Chris Johnson has no idea what to tell people about his future


Titans running back Chris Johnson took to Twitter this morning to say his talks with the team were “at a standstill.”

Given more than 140 characters to elaborate, and Johnson said he still doesn’t know if he has a future with the Titans.

“People I know, and people I don’t know, they all ask me: Are you going to be back with the Titans? What are they going to do?” Johnson said to Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean. “I get it 15-20 times a day at least. And honestly, I don’t know. I don’t know what they are going to do.”

Johnson said he thought the decision about his future was “in God’s hands,” but it’s probably got more to do with new Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt and General Manager Ruston Webster at this point.

The numbers don’t look good for him at the moment, as he’s supposed to make $8 million next year, after posting a career-low 1,077 yards last season. So when the Titans officials talk about the “evaluation process,” it puts the star back in an uncomfortable position.

“It is kind of weird, to be honest, not knowing what is going to happen. It is kind of like a waiting game,” Johnson said. “It is just different, . . . I have never been through a situation like this. Other years there have been questions about whether they would keep me, but this year we really know it is a decision they have to make. So it is kind of weird.

“But I am trying not to stay too focused on it. Still, it is in the back of my head because I don’t know what is going to go on.”

Johnson’s still recovering from knee surgery, and the fact he hasn’t talked to Whisenhunt yet can’t be considered a good sign.

But until God or the Titans say so, he’s waiting to hear like the rest of us.


19 responses to “Chris Johnson has no idea what to tell people about his future

  1. Tired of hearing this guy whine like a baby every off season. I hope the Titans cut him – then he can play for the veteran minimum or slightly more somewhere else.

  2. God generally defers to Whiz and Rusty on football matters. Al Davis is always after him to be a more “hands on” diety, but he has trouble making a strong case.

  3. It is kind of sad that your performance became lackluster when you earn your undeserved money……

  4. I don’t even know why they’re waiting to do it. Cut this guy now. He makes way more than any RB should, even the best ones. Not just that, but you can get his type of production in the later rounds of the draft for next to nothing. Good RBs just don’t impact the game the way they used to.

  5. Still. It’s pretty good when your career low is 1007 yards. This guy produces and has produced every year in the league. It’s just the negative perceptions and silly expectations after posting a 2000 yard season. You’re only as good as your blockers off the line

  6. People are blaming him “I hope they cut you” blah blah. So does he! Make it happen Titans one way or another. You know no one wants him at that rate and he said he’s not restructuring, so cut him or keep him and get the distraction behind everyone. Hard to blame the guy for being honest, yet everyone does.

    Imagine if you were about to make $8mil…..most people wouldn’t be “ho hum, $8mil or no I don’t mind” He wants to know, so what.

  7. For his first few years, I thought that, in addition to being extremely talented, he was also a team player. I was wrong. WAY wrong. All this waiting on pins and needles that he’s doing right now? Just reaping what he sowed.

  8. Like the rest of this team is so good! If they could get any type of passing game going, he’s still fast and never misses games. Your an idiot anyway if you believed he’d ever repeat that one season, but he can still be a serviceable back. I wouldn’t take less to play for that sorry team either!

  9. As a Titans fan I’m torn on this, and glad that I don’t have to make the decision. I still think CJ has a lot in the tank and has had six straight 1,000 yd+ seasons. Also think he could thrive again if he was just used properly. I don’t think the previous coaching regime was able to get him on the edge & in space as frequently as needed.

    I don’t understand why he was used between the tackles so much for the last few seasons. For the most part, I think he ran tough on inside plays and never complained about it. And he still proved last season that he can take it the distance if he just has a little room on the outside.

    But $8 million is a chunk of change, and he probably will be released. Consider that keeping him will not only keep him with the Titans, but will prevent other teams from acquiring him. For instance, what if the Patriots pick him up? Do you think that staff would know how to maximize his talents?

  10. It’s in God’s hands? Chris is more dumb than was thought possible? He never lived up to his mega contract and clearly dogged it when he got paid. He can’t be trusted anymore.

  11. When he held out before, I said the Titans need to cut him. They didn’t. They paid him like an All Pro and in return, they got 4 mediocre seasons from a back that had already turned in the best season he’d ever have.

    Told you so.

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