Browns part ways with troubled wideout Davone Bess

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You could see this one coming, from the moment they planned to void the guarantees in his contract.

The Browns announced this morning they were releasing troubled wide receiver Davone Bess, along with wide receiver Brian Tyms and linebacker Paul Hazel.

The talented wideout raised eyebrows with a series of questionable Twitter photos, and eventually landed in a mental health facility after an incident with police.

Bess overcame a rough upbringing to get to the NFL, and at this point, the hope is that he can get his life back in order, beyond any concerns about his ability to play football.

38 responses to “Browns part ways with troubled wideout Davone Bess

  1. Kid does have talent.

    Love to have him in Ravens camp without a guaranteed contract.

  2. … but… it’s ALLLLLLL Brandon Weeden’s fault.

    SEE: Davone Bess
    SEE: Greg Little

    By the way… Josh Gordon didn’t even play Weeden’s first two starts.

  3. Best of luck to Bess. He came back after a brutal game to be THE key player in the huge win against the Ravens at home.

    He had all of the big time catches in that game including a critical 4th down catch to seal the victory. I hope he gets the help he needs so he can get his life back in order.

  4. I was glad when we got him… What a disappointment and another setback for my Brownies in the end. You think someone would have done a little background check before getting him.

  5. The Guy was a model citizen and a real Baller for the Dolphins, not sure what went so wrong in Cleveland in just one year ? I wish him well.

  6. I hope he gets help. He was off all year, and he was supposed to be someone we could depend on at the slot position. Everyone could see that his days were numbered. This was a Lombardi deal to start with, and a bad deal at that. To see such a precipitous fall so far in a year is stunning. I hope he saved his money.

  7. Dear youngsters;
    If you a public figure, don’t post Instagram pictures of yourself smoking weed, if it’s banned by your employer

  8. Davone Bess left Miami leaving the community with a list of great impressions. He is a good man, but it appears he may have repressed emotional issues that came out to the public lately. Please take into consideration that this would be common for anyone that gets thrown in prison for waiting outside of a house for their friends to come back in a car, just to find out they were robbing the place and ultimately got you imprisoned bc of it.

    I’m not sure what being in a cell for hours on end would do to you or anyone else after an extended period of time, but please understand that it does not do well for the psyche of a young man.

    Please try to have respect and perspective. TMZ does not report psychological damage.

  9. I could see the Browns pursuing Hakeem Nicks, but I don’t see Decker as a target. Gordon is a stud, and Nicks could be a solid #2, and has shown the ability to take over games at times. Decker is not as physical as Nicks, even though he is bigger. It would be the Boldin/Fitzgerald type 1-2 punch, where the QB would have 2 guys he could count on to get after the ball. Nicks needs a change of scenery, and Cleveland can pay him a decent amount.

  10. I’m surprise this CLOWN wasn’t cut sooner , he lead the LEAGUE in DROPS , they were games where it look like Jason Campbell wanted to STRANGLE HIM.

  11. This kid has always had issues. Dolphins just do a good job of covering things. Until the player makes it public. i.e. Bess, Martin, and Incognito.

  12. The jerk let down his browns teammates and the organization in more ways than one. No doubt he cost the browns some games and a few people their jobs.

  13. Relocating from Miami to Cleveland is enough to make anyone snap big time. Imagine leaving gorgeous South Beach with it’s beautiful, hot, sexy, tan women for a polluted Lake Erie Beach with painfully average, albino women will undoubtedly generate a need for therapy and depression meds. No wonder he developed a drinking problem. I can empathize with him.

  14. M K Cabot of Cleve Plain D reports that browns don’t have to pay Bess $3M because of contract language placed by previous operatives. The $3M could be added cap space once confirmed.

  15. That’s too bad for Devone Bess, he was very good with the Dolphins, and I was surprised they let him go. Going to Cleveland would send anyone crackers I would think, so I am not surprised it all came out there.
    Get some help.

  16. I hope he gets the help that he needs.

    As to the couple comments about Brandon Weeden using this situation as an excuse for his behavior, just stop. He is simply not good at football.

  17. He seemed liked a good player when he was with Miami, and made some very good catches against the Pats.

    Sadly he seems unable to deal with his personal issues and that directly effected his play on the field.

  18. Be a nice story if he came home to miami to play and get well. The guy was clutch in miami hurt his back at the tail end of his stay there. Good player that needs some help.

  19. right, ignoring that it in some forms is now reducing tumor size, takes away nausea, and make you hungry at the same time(no other drug can do that, both), can reduce tremors, and is great for nerve pain.

    if you ignore ALL of that. ok, I guess its not medicinal.

  20. This country has lost several generations due to males not being fathers to their children. It takes a real man to be a father and not just a sperm donor.

  21. I hope Bess gets the help he needs and I am glad he’s not being left to his own devices to self medicate. Clearly that path wasn’t working for him.

    His football career is secondary to his life. Hope he gets the help he needs and then if he can come back to football, that he continues to have a productive career.

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