Russell Wilson on playing two sports: “Never say never”


When the Rangers selected Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson in the Rule 5 draft, Hall of Famer and former two-sport star Deion Sanders said Wilson should consider playing baseball.

49ers CEO Jed York tweeted, “I agree.”

At the time, Wilson laughed off the possibility of playing both football and baseball.  He seemed to be slightly more serious about the possibility now that he has gotten a taste of spring training.

You never say never,” Wilson said Monday.  “I’ve always had the dream of playing two sports.  If somehow it was a miracle that it could work out, I’d consider it.  At the same time, my focus is winning the championship with the Seattle Seahawks and hope to be playing for a long time.”

It would only work out if Wilson is deemed to be so good at baseball that a baseball team would allow him to make football his top priority.  Even then, it would be much harder to play both sports than it was in the days of Deion (who eventually gave up baseball) and Bo Jackson (whose hobby was football) and Brian Jordan (who eventually picked baseball as his sole sport).

For quarterbacks especially, football takes up much more than football season.  So in order for Wilson to follow his own advice to outwork everyone, he probably needs to be outworking everyone at only one job.

That said, he’s a year away from being eligible to get a new contract in Seattle.  It’s simply good business to muse about his options in order to ensure that the Seahawks will treat him fairly, at the appropriate time.

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  1. I’m still bitter that Russell Wilson turned down the Orioles when they drafted him out of high school.

    He seems like a great guy and he’s fun to watch play, but yeah, I’m bitter about pretty much everything involving the Orioles.

  2. Even if he was good enough to play, it wouldn’t make sense for a baseball team to have Wilson leave in the middle of their season to attend Seattle’s preseason camp.

    “I can just go play for the Texas Rangers” COULD be a nice bargaining chip for Wilson when it’s time to negotiate a new contract.

  3. Contract posturing 101. It’s going to cost a little extra to write in that he’ll commit to being a single sport athlete.

  4. Well it would be possible to do it now if you could develop an improved swing this spring! Maybe his experience in football will help him to start over and find a new approach to hitting that will help him get that extra consistency he needs. He has enough power when he hits the ball when paired with his speed so if he could just find a way to improve his contact rate then that makes him a legit prospect to play in the Majors. Just too many strikeouts and improved hand-eye coordination would help him hit a few and stay away from a few and then he’s good. Enhancing that trait could be the difference between $10MM per year and no contract offer.

  5. Baseball is an old guys sport. Retirement age in football is catch on with a major league team age in baseball. Someone who was good enough could do both, but Tattoo isn’t an exceptional baseball player.

  6. why does everyone insist that Russell Wilson is such a great guy, because he says all the right things? he’s a phony and he’s completely overrated…

  7. What are you guys talking about? Seattle has the reputation of being one of the best organizations to deal with by players and agents because John Schneider and Pete Carroll are straight up about their transactions. This has been talked about and reported this year.

    Sidney Rice knew 2 weeks ago a cut was going to happen. There multiple players that could have received a franchise tag including the kicker but Seattle didn’t use it. Russell Wilson has all the leverage he could want because of his Super Bowl but does he strike any of you as the type of person that is going to want to be the highest paid in the NFL? Please stop slanting stories to make it sound like there is some potential rift on the horizon.

  8. I love that every article about the Seahawks is filled with haters. Feels so good to be a World Champion.

    Russell Wilson doesn’t need any bargaining chips. The Seahawks will pay him whatever he wants and be happy to do so. Seattle will never let him leave, we won’t even let him move when he retires. Wilson is a GOD in this town. At the victory parade, grown men were screaming and crying like girls at a Justin Bieber concert when he passed. He’s already loved more than any athlete in this town’s history.

    In fact, I expect that Paul Allen will eventually offer him a percentage of the Seahawks and Sounders to keep him in the area and a part of the Seahawks for the rest of his life.

  9. Google Project for the Oblivious

    “Most Touchdown Passes in first two seasons”

    The only asterisk is that that was done in an offense that throws the third least in the NFL.

    This is pass/fail

  10. This is about as realistic as the boogie man…a running back? A cornerback? Sure.

    Unless his baseball team is ok with him leaving 3 times before August for mini camp and leaving the team for good the first week of August this can never happen. He’s a QB and would be so unprepared if he took off from football until september every year. I guess he could get his football studies done on the road…you know when he should be studying pitchers so he can be less than terrible at hitting?

    This is never happening.

  11. “He’s already loved more than any athlete in this town’s history.”

    Seattle has a history?

    Says a lot about Seattle’s fan base if Russell Wilson is already loved more than Steve Largent.

  12. I deeply respect Russell Wilson and think he can do whatever he puts his mind to. He’s a great player and a really good guy.

    That said, I think a lot of his Seattle teammates would have an even easier adjustment to Major League Baseball. They already have the steroids part down.

  13. Russell Wilson swagger >>>>>> Kaepernick swagger. That being said. Nothing fake or contrived about Wilson. Michael Jordan had a baseball fantasy too, remember. It’s that mindset that you are an elite athlete and can compete on many different levels in different sports. That’s the mindset of a champion. Wilson has that inner drive just like all the great ones had. I’m so glad he’s a Seahawk.

  14. Best job in sports is a left handed middle relief pitcher…

    Make $3 million a year to get one guy out per game.

  15. He went back to school because it was obvious he wasn’t going to make it to the majors. He was going to be a minor league journeyman player. Maybe make it triple A. I’m sure the Hawks would love him throwing his arm out trying to get the ball to first from deep in the hole.

  16. The last time Russell Wilson played baseball was three years ago. In A ball. He hit .229 with 3 home runs and struck out about as frequently as Adam Dunn. For those of you who don’t follow baseball, Adam Dunn is the guy who would probably break the single season record for strikeouts if he stayed healthy and didn’t get benched at the end of the year for the sole purpose of not breaking the strikeout record.

  17. “The shehawks will NEVER be on the vikings level.”

    I agree, and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t want it any other way.

    “they will always be behind us.”

    Right again, except you forgot to add “in the draft.”

    And I’m not even a Seattle fan.

  18. Baseball players make way more for less work. He’s got the ring already, so take the money.

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