PFT on NBCSN: Andre Roberts, Free agency preview

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Free agency will be up and running by this time next week, leaving us with just a few more days to set the stage for the annual bazaar.

Setting that stage will be the first order of business on Tuesday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN. We’ll continue breaking down the biggest names on the market while going over the day’s news to see how it might impact plans around the league.

One player who will be part of the free agent scrum is wide receiver Andre Roberts. His contract with the Cardinals is up and he’ll stop by the program to tell us his thoughts about how things will play out. It’s a deep group of receivers hitting the market and we’ll find out how Roberts thinks that will impact him during his visit.

It all gets underway at 5:30 p.m. ET on NBCSN.

5 responses to “PFT on NBCSN: Andre Roberts, Free agency preview

  1. Andre Roberts is going to really help the team who signs him. He has great hands, runs precise routes, has speed, makes the correct read adjustments at the line, avoids playing verbal games with the defense, and has never shown gator arms going across the middle. His one weakness? He was not drafted by Keim and Arians.

    If he goes to the Patriots, what out for them as he will upgrade their receiving corps and show he is a Wes Welker with speed.

  2. The #3 receiver in Arians’ system needs to be a speed guy, which Roberts is not. Unfortunately, with so many tights ends in his formations, Roberts gets left out a lot.

  3. Politics are alive and well in Arizona and unfortunately for the fans Roberts will, no doubt, be another casualty following last weeks firing of John Lott another hold over of the Whisenhunt/Graves era. Roberts is a good receiver, shadowed Fitzgerald in his formative years, and will be an a playmaker for whatever team signs him. I would like to see him rejoin Coach Whiz in Nashville as it appears they could use “Little Fitz”on their roster.
    Of course, the best scenario would be a meeting of minds between Keim and Roberts somewhere in the middle as Roberts is still better than at least eight of the other WRs currently on the roster. It would be great for the fans if the franchise would cease the political ramifications of contract security…or not, in the case of O’Brien Schofield, who the Cards cut and ended up with a SB ring!

  4. My post is bias: I have been a Cardinals fan since the days of Jim Hart and Don Coryell, and I share an Alma Mater with Andre Roberts…. I Love him as a pro player and it kills me, he will most likely move on… You want discipline? here it is… Humility? right there… great hands, Andre Roberts… One heck of a team mate: you found him….

    Don’t want to loose him, but its not fair to restrain such talent and not let him reach his fullest potential…

    ((>> There is an Officer on deck <<))

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