ProFootballTalk: Harbaugh just wants to coach

CSN Bay Area’s Matt Maiocco joins the PFT crew to break down the current controversy surrounding Jim Harbaugh. Reacting to the various reports that he wants more power and money,  Harbaugh says he is happy with what he has.

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  1. Harbaugh’s coaching record, at all levels, speaks for itself. And if he’s not coaching for you, he’ll be another highly competent and successful coach that’s coaching against you.

    If you’re going to let him go, you’d better hope Belichick, Peyton, or Carroll is available, because they are the only other NFL HCs coaching at his level at the moment.

  2. I don’t like him because he’s always been on the wrong sidelines; college and pro.

    But Harbaugh is obviously a good coach.

    However, one wonders if he has staying power in the NFL where players don’t turn over and a “tough guy, my way or the highway” act COULD get old for players and front office.

    Correct that, it’s already apparently gotten old with the front office.

  3. Harb wants a new GM also, someone who can actually draft a good WR.

    On the other hand Greg Roman needs to be upgraded and Mangini needs to be dumped.

  4. There are a few players who did not like Harbaugh, for example, Seattle wide receiver Doug Baldwin, who played at Stanford. Doug Baldwin was undrafted and signed with Seattle. He had a problem with Harbaugh’s discipline, and he almost quit Stanford. Even Baldwin himself admitted he was wrong in his feud with Harbaugh.

  5. It is pretty clear that all those vicious rumors about a big rift between Baalke and Harbaugh and the claim that his act has worn thin were total fabrications. They made the headlines, but if there is any retraction, it would be buried in small print in the back pages.

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