Steve Smith, Dave Gettleman have a sit-down


Panthers G.M. Dave Gettleman risked bruising the ego of veteran wide receiver Steve Smith, when Gettleman wouldn’t commit to Smith’s future role with the team. Today came an opportunity to clear the air.

Smith met with Gettleman today, according to Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer. It was Smith who requested the meeting, as a result of Gettleman’s comments about Smith at the Scouting Combine.

“Steve’s had a great career. He really has,” Gettleman said last month. “None of us are here forever. But that’s not to say — he’s part of the evaluation process. That’s just the way it is.”

Smith would surely like to think there is no “evaluation” necessary, and that he’s still the Panthers’ No. 1 receiver. He would also surely like to think he has done enough in a Panthers uniform to earn the right to have the G.M. talk to him about his future privately before musing about it publicly.

On the other hand, Smith turns 35 in May, counts $7 million against the Panthers’ 2014 salary cap, and has seen his stats decline across the board two years in a row. It wouldn’t be unreasonable for the Panthers to think he doesn’t have much time left.

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  1. There are some things that never change ; Steve Smith needing to be angry are one of them. Still , it’s hard to argue with the results over the past ten plus seasons.

  2. Nothing last forever, but this guy has had one hell of a career.

    The Panthers have been around 19-20 years or so. This guy has been on the team for 13. He will always be a Panther. I say let him play one more year if he isn’t asking for too much money.

    They have always looked for someone to be a #2 WR across from him, but it never seemed to pan out . So plan B, was go 3 wide, motion him into the slot, and see if they got him matched up with a LB trying to cover him.

  3. Cam really needs Smith to continue to grow.
    Keep Smith for that reason alone.
    Lee Hersh

  4. Smith to the Chargers to be with his old position coach and the man who recruited him to college. That would make the Chargers’ offense unstoppable. You heard it here first.

  5. Steve Smith to the Seahawks to win the ring he deserves as a backup to Super Bowl champions Percy Harvin and Doug Baldwin.

  6. Steve Smith catching passes from Tom Brady would make too much sense and that would be a great way to end his career with a ring.

  7. Carolina’s GM doesn’t respect Steve Smith.

    One thing that is certain… tall, ex-Auburn quarterbacks and defensive backs respect him.

    It amazes me the stupidity of owners and general managers.

    It’s like 80% of them don’t understand the value of quality receivers (even if they are declining, aging stars) in this MODERN PASS HAPPY NFL.

    Carolina’s Offense isn’t going to improve with Brandon LaFell and Ted Ginn as the team’s #1 and #2 wrs.

    Thank goodness Bengals mike brown isn’t the only idiot.

  8. It doesn’t matter what he costs or how much his skills have declined, you don’t treat the FACE OF THE FRANCHISE FOR OVER A DECADE with anything less than ultimate respect. Gettleman is treating Smith the way A.J. Smith treated LT in San Diego, and he never got our respect back after that.

  9. “He would also surely like to think he has done enough in a Panthers uniform to earn the right to have the G.M. talk to him about his future privately before musing about it publicly.”
    Gettleman has ZERO people skills. He has the same amount of catches and TDs as I do for the Panthers. He wants credit for last year’s success, after 30 years of trying to get a GM job.

    There is something strange happening in Charlotte. As a Panthers fan, I expect a setback. Message sent and received. Time for Rivera and Richardson to take a position.

  10. Come on Steve why belittle yourself like that. Being treated like a wife after a player retires. They dump you.
    You haven’t retired yet, have given them great years and this is how you’re rewarded. Begging for a meeting?
    Screw them, dump them first. The Raiders will take you in a second. Your leadership in the locker room and talent will make them contenders again.

  11. Letting him go would be very similar to the Ravens getting rid of Boldin. He’s paid a fair rate for his skills and is still the go to guy on the team, and letting him go would hurt the offense badly as he would do fine somewhere else.

  12. Dave told Steve to “ice up, son” during the meeting. Steve didn’t cool down and is now fuming.

  13. I’ll take Steve Smith in Seattle any day of the week. Come get this ring! Cam Newton without Smith would be a major setback for Cam and that organization.

  14. As I’ve said a number of times, if the GM isn’t “evaluating” everyone on the roster every offseason, I dont want him as GM. The newspaper writer that was our last GM was constantly getting mushy and signing players he liked as friends to stupid contracts. I like having a GM who is detached from the emotions and casts a critical eye on all the players. He did so with Cam Newton last offseason, and that played out pretty well for the season.

    All that being said, Smith can still play and we still need him. Our true #1 receiver last year was Greg Olsen. We really need a young, #1 WR so Smith can be the #2 guy and avoid all the double-teams. In that role, Smith can play 3 more years while the depth we need at other positions can be added and we can make a run at a Super Bowl.

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