Greg Hardy’s not complaining about his franchise tag


Greg Hardy still wants a long-term deal from the Panthers, and the Panthers would likely prefer that to having him sitting on their salary cap at $13.1 million for the season.

But their franchise-tagged defensive end said Wednesday he wasn’t complaining about the tag, since he signed it Tuesday to guarantee the amount.

We’re going on good faith like we have been this whole time,” Hardy said, via David Newton of “People have been talking trash about me, talking about blah, blah, blah . . . [I want] bucket loads of cash. Oh, I’m not coming back. I’m full of crap.

“I signed a tender like I said I would. You’re really 100 percent incorrect if you don’t think I’m excited about $13.1 [million].”

Of course, he’ll make far more than that on a long-term deal, with more security, but the former sixth-round pick is taking the high road for now.

“It’s a lot better than a million dollars,” he said. “It’s a lot better than no million dollars. I’m pretty excited about it. It helps that I’m a sixth-round draft pick and ain’t got no money. It’s pretty cool to be the guy they waste a franchise tag on, because you’ve only got one.

“I could see the dislike in it. You don’t get the deal and you do have to play out your thing, but that’s what I’ve been doing for four years. I’m used to it.”

There’s some degree of pressure on the Panthers to find a solution, since they currently have more than 20 percent of their total salary cap tied up in Hardy and fellow defensive end Charles Johnson. But at least they don’t have to worry about unhappy rich defensive ends.

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  1. I never understand why players do complain about them. The multi-year deals are no more security than the one year whopper salary they’re getting, and often the guaranteed money in a “long term deal” isn’t far off from that one year haul. Especially when they get it a couple of years in a row, I wouldn’t complain at all.

  2. 13.1 million

    Which is 262 times what someone making 50k a year makes.

    And 655 times what someone making 20k a year makes.

    For 1 year’s work.

    Anyone who wouldn’t be satisfied with that guaranteed payday for one year would be a walking bag of greed.

  3. Seeing as he had pen to the paper, before the ink on the contract was dry, why would he complain?

    The reason guys do complain about the franchise tag, is he knows where he is next season, but what about the year after that.

    The pay day is nice, but knowing where you’re family is going to be for seasons to come is nicer.

    Then there is the whole injury factor, if a player tears an ACL the year he is tagged, it really hurts the numbers on him in FA next year.

    Also nitpickers that feel they deesrve more $ than the tag, point out oh I was lined up at WR not TE or DE not LB.

  4. The fact is, he doesn’t know where his family is going to be on a long term deal. Do you not see “player X cut for salary cap reasons in these headlines everyday?” Back in 2011, he signed a 6 year/$xxx deal. So why’s he getting cut 2 years into it, only getting that guaranteed portion of the deal that is usually not much more than what they make on the franchise tag?

  5. I could stand a little geographic uncertainty for $13.1 million. Apparently, Hardy thought he could, too. He could still be a Panther 5 years from now.

  6. If you read the Michael Oher stuff before the book, Hardy was supposed to also be a top 10 pick.

    Here is a guy who promised millions and for whatever reasons fell to the 6th round and had to EARN it and he knows it.

    I bet he feels proud for that as he well should. So no, why would he complain?

    He climbed back up the mountain…

  7. Guy is clearly a hard worker, coming from being a 6th round pick to now one of the most dominant DL in the league. Panthers would be wise to lock this guy up.

  8. Players that are worthy enough to get “franchised” are less likely getting cut two years into, unless there are huge issues like Haynesworth.

    Yes anyone can be cut at ay time. Would you rather have a 1 years 13.1?

    5 year 50 Million with 15 guaranteed?He still has a chance to make the other 35 million over 4 years. I understand its unlikely he sees the whole contract duration,

    But if he tears an ACL next year under the tag he WONT get a chance to make that 35 million up in that span.

    I was just explaining why players gripe about the tag, to the first comment.

  9. You can look at a few case studies on the tag, and the different potential outcomes:

    Brees: didn’t sign the tender, but got a long term deal done
    Byrd: signed the tender later, played out the year, had a good season, and stands to get a pretty sweet deal in FA this offseason
    Melton: signed the tender relatively early, tore his ACL, got arrested, and is now a giant question mark going into FA

    I’m sure there are guys who got the tender, had mediocre seasons, and went into FA as a mid-range guy, but none spring to mind. The guys who refuse to sign the tag, and hold out until the end of preseason (or at least until the team breaks camp) stand the most risk of injury, and the range of outcome is not much different than the three guys above.
    The tag is not ideal for the players or the team. But it does what it was designed to do: keep special players from walking away from a team without a chance to re-sign them.

  10. It’s refreshing to see and I get why everyone likes it being the typical American won’t make that in their lifetime, but this is not ideal business solution for Hardy. Yes he has a good “attitude” and good “perspective” but this only benefits the team not Hardy. They get another year to test him out, rent him and wear him out.

    Look at Joe Flaco….in the last year of his deal he’ll be way overpaid at $20mil per, but when he won the superbowl he was worth $50mil. You have to look at the life of the contract, which is what Hardy should do.

  11. This guy get’s it. Would be nice to see more players with a bit of common sense. Good luck to you Mr Hardy, good things will come your way.

  12. Panthers fans… let’s hope he is with us for years to come. He earned it on the field this year and from what I have seen at training camp practices in Spartanburg, he takes the time to joke around and talk to a lot of fans and sign autographs. Kraken, I told you that you could make the pro bowl!

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