Suh is expected to make an agent decision by the end of the week

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The Lions want to work out a new contract with defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.  Before they can do that, he needs to hire an agent.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Suh is expected to make a decision on a new agent by the end of the week.  And, as Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reported earlier on Tuesday, Suh is considering the possibility of representing himself.

The cynical, knee-jerk reaction to the possibility of Suh handling his own deal (I don’t know any cynics, unless they’re all lying) is that Suh would simply do whatever Jay Z advises him to do, given that:  (1) Suh has hired Jay Z to represent Suh’s marketing interests; and (2) Jay Z isn’t certified to officially represent players for their football contracts. 

The more accurate explanation could be that it’s simply what Suh wants to do.

On one hand, the streak of independence and outside-the-box thinking is admirable.  On the other hand, Suh has no understanding of the nuances of a player contract or the concept of maximizing the leverage that comes from having a cap number of $22.4 million in 2014 and, if franchise-tagged in 2015, a cap number of $26.88 million.

The Lions, as Rapoport noted, prefer that Suh not do his own deal.  And for good reason.  If/when Suh decides he needs an agent, that agent likely will try to persuade Suh that he got screwed by the Lions, even if he didn’t.

Either way, the Lions will be carrying $22.4 million under Suh’s name absent a new deal with a reduced cap number by Tuesday, March 11 at 4:00 p.m. ET.  Which means that a lot of work needs to be done, quickly.

And none of it can happen until Suh picks an agent, even if he chooses to do it himself.

22 responses to “Suh is expected to make an agent decision by the end of the week

  1. Just hire a lawyer to look over contract what is so hard max 1500 instead of 3 pct of millions

  2. All the agents are shying away for fear of being charged as an accessory for his next assault.

  3. Suh’s a great player, but as a Lions fan if we can pull a 1st and 2nd, 3rd rounder for him, we save money allowing us to spend in free agency and use those draft picks to fill pressing needs. Think about it, when was the last time a team has won the superbowl that has 50% of its money invested 3 players? Its about your player personnel being good across the board, not about have 3 great players (excluding the staffman) with a bunch of talentless players.

  4. my friend, Bob Sacamano has a Willard, he can calculate NFL contracts just as well as a hip-hop rapper. Give him a call, Suh !

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    The STEELERS haven’t even been to the playoffs since 2011, and they lost that wild card game against TIM TEBOW.

    The VIKINGS haven’t been to the Super Bowl since 1977, and have never won one.

    The REDSKINS haven’t even been to the NFC Championship since they last won a Super Bowl 22 years ago.

  6. Suh should hire a top lawyer and pay him by the hour to review the contract language to be sure it says what he thinks it says, but he doesn’t need an agent to negotiate for him. He knows very well that he has the Lions right where he wants them. Plus, I think Jay-Z understands leverage as well as anyone.

  7. No worries. If any part of the contract he negotiates doesn’t suit him, he’ll just kick the crap out of the GM………

  8. It’s amazing that some of you still don’t know that Suh, at this point CANNOT be traded. The Lions would take a 19 Million dollar cap hit(Dead money) and a trade partner doesn’t even exist if they wanted to. I swear it’s like some of you don’t actually read articles you just post gibberish.

  9. LOL @ 5 years, $60M.

    Suh has the Lions by the balls. $22.4M this season. If they tag him in 2015 its $26.9M or he becomes a free agent. On the open market he would get $100M, maybe $120M.

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