DeSean Jackson could be on the outs in Philly

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After the 2013 season ended, Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson said he wants a new contract.  And he may get one.

Just not in the way he envisioned.

With Jackson due to make $10.5 million in 2014 and the Eagles re-signing Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin at much lower rates, the Eagles could be ready to move on from Jackson.  Geoff Mosher of explained the various factors during a Wednesday appearance on PFT Live, which include:  (1) coach Chip Kelly’s aversion to small receivers; (2) Kelly’s aversion to me-first players; and (3) Jackson’s periodic unusual behavior, such as the recent theft of guns, jewelry, and $250,000 in cash from his home.

While a trade would be the first option, who would give up $10.5 million in 2014 for Jackson?  Unless he’s willing to restructure his contract (and he possibly would be so inclined only if he were getting a raise), the Eagles could have a hard time finding a partner.

Which means that the only way to part ways with Jackson would be to cut him.

Dumping him with a post-June 1 designation would result in a cap hit of only $2 million in 2014 and $4 million in 2015.  It also would create $10.5 million that could be spent in 2014 or later on other players, like perhaps quarterback Nick Foles, who’ll be eligible for a new deal after the coming season.

Mosher said during PFT Live that Jackson could be “one false step away” from being cut.  With tight end Zach Ertz expected to play the slot and Cooper and Maclin under contract, it could be an easy move for the team to make — especially with a buyer’s market in free agency and a deep draft at the receiver position.

64 responses to “DeSean Jackson could be on the outs in Philly

  1. DeSean Jackson wouldn’t even be a #2 reciever on the Vikings.

    Cordarelle Patterson = Future Randy Moss
    Greg Jennings = Future Chris Carter

    WE have the best receiving core in the NFL, not to mention the Pro-Bowl MVP Kyle Rudolph.

  2. Welcome to Free Agency, DeDone (in Philly) Jackson.

    You won’t see close to 10 mill per for another team.

    Teams will sign you a to a cap friendly hit, just in case you decide to hold out again.

  3. If he leaves…he leaves….

    but as a packer fan…we thank you for Miracle at the Meadowlands part 2

  4. LOL at one false step away from being cut . He will be signed by another team quickly . Great receivers in their prime never reach the open market . Jackson might be a prima donna , like most good receivers it seems , but the demand is though the roof .

  5. DeSean is a “me me me” player and couldn’t care less about winning. He’d be perfect in Minnesota where he could collect his paycheck and NEVER go to the playoffs.

    Bag of dirt > viking franchise

  6. Desean Jackson gets his house broken into….labeled a notch on his “behavior”

    hmmmmmm #Subliminal

  7. No way that clown is worth 10.5 million. On June 2nd he is a goner. Chip Kelly proved last year he can have success and now he will have even greater leverage on management to part ways with guys he doesn’t like.

  8. He’s the highest paid player on the team and he was complaining about money, not a good way to keep your team interested in you for the long-term. And there are a lot of teams with large cap space that might be willing to splurge and do a deal, but the best trade deal is going to be finding a way to package him with other players and finding the right trade partner that is willing to eat up some space if they are getting multiple players of interest in return.

  9. To all of you asking about whether his being robbed should be dubbed as unusual behavior on his part, you obviously dont remember the story – and you apparently think holding $250k in cash is normal…

  10. Don’t forget about Arrellius Benn. Yeah, he’s made of glass, but he’s a big body that flashed potential the few times he was on the field in Tampa. If he is healthy, he could be a solid number three wideout, with Maclin and Cooper as the one/two.

  11. It doesn’t make sense to cut Desean in 2014. They will be well under the cap and you need insurance on the chance Maclin has lingering problems from his injury or Cooper doesn’t flash like he did last year.

    2015? If they have to pay Foles and Maclin performs and Desean’s $$ go up even more? Yes, he will be gone.

    So what this means is in 2014 the Eagles would be willing to trade Desean if the right offer came in.

    Outside of that, the good news is Desean is motivated by money…and he has (a new agent) who will let him know this is essentially contract year…Desean will go #10mode all year.

  12. This is a load of shenanigans, and here’s why this is due to a slow NFL news week:

    1. His house being broken into isn’t a reflection on him. He’s rich, and someone wanted something in his house. That’d be like blaming a woman for getting raped because she’s attractive.

    2. He’s PRODUCTIVE. He just had a career year. Maybe Kelly likes large receivers, but he had Cooper. And while decent, and large, Cooper isn’t nearly the receiver Jackson is.

    3. He came back and said he didn’t ask for a new contract. Regardless of what he originally might have said, his latest comment is that he’s ok with what he’s being paid.

    4. The Eagles have more than enough cap space to pay him.

  13. If you like clown music green bay is your destination! They play clown music to make it sound like they are in the Mall of America Metrodump..they don’t have to do that anymore.

  14. Maybe I’m missing something but how does his house being robbed equate to unusual behavior on his part?

  15. Did somebody just call DeSean “Golden Tate Lite?”

    Somebody is clearly smoking rocks.

  16. Why would a playoff team with $26 million in cap room cut their best receiver this off-season? If they need cap space for Foles, Cox, Kendricks and Boykins next off-season they can cut or trade DeSean then.

  17. Speculation from a talking head. No more, no less.

    He doesn’t even pretend to have any inside information, he just speculates based upon things he believes about the organization.

    Much ado about nothing. There is no chance the Eagles get rid of Jackson. None.

  18. Lol at those reasons. Kelly’s aversion to small WRs?? That’s all he had at Oregon. Small to mid size burners. Kinda like…desean! Also, he got robbed and that’s something the team is concerned about?? What a draconian organization. How bizarre.

  19. Jackson and Vick in Oakland?

    I’m sure DeSean wouldn’t mind getting back to Cali.

    Put everything else into building the D and Oline and get our QB next year….

  20. Mosher is off the tracks, and honestly it’s getting ridiculous. He twisted a quote and has singlehandedly turned this into a “story”. He should have his journalist privileges taken away.

    Jackson is the reason why Cooper is now richer, he is a straight up baller who takes the top off the coverage and allows the # 2 and # 3 receiver to flourish. Also to mention he bought into Kelly’s system and became a GOOD blocker (past Desean threw half hearted blocks)

    Also about “asking for more money” he asked to restructure his contract to get more guaranteed money, not more overall money. He also didn’t bring it up on his own, he was asked. If anyone on here was asked do you think you deserve to make more money 99.9% of the people would say yes, minus the crackhead who called DeSean “Golden Tate Lite” . He’d be in the corner eating glue.

  21. He was asked if he thought he deserved an extension after the year he had and he answered honestly and said yes. This reads like he stormed into lurie’s office and demanded more money. Desean is not going to be cut. This team had a huge year offensively and Desean was a big part of it, in year two with Kelly and he may lead the league in yardage.

  22. I have been an Eagles fan my entire life, and I cannot stand Desean. Unfortunatley, he is essential in stretching the field and the attention he gets allows other receiving options to get open. I would love to see him traded, but it will not happen. Although, it is apparently a very deep WR class, so you never know. Chip Kelley is anyting but conventional. If they could pry Ward or Byrd for Jackson, that would be ideal, but don’t see it happening. He will be an Eagle is 2014-2015.

  23. Granted Jackson is a turd.. no one really disputes that but the fact is he can stretch the field like no one else on the team. And Chip has an “aversion” to that?

  24. “Who would be willing to give the money Jackson is totally worth”

    He was top 10 in receiving yards and made top ten WR money, he’s fairly paid. Stop trying to write a different narrative.

  25. I wouldn’t mind the Eagles cutting Jackson. It’s the only dude on that team that ever does anything against us.

  26. While I agree he’s a me first player. I laugh at all u philly fans saying he can leave and we will be fine. He required double coverage and when there was none, he burnt any corner one on one. As a jets fan I would love to have a playmaker like that.

  27. There is a 0 percent chance they trade desean jackson hes the only proven WR on the eagles roster we dont know if maclin is going to be 100 percent and even if he is 100 percent hes not as good as desean and the stats obviously show it, hes a star WR in his prime hes been to 3 pro bowls in 6 years and hes makin 10 million the eagles have 26 million free why would they cut him? Riley cooper has 860 yards and 8 touchdowns a solid year… But he doesnt come close to that if desean isnt on the other side

  28. Desean is the best WR on this team and fits kellys scheme has we saw last year 82 catches 1300 plus yards 8 touchdowns cooper and maclin have never even come close to those numbers people make no sense he has a pissy attitude but hes still a great player

  29. add cutting Jackson to the list of crap that will never happen.

    There is more than enough regular cap room for the birds to sign all draft picks and add a few big name FA (if they desire).
    Cutting Jackson would guarantee them only one WR on the roster through 2015, being Cooper.
    The boom or bust on Maclin would either mean he couldn’t cut it, or blew up. Then they would need to pay through the nose for Maclin.

    I think the resigning of both Maclin and Cooper while having DeSean only means Kelley is more than satisfied with his current offense.

    Unless they receive a deal that would offer them a 1st rounder + so they could replace DeSean, there’s no way i see this happening.

    At most, an upfront bump in DeSean’s guaranteed money and a restructure

  30. He was making 10 mill in 2012 also when Maclin outproduced him by a wide margin. DeSean wasn’t even in the top 50.

    If Maclin is truly healthy, Desean will be reduced to being the second receiving option, not the first.

    DeSean was Vick’s favorite target last year and saw his catches drop off significantly after Vick was benched.

    In the 5 games Vick started Jackson had 3 100 yard games. He only had 2 100 yard games the rest of the way.

    In the last 5 games of the season, if you take away the 195 yards in the Vikings game where noone tackled anyone and the eagles racked up 48 points, he averaged 38 yards a game.

  31. Yeah! Take away the 195 receiving yards, matter of fact take away all the receptions he had when it wasn’t windy, also all the ones when it was windy. Take away all the yards when he was the second option in the route tree, as well as the first and third.

    See the guy had 0 receptions for 0 yards and 0 TD’s. He’s a bum, trade him.

  32. Not sure why some people suggest us trading him for Ward/Byrd when they are both free agents.

    That said, he isn’t going anywhere unless it’s for a first round pick, and I can’t see that happening. However, crazier things have happened.

  33. Hey,,

    what were DeSean’s stats against the Redskins last year??

    11 receptions, 184yds, 1 td
    Two Victories,
    and a nice divisional title.

  34. 82 catches, 1332 yards and 27 years old aren’t the stats where nobody would pay him $10.5m. A lot of teams with young QBs looking for weapons out there.

  35. I don’t want to see him leave. He is a pro-bowl player and our best receiver in many years. Unless things go well in the draft, I would not get rid of him. Maclin is coming back from injury and Cooper is good, but not one of the best.

  36. We knew he would be trouble when we got him and it doesn’t sound like it really hasn’t gotten any better on or off the field! And really everyone, Did he do anything terrific this Year???? See Yea DeSean! Glad to see you go… Wwe need TEAM Players Not ME PLAYERS! Eagles are playing as a TEAM NOW! Everyone has each others back, BUT DeSean!


  37. stop talking about a trade for byrd or ward and jackson!!! WARD AND BYRD ARE FREE AGENTS THERE SIGNING WHERE THEY PLEASE AND CANT BE SWAPPED FOR A PLAYER. C ‘ MON MAN!

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