Redskins release Adam Carriker, Sav Rocca


Veteran defensive end Adam Carriker was looking for a chance to continue his comeback attempt with the Redskins.

But the team decided today they weren’t as interested.

The Redskins just announced they released Carriker and veteran punter Sav Rocca.

Carriker was carrying a $6.5 million salary cap number, and had missed the last 30 games because of a recurring quadriceps problem. He’s had three surgeries to correct the issue, and was hoping to play this season.

Rocca was scheduled to make $1.2 million this year, so they must be planning on going cheap at the position.

They also released tight end Richard Quinn and waived running backs Davin Meggett and Jawan Jamison, last year’s seventh rounder.

18 responses to “Redskins release Adam Carriker, Sav Rocca

  1. I can just hear it now from Adam and Sav.

    “Thank god they released us, now we can go on living a normal life with an actual relevant franchise”

  2. Saw this coming. With the hefty tag that Orakpo has, you have to imagine they will release Bowen as well. Clearing the space is a must given our holes.

    Fingers crossed we have a productive offseason.

    I think we will spend big on Defense in the Free Agency and draft Offense.

  3. If they ever made a video about shanking punts or having them blocked then Sav would have been the perfect host.

  4. I still can’t belive the Rams drafted this guy when all the buzz around him coming out of college screamed 3-4 DE and the Rams were firmly locked into a 4-3. Another wasted pick for them.

  5. Yeah, Carriker is happy to be released and not get his 6.5 million to sign somewhere else for the vet min and Rocca is 40,there’s not going to be a long line for him.

  6. Cutting Sav Rocca is a move that should’ve been made last year. It’s not necessarily an indication that we’re going cheap at punter; we could go after a guy like McAfee. But even an UDFA or hell, an open tryout winner would be better than Sav Rocca. By far the worst punter in the league two years running. I’m never happy to see someone lose their job, but I’ll make an exception here. P.S. Best of luck to Adam Carriker. Although spectacularly overpaid, he was a solid player for us and an even better dude.

  7. Charter member of the Rams draft hall of shame. Decent guy and a hard worker. Another project that failed. Right up there with Jason Smith.

  8. I remember when the 49ers/fans were debating and almost 50/50 split on drafting Carriker vs. Patrick Willis before the 2007 draft. Wow.

  9. thepftpoet says:Mar 4, 2014 3:40 PM

    I can just hear it now from Adam and Sav.

    “Thank god they released us, now we can go on living a normal life with an actual relevant franchise”

    And what franchise would that be? the Vikings? You can have them both.

  10. There were rumours of Carriker using steroids at Nebraska, where he suddenly put on 30lbs of pure muscle before his senior season.

    He looks a lot fleshier/flabbier now and seems to be breaking down physically which is common when these guys come off the juice.

    Sad because he just stayed natural he probably could have played longer at a high level.

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