Rex Ryan playing wait-and-see on Mark Sanchez’s future


Jets coach Rex Ryan was in the stands to watch the Yankees in spring training yesterday, so the baseball writers jumped him to talk about quarterbacks Geno Smith and Mark Sanchez.

You could tell it was the baseball writers, because you get delightful sentences like “Ryan has a tattoo of his wife wearing a Sanchez jersey,” dropped into the middle of their stories.

Ryan wasn’t biting on the questions about Sanchez’s future, however, though the entire world expects him and his $13.1 million cap hit to be cut.

“We’ll just let that play out and see what happens,” Ryan said, via Brendan Kuty of “But it’s nothing I’m going to make a comment on.”

Smith he was willing to talk about, and offered praise for last year’s rookie’s development.

“I really like where the left off,” Ryan said. “The last month of the season was probably his best. I know he had some rocky spots, to say the least. And so did we as a team. But to finish where he did, I think he was the second-highest rated quarterback at the end of the season. Very few turnovers. he ran the ball effectively as well. So he used his legs, used his arms, cut down on turnovers. I think if he could play that way, we’re going to be tough to beat.”

None of that was particularly unexpected, and if his brother Rob had been with him, we’d have had tales of many hot dogs being consumed as well. But it’s also Mardi Gras day, so Rob is probably making plans for another kind of consumption tonight.

17 responses to “Rex Ryan playing wait-and-see on Mark Sanchez’s future

  1. They said Rex would be gone. He’s not.
    They said Sanchez would be gone. He’s not.
    They said it was physically impossible for a human being, let alone a profession football player, to run at full speed into the buttocks of a teammate, fumble the ball before hitting the ground, and watch as that ball is scooped up and run back for a defensive TD during a nationally televised game on Thanksgiving.

    It wasn’t.

    Rex and Sanchez, defying the odds since 2009.

  2. Really excited for Geno next year. Fans aren’t hesitant to rip the lack of talent on the Jets offense but none of that matters when it comes to Geno. “He was awful” when the truth of the matter is with a far inferior team he had as good of if not better rookie season than Sanchez which was praised at the time (before guys like Luck, RG3 and Wilson) but people forget those guys are the exception to the rule. There will be bumps in the road for rookie quarterbacks, especially on a roster so depleted of talent.

    But with the release of Holmes and Sanchez (and eventually Ducasse) the Jets will be free of all Tanny’s mistakes and get a nice chunk of change back for Idzik to do his thing in FA and use the 10-12 picks the Jets will have to retool this roster and get the weapons this offense needs. If you really watched Geno you know he showed flashes. His worst performances coming when the one receiver the Jets have (Kerley) was out with a dislocated elbow.

    Really looking forward to the start of FA and the draft. This year will basically set the Jets on their path for the next few years.

  3. sanchez is a gone and gonner. rex can keep improving upon one of the best young teams in the league, only to get better after they add a couple stud WRs in this draft

  4. what happens to Sanchez isn’t even up to Rex Ryan.

    That would be the General Manager, a guy by the name of John Idzik, who, if he had waited a year to interview, would have been the most sought after GM candidate in the league, fresh off Seattle’s Super Bowl win due to an incredibly drafted roster.

  5. FA is the key. Some Offensive holes need filling in, and beefing up the secondary is also needed. I am hoping and praying that Mike Evans either falls to the Jets, or they make a reasonable trade to trade up and get him. Also, no one, at all, expected the Jets to get to 8-8 last year. I think they’ll be a lot better next year, and get back to the playoffs, especially since they finished the last 3/4 with Ws. J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS!

  6. They did just as well with second-rate QB Smith as they could expect to have done with second-rate QB Sanchez, for lots less money. Dumb NOT to cut him. Which is why I’m sure the Jests will bring him back. And the circus is far too entertaining to break up now.

  7. Take away the name, ” Mark Sanchez “, he is exactly what the a Jets need as an experienced, playoff winning, knows the Jets play book and can handle the national/local press.

    He won the job in 2013, before he got hurt.

  8. @jetsfansince1968…You need to be drug tested, Sanchez is not NFL quality, the guy is a loser. The only reason they made the playoffs with him was the team, with the exception of Sanchez was really good, Sanchez was the weak link. The Jets need to cut ties with him asap.

  9. “You could tell it was the baseball writers, because you get delightful sentences like “Ryan has a tattoo of his wife wearing a Sanchez jersey,” dropped into the middle of their stories.”

    Um, sir, you are the king of peddling that sort of crap.

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