ProFootballTalk: Graham officially a tight end

Jimmy Graham has been officially designated a tight end by the NFL, however Graham plans to appeal the ruling. The ProFootballTalk guys break down why being tagged as a wide receiver is so important.

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  1. What is Goodell thinking? Graham lined up as a wide receiver in the slot approximately 62% of the time. Pay him the $12 million or sign him!

  2. He went to the ProBowl as a TE. Did he say, Oh hey, no thanks. I’m a WR?

    Did he get a contract bonus for making the ProBowl as a TE? I bet he did. So, he had no problem accepting the invite to Hawaii and accepting the contract bonus but now he wants to be considered a WR? Nice try.

  3. Graham Production 2013 Season

    Touchdown Rec – 16, ranks him 1st

    Receptions – 86, ranks him 13th

    Rec Yards – 1,215, ranks him 15th

    Rec Yards/Game – 75.9, ranks him 19th

    So how does he deserve top five money if he’s only ranked 1st in one of the four primary receiving catergories; he is ranked top five, among Tight Ends…

    2013 KeyStone Games in December, Playoffs

    @Seattle, 3 rec, 42 yards, 1 TdRec (Loss)
    @St Louis, 2 rec, 25 yards, 0 TdRec (Loss)
    @Carolina, 5 rec, 73 yards, 1 TdRec (Loss)

    @Philadelphia, 3 rec, 44 yards, 0 TdRec (Win)
    @Seattle, 1 rec, 8 yards, 0 TdRec (Loss)

    Big Time Players Get Paid Big Time Money for Big Time Performances in Big Time Games…

    He’s good, but he’s not there yet.

    And if his foot was injured which I’d give him the benefit of the doubt – why was he still jumping to dunk the ball after ever team score he caught, risking further injury?!?

    Used to really like this guy, but his agent has got him managed into a mindset that will make him useless after he signs that contract…

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