Jake Locker not taking starting job for granted


For all the changes in Tennessee this offseason, the one guy who has seemed safe is quarterback Jake Locker.

But Locker said he’s not taking anything for granted, even though he has a mandate from the owner.

“You are competing for a job every day, whether you are announced the starter or not. So it doesn’t change how I approach day in and day out, and it won’t change how I go to practice. I am always pretending I am competing for a job because you are pushing yourself that way,” Locker said, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean. “It is nice to know you have the support. . . .

“I have tried to do everything the right way since I have been here and work hard to help our team have success, and I am excited about that opportunity to do it again this year.”

Locker’s still in a walking boot after surgery for a Lisfranc injury, and hasn’t put weight on the foot yet. He’ll have another surgery later this month to remove the hardware, and hopes to be cleared by OTAs in June.

Locker has always had the tools, but hasn’t had a consistent approach offensively, and hasn’t been able to stay on the field. If he can remain upright, the pairing with new coach Ken Whisenhunt could do for him what it did for Philip Rivers in San Diego last year, which would justify the confidence.

6 responses to “Jake Locker not taking starting job for granted

  1. Don’t worry titans fans, we still have Fiz-magic as a back up. lol. It was so dreadful watching Fizpatrick making a lil bit of a comeback in games last yr to only throw a interception at the end of the game to seal the deal for the other team. God I hope we at least draft a QB in later rds in this draft. I want Locker to succeed but with his history of injuries, you almost have to get a plan B..and C

  2. Maybe this latest injury is a blessing in disguise. Given how long it takes to fully recover from a Lisfranc injury, it’s safe to say Locker won’t have his 4.4/4.5 speed back yet when the season starts. Maybe, out of necessity, he will learn to rely almost completely on throwing from the pocket (with far fewer rollout passes and less taking off when his protection starts to break down).

    Titans legend Steve McNair didn’t become an intimidating pocket passer until the middle of his 7th season. And his legs were still dangerous for another 5 years. If Jake Locker can make the transition in this his 4th season? Comeback Player of the Year indeed.

  3. This guy was way overdrafted and it’s proven out that way. I’m an NFC fan with no opinion of the Titans. Seems to me that even when Locker isn’t hurt (which is rare), he isn’t very good. Definitely not consistent. I’m surprised they are giving him another shot.

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