Aqib Talib is ready for his free agent payday


Once, just once, it would be refreshing to hear a player suggest he’s looking for a sub-par deal, confirming that it’s not all about the money.

That player apparently won’t be Patriots free agent cornerback Aqib Talib, at least not this year.

According to Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald, Talib “wants to be paid as a top-of-the-market corner in free agency, according to a source.”

As opposed to all the middle-of-the-market guys, naturally.

With the Dolphins setting the bar with Brent Grimes’ four-year, $32 million deal (which included $16 million guaranteed), the cost for high-end corners has been established.

And since Talib is younger and arguably better, it stands to reason (at least to the sources close to Talib) that he should make that much or more.

Talib signed a one-year deal worth $5.5 million last offseason, figuring to get his long-term deal this offseason.

Whether the Patriots are prepared to meet those demands remains to be seen.

48 responses to “Aqib Talib is ready for his free agent payday

  1. Of course he “wants to be paid as a top-of-the-market corner…” It doesn’t mean he should or will get that sort of payday.

  2. If the Pats let him walk and are just going to rely on Dennard (who is in jail right now for another 33 days), Arrington, Logan Ryan, and some 3rd round scrub rookie, then they might as well just stay on vacation because the season will end the same way it has for the past 4 seasons…with the defense forcing no turnovers or game changing plays…giving up 24+ points and making it harder on the offense against better defense. Gotta pay him and take the risk.

  3. I like Aquib on the Pats, but he does seem to have this habit of getting injured in the biggest games of the season. I don’t hold the Welker cheap shot on him as his fault in the AFC championship, but was frustrated that he never made it back into the game, just like the tweaked hamstring in the AFC championship the season before. Their pass D is great with him in, and below average with him out.
    Pay him a lot of money at your own risk.

  4. .

    1. His play in Tampa was unremarkable.

    2. He’s had multiple off field incidents

    3. He had one good year with the Patriots which may have been aided by scheme.

    I can’t see Belichick getting into a bidding war for him.


  5. But Brent Grimes doesn’t borrow his mother’s Gat/Roscoe/Jammy for evening fun…

  6. I would be scared to give this guy any serious guaranteed money. Forget that he is injury prone, his off the field life has been a mess at best.

  7. thepftpoet says:Mar 5, 2014 11:56 AM

    Come to the Vikings, We already have two of the most promising secondaries in the NFL

    I was unaware a team could have 2 secondaries.

  8. He was excellent with the Patriots but they never pay market value, so he’s gone. He’ll be tough to replace.

  9. Play-by-play commentary, “And down goes Talib. I think Belichik is down to the cheerleaders. Do you think Talib will be embarressed in the off-season when they don’t franchise-tag him because even the cheerleaders could play more physically than him?”

  10. This was one of the best players on NE. Def was total different when he was on the field say what you want but NE will miss this guy

  11. What a great move by Miami. Signed a good corner and set the market high so the pats won’t resign Talib.

  12. The Patriots don’t overpay, which is why he’s leaving. If I had to bet money, Washington finds a way to get him. It gives them an opportunity to overpay somebody else per usual, plus he gets reunited with Raheem Morris, who drafted him.

  13. Thanks for nothing TALIB,,,the last two seasons,,for 6-7 minutes in the AFC Championship game you looked like the real deal stifling the opposing team (Ravens,,Denver) in both games by the third possesion your were limping and grabbing your jones. If you had played 100% in those two games,,the PATS would have been in two superbowls. Those are the FACTS,,,period.

  14. Have to agree with the Pats here. How can you pay a guy top dollar when he let you down, not once, but twice..WHEN IT MATTERED MOST in the AFC Championship games. Not to mention he has a bad hip, and he couldnt come back from a Welker hit? Dudes lucky he plays D and not offense. After the second time he left the AFC championship game in the first quarter, I had enough of him as well. Good riddons dude, some dumb team will pay you more than your worth, then reap the ailments that come with it.

  15. “Once, just once, it would be refreshing to hear a player suggest he’s looking for a sub-par deal,”

    No it wouldn’t. Contracts are at-will based on how a team feels, get a subpar contract and say something happens and end up cut, you lose out.

  16. Players indicate that the money isn’t everything for them all the time, to my memory, most recently being Mohammed Wilkerson. It’s just that the media would much rather cover a Darrelle Revis type contract situation where the player feels they’re not being paid enough because controversy sells a lot more than being a “good guy” does. Lets not pretend that sensationalist websites EXACTLY like this one don’t contribute to the trend of players going for more money. The players and agents use websites like this all the time as a vehicle for pushing their case in the court of public opinion.

  17. Why play game where you can get seriously injured and look for “sub-par” money?

    – I’m living fast when it’s all about the money bags” -Rick Ross

  18. “Once, just once, it would be refreshing to hear a player suggest he’s looking for a sub-par deal, confirming that it’s not all about the money.”

    Maybe you should take a pay-cut to prove that it isn’t all about money…oh, right it is all about money.

  19. He’s gone, Pats fans. I’ve said it for years in these comments; Talib is talented but not worth the trouble. He’ll gamble and get burned and he has an injury history that began in Tampa as he was beginning to show his potential that he won’t ever be able to shake. How many big time games does this guy need to miss before the point rings true?

    Let him walk to Washington, who will likely overpay for his services. Either them or Oakland, a team flush with cap space that they have to spend. Look to replace him with a Vontae Davis and save yourself the money and headache. This is coming from an unbiased Bucs fan who has followed Talib closely, don’t get burned again New England. The same can be said to a certain extent for Blount, who plays like a RB half his size and showed his true colors in the Broncos playoff game. These guys were unloaded for a reason.

  20. Any corner that gets taken out of a game by someone the size of Welker isn’t going to draw top money. Plus, it would be nice if he could finish a season and play all 16 games.

  21. I think the pats made a mistake not tagging him. Their defense clearly needs him and he plays best on a one year deal. I’d rather overpay for one year and get his best than lock him up long term and risk his implosion.

  22. Big decision for Belichick. Aqib Talib is his best DB but Bill is reticent to commit really big money on another problem child. I expect that he will let him walk.

  23. Well, good luck Talib… Can’t see the pats paying premium price for you. BB will just have to scrounge for rough gems to cut and polish yet again. Maybe this time he’ll find someone diamond-like and not like breakable glass like you. Pats need durable players this season. The last one was just punishing. Between you and Edelman … I hope the pats keep Edelman.

  24. He’s the Pats best DB since Ty Law. But him checking out of two AFC title games really bothers me. I don’t think they would’ve beat Denver, but they were in total control of Baltimore the year before. When he checked out, “Jump Ball” Joe Flacco was born.

    Unless the Pats have some really good replacement, which they don’t have on the team currently, you may have to overpay to keep him.

  25. Some people just don’t get it….this guy is no good, can’t stay on the field….he’s a quitter….very selfish….geeez….you people that are soooo knowledgeable about football can’t be that blind….so he made a few good plays, woopie do….he’s can’t do it consistently ….get’s burned a lot of time….. bad hip when he get’s burned so you feel bad for him….I would cut him so fast, he wouldn’t know which way is up…. where is his history if he’s so damn good….remember this…the Patriots survived very well all these years without him….he is not GOD, the savior…..stop already….he’s not worth the money he made last year, and you want to give him more???

  26. Silly comments from the media such as “With the Dolphins setting the bar with Brent Grimes‘ four-year, $32 million deal (which included $16 million guaranteed), the cost for high-end corners has been established” is one reason players just do not get it. Just because some guy got overpaid somewhere else does NOT automatically mean YOU are going to get overpaid where you are, or anywhere else for that matter. Each negotiation is different, and although agents want to treat each signing like a Realtor likes to use neighborhood comps to set the price on a piece of real estate, it is NOT the same thing. One team might have had such a great need that they were willing to overpay for a player at a certain position. If YOU wanted that pay, YOU should have tried to get them to offer that money to YOU. YOU missed out, however, and there is no guarantee anyone else will match it. Get a ticket for the clue bus.

  27. “Just because some guy got overpaid somewhere else does NOT automatically mean YOU are going to get overpaid where you are, or anywhere else for that matter.”

    Grimes played like an all pro last year, and he only costs $8 million a year. And he’s the 11th highest paid corner. He’s not overpaid.

  28. Right, so when your job offers you a raise, you don’t take it because you want to be paid like the minimum wage workers?

    Seriously. You want to be paid in accordance to how hard you think you work and what you think you are worth, just like anybody else.

    Football careers are very short-lived and you have to make your money while you can. Whenever the team has leverage on you they look to cut your pay, so when you have the hammer you have to use it. I can completely understand that.

  29. It was a pleasure watching a ‘real’ cornerback play for the Patriots for the last year and a half, even with his injuries. It’s been too long since the days of Ty Law, and I’ll miss Talib when he’s gone.

  30. For the past 10 years, Kraft and BB have been lying to free agents.
    “Take less money and win the Super Bowl”
    The act is wearing thin.

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