

  16. You fools thinking he got away with something need to take your stupid glasses off and read what happened. He got busted once for pot (I am sure many of you dogging think it should be legal, and use it yourself), he missed tests while playing in the CFL. That would be like Wendy’s firing Vikesarebest because he did not take a piss test while working for McDonald’s. I think he should still sue the NFL because in Roger”s arrogance he made him miss the SB. Good luck BB wish you were back, but the LOB is full now, and you deserve more than we can pay.

  17. That is actually bad news for Seattle. Now he can sign with any team as a free agent, and Seattle would have to pay up if they want to keep him. If he were suspended, there is a chance that he could return in mideseason and the only team that wants him would be Seattle.

  18. Should still sue out of principle. This technicality snafu from the NFL cost this man a chance to play in the Superbowl. The NFL is fully to blame for messing this up, and new big contract or not, that can’t buy you a playoff run and Superbowl title while playing alongside your teammates.

  19. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You gotta wonder if he agreed not to sue. Knowing business, he didn’t get back so easily without giving up something. Otherwise the NFL would have pushed him to the limit, just because they can.

  20. Put the fear of LAWYER in him. In all of them. I would still sue if I was him. They robbed me of a once in a lifetime chance to play in a Super Bowl with the L.O.B. Good for him. Now he needs to stop smoking weed…I mean for real.

  21. palatypus says: Mar 4, 2014 8:23 PM

    For all the Seattle haters: Don’t you wish your team was full of cheaters?

    “We adapt. We improvise.” – Gunny Highway, Heartbreak Ridge.

    We Overcome!!!!!

  22. Now the man needs to be paid. He has worked in the CFL and on a minimum contract in the NFL. Give him some money and let him have some security for his family.

  23. My favorite Browner plays: 1. The game winning pick six in ’11 against the Giants. 2. The bone crushing hit on Welker in ’12. 3. The goal line stand against the Rams in ’13. 4. Taking out 3 Cardinals by himself in ’11. 5. Running down Adrian Peterson in ’12. 6. The hit on Greg Jennings in ’12. 7. Putting T.O. on the ground in practice. 8. The forced fumble and recovery against Carolina in ’12. 9. The suplex on Jerome Simpson in ’11. 10. The INT of Carson Palmer and getting tackled by the turf monster at the 1 yard line in ’13. GO HAWKS

  24. Good news for a good man and a great player. I’m hoping the Seahawks bring him back but I suspect the chances are slim. Then again you just never know.

  25. I am happy for Browner, he has worked hard and earned his chance to make some money in NFL. All those fans taking shots at him this season had no clue what type of injustice was happening to BB. The NFL actually came to its senses and gave him a chance to actually play and finish his career.

    I said it before, he is the hardest hitting CB in football. Also plays the run like he was a strong safety. A team looking for a big physical CB just hit the jackpot. LOB Original.

  26. Pete and John, if Thurmond goes, bring back BB. Sure he grabs a little – he’s too big to be a corner, my gosh, how does he do it? – but he hits almost like The Chancellor.
    Theres a reason they’re called The Legion of Boom, and BB was a big part of it.
    Plus, we don’t want him hitting our wideouts.

  27. Lets see if I get the cheaters defenders correct. You want to say he was out of the league when he got nailed right? Ok, show where he submitted his retirement papers. Not being on a team, and being out of the league are two separate things. For instance, was he still a member of the NFLPA? Seems like he was as part of his lawsuit was that the NFLPA failed to notify him of mounting penalties. Why would they have the duty of notifying him if he wasn’t a member? Being that he must have been a member for Browner to sue them, then he was still bound by their rules which means the drug tests.

  28. “That is actually bad news for Seattle. Now he can sign with any team as a free agent, and Seattle would have to pay up if they want to keep him. If he were suspended, there is a chance that he could return in mideseason and the only team that wants him would be Seattle.”

    This makes no sense at all.

  29. I think you’ll find that most Seattle fans love BB but not only are we good with Maxwell in his place but now this gives BB a chance to go make silly money for his family. Coming from the cfl late in the game that is huge.

    I want him to get PAID after what happened to him and we can’t afford to do it here. He is almost 30 so it is now or never.

    Brandon showed Kam and Sherm how to boom and now everyone demands it from each other. I hope he goes and plays with Gus with the jags. Gus knows him well.

  30. Ok facts are facts. The rules that the UNION approved state that regardless of where he is playing the CFL, arena league, wherever, if he wanted to ever play in the NFL again he had to take those tests. Unfair? Yes, but the union AGREED to it. In the NFL you know in advance when the drug tests are coming so the fact that he failed a test just goes to show you the intelligence level of BB and anyone else that fails a test. These are NOT pop quizes. I have ZERO sympathy for him, he along with everyone else in the league knew the rules and he didn’t follow them. Case closed. He caught a very lucky break that the. NFL reversed itself on this.

    I fully agree that the rule is foolish. If your not in the league you shouldn’t have to submit to tests for the league, but his beef should be with his own union, not the shield.

    Taking all of that into consideration, there is only one team with a proven track record of rehabilitating a players off the field issues. The patriots. Moss, talib, Dillon, the list is long. It’s not a given, Albert, adalius Thomas, and some others , but if he’s serious NE is the place to go.

  31. Whatever drugs the Seahawks may or may not have, they should provide them for Andy Dalton. After all, you gotta do what it takes to become a real NFL player.

  32. I’m sorry if I was Browner I’d be pissed.Supposedly suspended for an entire year just to have the NFL say that they’re wrong and fix it, well why don’t you go back in time and put him in the Superbowl he just missed and will problably NEVER get another chance to play in. I’d be super pissed and while he may have messed up and is responsible, he should of never been at Stage 3.

    How is it even legal to require drug tests for somebody that works for somebody else?

  33. Even with a suspension I hope my broncos go after this guy. He’s a perfect compliment to DRC if they sign him also and they can move Harris to nickel corner and then that secondary is set. Unfortunately they’d have to cut champ and despite what he’s been to that franchise over the last decade he’s just not his former self and costs way too much money against the cap. To put it on perspective Bill Walsh cut Jerry Rice when it was obvious he was a shell of himself.

  34. Well his statement didn’t sound like he won a victory. I kinda recall him being suspended for using prescription drugs a couple of years ago too. I’m sure he was a member of the NFLPA despite playing in the CFL for a stint. Unless he burned his membership and stopped paying dues,he was still obligated to participate in the testing. If there are a few game suspensions,he in effect admits to doing something not on the level without saying it,the league avoids wasting money and time on a lawsuit that probably would have the same outcome and he gets his obvious wish to play in the NFL again. Don’t make it sound like he stuck it to the man

  35. That would be like Wendy’s firing Vikesarebest because he did not take a piss test while working for McDonald’s.

    One of the funniest things I’ve ever read on this site. thanks bigguy54

    LOB ’14 make it happen, BB. Help us achieve a full season of domination!

  36. Come on down to Carolina. As long as you render Coloston, Vincent Jackson and July Jones useless, you can melt into your couch and crush Twinkees all night for all I care.

  37. I could see him being targeted by Jacksonville. Gus Bradley was Seattle’s D coordinator, wants to run a similar 4-3 defense with press coverage on the outside. Need big, physical cornerbacks to do that. Vikings are also a possibility.

  38. NFL owes BB some money , this was a big mistake by them and BB let em off the hook. He really could go after them. As for pot it’s legal on all fronts in Seattle, recreational and medicinal. In addition if one who plays sports does smoke a bowl its not cheating folks. Its cheating yourself. Go smoke a bowl and try to play soccer. GOOD LUCK. He should have gotten a 4 game suspension all along.

  39. @trippymane I see exactly ZERO people saying they wouldn’t mind him on the niners. You guys really need to get over the obsession

  40. Ted Thompson wants to know if he’ll accept a 2yr 2.5 mil contract. With workout incentives for an extra 500k!

  41. Seattle’s been good for a couple years before that they were bottom feeders period. Watch how the team changes when they have to pay Wilson and try and keep Sherman same time. See ya fools

  42. Watch depth allow the PLAN of letting good players take awesome sb winner deals elsewhere as they come up for FA while still drafting well and remaining competitive every year.

    JS and PC know who to keep. Working on Bennett ATM. Scruggs is up to 315 and will step in for big red. Next man up!

    Wilson is a winner and makes players around him better. Paying him is a no brainer. Paying Kaepernick on the other hand…scary. What if harbaugh is gone in 3 years?

    Keep hoping the hawks fall apart though, by all means.

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