Chris Johnson: Things remain at a standstill with Titans


It has been fairly widely assumed over the past few weeks that the Titans would say goodbye to running back Chris Johnson rather than pay him the $8 million in salary that he’s set to make under his current contract.

The one way that Johnson might return to the team for the 2014 season would be with a pay cut, but Johnson has shown no willingness in the past to take less than what the Titans agreed to pay him. Nothing has changed on that front. Johnson posted about the situation on Twitter on Wednesday and said that both sides are singing the same old songs.

“My agent and Titans front office had a talk yesterday and everything is still at a stand still so it’s a waiting game while I continue to grind,” Johnson wrote.

The Titans have said that they are in no hurry to make a decision about Johnson’s spot on the team, but that $8 million would come in handy for free agency if the Titans already know that Johnson won’t be on the team at that price.

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  1. He’s never been the same since he signed that contract. Basically he’s stealing right now … and doesn’t want to stop. Oink oink …

  2. They should keep him and trade him for players or picks instead of letting him choose where to go if he doesn’t want to be a team player and take a pay cut.

  3. cut his ass, shell of his hungry pre money days. Draft Sankey out of UW, does not have his blazing speed but does everything good.

  4. imbetteratlifethanyou says:
    Mar 5, 2014 11:47 AM

    Things remain the same in Minnesota as well. They are horrible and haven’t been to a Super Bowl in 37 years. More 10 loss seasons to come.


    I don’t get why Packer fans endlessly hate on the Vikings. They have to constantly mention that the Vikings haven’t won a SB to validate themselves and their own awful team

  5. Later dude. Hes not getn 8 million anywhere else either. Hopefully he does land in miami or oakland. Heck cleveland would also be the perfect place to waste away rest of career. Tenn will get a hungry back in the draft for less than a 1/4 of the price n have the same amount of yards. Take kenny britt with you!

  6. It’s amazing how dominant the Vikings dynasty will be once they draft a real quarterback this spring. Chris Johnson’s tune would change if presented the opportunity to join the upcoming Vikings dynasty. He would never see the field, being behind the greatest running back of all time, but he would still pay the Vikings to put him on the roster just to be a part of such domination. He could even talk trash from the sidelines and let his teammates back it up for him like Brandon Jacobs used to do. Or he could continue playing in a mediocre conference. Or he could join the Arena League, which would still be a step up in competition from the AFC.

  7. Don’t cut him until after the draft. Hell, I’d wait until the last minute to cut him. He’s been taking it easy for the last two years, don’t do him any favors.

    He always goes to twitter when he gets defensive or needs to cry about something. He’s no leader nor a playmaker.

  8. imthaschmidt says:
    Mar 5, 2014 11:50 AM
    “They should keep him and trade him for players or picks instead of letting him choose where to go if he doesn’t want to be a team player and take a pay cut.”

    If Tennessee won’t pay him $8 mil., what makes you think some other team will do so, and give up picks or players to the Titans to do so? But, you’re right, God forbide that Johnson should have the freedom that almost everybody else has, that of choosing whom he works for.

  9. Chris Johnson-279 carries for 1077 yards in 16 starts. 2013 salary- 10 million

    Zac Stacy- Rookie drafted in 5th round by the St.Louis Rams. 250 carries for 973 yards in 12 starts. 2013 salary- 405k.

    Let that sink in for a minute Chris.

  10. That grill has polluted/precluded any rational thought.

    Mr. Johnson,
    You aren’t worth the vet min. Get it?
    GMs across the NFL

  11. The Titans made a horrible mistake by giving him a big money contract after his ONE big year. Now, they are stuck with one big headache.

  12. Meanwhile, the Packers continue to be a terrible team, in a terrible city, with terrible fans. They couldn’t even beat the Vikings at Lambeau and needed a Bank and the local Fox affiliate to buy their playoff tickets to avoid a blackout. Pathetic.

  13. yourfavoriteteamstinks says:
    Mar 5, 2014 11:56 AM

    I don’t get why Packer fans endlessly hate on the Vikings. They have to constantly mention that the Vikings haven’t won a SB to validate themselves and their own awful team

    I’m not a Packer fan. I hate the Packers. I’m a Seahawk fan. Don’t you know the quote that I use for a handle? It’s Richard Sherman talking to Skip Bayless.

    viking fans are the worst on this site. They continue to bash other teams when their team is literally a bottom 5 team in the NFL. They should be moved to the CFL.

  14. CJ only got 2000 yards b/c at the end of the season all they did was run CJ b/c they were completely out of playoff contention so Jeff just ran ran ran the ball to get CJ the record. he’ll NEVER get close, ever. he’s not a playmaker like he claims. he’s average. I’ll laugh my AO if he refuses to take that pay cut and goes to another team and gets less than half of $8 million, or less, and the Titans go to the playoffs! I know, wishful thinking.

  15. imbetteratlifethanyou says:
    Mar 5, 2014 12:34 PM

    viking fans are the worst on this site. They continue to bash other teams when their team is literally a bottom 5 team in the NFL. They should be moved to the CFL.


    I know for a fact a couple of these Vikings “fans” are actually fans of another team posing as Vikings homers, specifically to annoy everyone and make the Vikings hated. I guess its working…

  16. Hope he didn’t spend all that money. It is going to all come to an end real quick. RBs aren’t worth that much coin these days. Even Marshawn will fade the next couple years…Christine Michael you know.

    Gore is the same. Lattimore is waiting in the wings.

  17. They don’t have to go far to look for the same type of production on the ground that Chris Johnson has put up the last couple of years. Before coming to the Titans, Shonn Greene had back to back 1,000+ yard seasons averaging around 4YPC.

    They should most certainly cut him and let him try out the FA market and see what kind of contract he can get. Chances are nobody else is going to pay him big money unless they haven’t been paying attention to him lately and are just insane. They can free up his cap space and then probably get him back on a more friendly contract as a FA, offering a bit more than what the FA market is willing to pay him.

  18. Darn it is almost always the same. They get the big bucks and just lay down and milk it for the rest of their career.

  19. Chris, be thankful for what you have been paid already, I hope you spent wisely

    -every other running back, ever

  20. I really hope the titans keep him, and find better ways to ultilize him. But with his production the last 2 yrs it’s hard to argue against what the titans want to do… Which is re work his contract, pay cut. Chris you had a really good yr or two….and you got rewarded. But look at the facts, your production does not equal your production.. If the titans release you, no other team will not even come close to giving you 8 mil. The titans were fair to you when they rewarded you with the big contract, these past yrs I’m sure you have been living very nice, now it’s time to be fair to the titans and reduce your salary based on your production

  21. Players do much better going from the vikings to Seattle than going from Seattle to Minny. No doubt.

    Ask hutch or Percy. Percy still thinks he’s dreaming…a team carried him for a change.

    He can repay the team next year. With jarred Allen too perhaps.

  22. I would cut him. He’s a bum. He finally gets the big money contract he’s been whining for and then he disappears and becomes an average to below average player. What a lazy spoiled rotten greedy scum.

  23. What happened to Chris Johnson?

    The 2,000 yard season happened to him. If you look back on history, just about every single back in recent history that has managed a 2,000 yard season hasn’t been the same since.

    Adrian Peterson ran for over 2,000 yards in 2012. But last season he rushed for just over half of that, around 1200 yards.

    Chris Johnson ran for 2,000 yards in 2009. He’s been running for about half that much per season since then.

    Jamal Lewis ran for 2000 yards in 2003. He ran for about half that much for the rest of his career until he retired in 2009.

    Terrell Davis ran for 2000 yards in 1998, he never broke 1,000 yards after that.

    Barry Sanders ran for 2000 yards in 1997, ran for about 500 yards less the following season, and then retired to everyone’s shock. Maybe he knew something we all didn’t, based off of the track record of every 2000 yard runner so far.

    Eric Dickerson, the single season rushing leader ran for over 2000 yards in 1984. He ran for about 1,000 yards less in 2005, came back to run for 1800 yards in 1986, had an almost 1700 yard season in 1987, ran for 1300 yards in 1988 and then never rushed for 1,000 yards again for the rest of his career.

    OJ had a 2000 yard season in 1973. 1974 he ran for almost 1000 yards less. Came back in 1975 to run for 1800 yards, then had a 1500 yard season in 1976, and then never broke 1,000 yards for the rest of his carer.

  24. Ed Bandell CJ isn’t the same because he got paid and he no longer cares. He’s one of those guys fully about the money where he tries hard in his rookie contract and then slacks off after he gets paid.

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