Vikings to cut John Carlson


Veteran tight end John Carlson is on the way out in Minnesota.

Carlson, who has spent the last two seasons with the Vikings, will be released, according to Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports.

The 29-year-old Carlson has had at least three concussions in the last three seasons, and after his latest concussion cut short his 2013 season, he acknowledged that he would have to consider calling it a career. But Garafolo reports that Carlson and the Vikings had been talking about a restructured contract, which suggests that Carlson still wants to play in the NFL.

Last year Carlson played in 13 games, catching 32 passes for 344 yards and a touchdown.

41 responses to “Vikings to cut John Carlson

  1. Carlson is out, yet Christian Ponder remains.

    Vikings = biggest laughingstocks in the NFL.

    And still no World Championships, in case anyone forgot.

  2. Let the excuses begin regarding another last place finish sure to come for the vikequeens .

  3. Pete Carroll knew he couldn’t hack it in Seattle years ago. It took Minny this long to figure it out? Oh yeah, the ten year dynasty is starting with this move. Next up: draft a bust quartback 2.0 for your ten year dynasty of cellar dwelling.

  4. Carlson wasn’t used correctly in Minny. Then again, neither is anyone else they import from any where else. If this team were the Seahawks, you wouldn’t have any issues. But they aren’t, and that’s just too bad.

  5. The Vikes are a loser compared to the mighty Pack. Packers = #1 organization in football. We should sign Carlson ourselves and make him an immediate winner. He can fill the void left by Finley and lead us to multiple super bowl wins….Go Pack Go !

  6. Ladies and Gentlemen…welcome your 2014 starting tight end for thr Green Bay Packers…John Carlson..

    The price was right Ted says

  7. If u wanna bash the vikings at least make an educated effort. Ponder is guaranteed his contract money so why cut someone that can be a 2nd or 3rd stringer. Also the post about finishing dead last again, you do realize that have finished last only like 5 times in 50 years.

  8. That’s what happens when you leave a first class club for the minors! Wish you the best John. You were great in seattle! Keep your head off the turf and who knows maybe back to the team that drafted you! Sure you would like a ring. You would never get one in minihaha!

  9. I really liked Carlson when he was in Seattle however our front office is pretty good at letting talent walk when they are not worth the money. That was one of the worst contracts the Vikings have made. If he is healthy he is worth the league vet minimum to a team in contention.

  10. He was numero uno for me when he was a Hawk. Great team spirit and ability. But John, you can only go to the trough so many times before it runs dry. For your family’s sake, I’d hang ’em up, while your squash is still intact.

  11. Oddly enough this year would have probably been his best bet with Norv Turner coming in.

    I never understood why they paid him so much.

  12. I think if we went back and watched the replays on a lot of these injuries to receivers , it’s amazing at how many of them are caused at least on part by poorly thrown balls ; if a guy has to reach back awkwardly or extend his body to try and make the catch , then gets creamed by the safety coming across the field , no matter how many rule changes you make , you’re never going to completely eliminate injuries.

  13. Spielman blew his wad and overpaid him when they signed him. 5 years $25 million I believe. At least Spielmans showing the ability to admit mistakes, finally. Next up, Ponder.

  14. Carlson was a class act, and a decent TE, but is too injury prone to play affectively, week after week. The Vikings have good crop of TE’s so it’s a no brainer to let him go. Best wishes to him, hopefully he’ll retire before he suffers permanent damage to his grape.

  15. Carlson was easily MN’s best TE last year, as he regularly outplayed Rudolph. Without a consistent QB however, it’s hard to tell just how good either guy could be.

    Hopefully he can help someone’s team. The Vikes could even bring him back on a reduced contract and he could be a productive member of the passing game.

  16. Ironic, one of the lowest paid positions in football and the most dangerous imo, too many balls to fight It over the middle, as a TE you would pay the price.

  17. AAA ball didn’t work out so well for the former Seahawk. But then Nothing works out in that bleak decollate wasteland known as Minnisota aka where tallent goes to die. No Superbowls no history no future enjoy the abyss

  18. I feel bad for Carlson, he suffers thru some lean years in Seattle only to leave before they go on to capture a Superbowl. But to make it even worse, the team he leaves for immediately goes into the tank and finishes dead last in their division.

    The lesson here is that if you want to win a Superbowl, don’t go to the franchise that has struck out 53 times in a row. And next year isn’t look too good either so maybe its best that Carlson gets out now so he doesn’t waste any more valuable time.

  19. I hate to call out any of my fellow Hawk fan but John Carlson only started these injury problems after he got dumped on his head making a catch for us in the playoffs on an ice cold soldier field.

    He always carried himself with class here and sounds like he did the same in Viking land. I know his career is probably over here and even though some trolls bring it on themselves there is absolutely no reason to take shots a player like Carlson.

  20. Christian Ponder has nine lives. They pull him out and Cassell has the opportunity of a lifetime to take over and lead this team and falls flat on his face. Freemason comes in and ditto, looks like total dork.
    Re-enter Ponder who carries the team but gets injured. Re-enter Cassell who does get the job done and looks to be the go to guy with Ponder looking for a pavement to pound.
    Opps, Cassell says adios Vikes, I have abilities to lead and want to get paid. Re-enter Ponder now who is again the go to guy.
    His gift is he is very bright and impresses people with his mind and they give him the rein.
    He should have been booted a year ago but Spielman would look like he did a bad pick and made a bad choice. Can’t have that on his record until he finds a replacement QB for Ponder. One thing for sure, Ponder ain’t gonna be helping any newbie out to take his job away permanently.

  21. Can you imagine the conversation Ziggy had with the designer of the new stadium??
    Ziggy- where should we put the trophy case?

    Designer- why do you need a trophy case??


  22. With those concussions, one of which happened in Seattle by the way, he should retire before he needs a drool cup.

  23. Rhett Ellison is a G. We’re honestly better off. I’m good with it. Ellison is gonna surprise a lot of people.

  24. russellwilsonismymvp says:
    Mar 4, 2014 4:41 PM
    Pete Carroll knew he couldn’t hack it in Seattle years ago. It took Minny this long to figure it out? Oh yeah, the ten year dynasty is starting with this move. Next up: draft a bust quartback 2.0 for your ten year dynasty of cellar dwelling.
    And how long did he last in Seattle??? Seems to me it took them much longer to figure it out. Took them as an organization 4 years.

  25. The 2 TE offense was history when the prior offensive coordinator left the team. The vikings don’t have anyone with Carlson’s talent on the team right now.

    They are not not likely to get an upgrade to Rudolph with so many glaring holes on defense and elsewhere. Norv Turner will have a rookie QB to train so TE can wait until next season.

    Those 3-4 yard Ponder passes to the TE will be a thing of the past.

  26. bigbaldpapahawk says:
    Mar 4, 2014 6:19 PM
    Former Seahawks go to Vikings to get cut. Former Vikings go to Seahawks to win Championships.
    Where is Sidney Rice these days??? Yes, congrats on the Superbowl already. Everyone knows Seattle won. However, don’t act as though former Vikings had a whole lot to do with that. Historically former Vikings that went to Seattle have diminished. Hutchinson coming to the Vikings was far more beneficial to the Vikings than any former Vikings going to Seattle combined. Congrats on your Superbowl. Enjoy it. But don’t act as though former Vikings have done much to help there. They’ve all been busts.

    Now how about the Seattle fans ripping the Vikings for over-paying Carlson. It’s true. However, who was it that paid Sidney Rice $40+M? Talk about overpaying someone.

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