James Jones feels there’s a chance he’ll return to Green Bay

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Most of the talk about wide receiver James Jones’ future has focused on what team he’ll play for after leaving the Packers as a free agent.

That includes Jones’ agent Frank Bauer’s belief that Packers General Manager Ted Thompson wants to move on without the wideout and try to extend the contracts of Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb instead. Jones, however, is trying to keep the faith.

He thinks Bauer’s comments were blown out of proportion and still believes that there can be a future in Green Bay, although he’s thinking about other possible landing spots at the same time.

“Honestly, I feel that there is a chance that I can be back, and then I honestly feel that there’s a chance that I can’t. This is the time where you just kind of wish that something would happen so you can know where you’re going,” Jones said on NFL Network. “I’ve thought about places that I would like to go play, whether it’s in Indy or there’s coming back home, San Diego or somewhere. Teams have popped up in my head. I can’t say I haven’t thought about it, but in a perfect world I’d love to go back [to Green Bay].”

There’s a finite amount of money that the Packers are going to spend at wide receiver and it appears that Nelson and Cobb are the players they want to pay. Unless the crowded group of free agent receivers leads to a low price tag for Jones, chances are that his future is going to be in another uniform.

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  1. I thought Thompson’s M.O. was build through the draft and retain those core players that you’ve developed??

    All Jones has done is improve drastically 20-25% from the season before every year. Unless there are other issues at hand that we don’t know about…

    Lions could use him, Giants would be another great fit for him, especially playing in the cold.

  2. Rick Spielman is watching this development closely.

    Between James Jones, Jermichael Finley, Sam Shields, and B.J. Raji, the Vikings have an even wider selection of Packer rejects they can jump at the chance to overpay than usual.

    Spielman must feel like a kid in a candy store!

  3. It would be nice to have James return to Green Bay. He’s a solid citizen, tough as nails(played a couple games last season with broken ribs, try it sometime) and was a main target for Rodgers. He would be an upgrade for 75% of the teams in the league. But with the high number of potential draftees, he likely won’t be seeing much FA action.

  4. Jones is a stud and has endeared himself to Packer fans the last few years since he shook the dropsies. I’m afraid he’ll be a victim of the numbers especially since Jarrett Boykin is starting to remind many of us of Donald Driver.

  5. The Packers priorities for re-signing their own unrestricted free agents should go like this:

    1.Sam Shields
    2. Evan Dietrich-Smith
    3. James Jones
    4. Finley (if healthy)
    5. BJ Raji
    6. James Starks
    7. Mike Neil
    8. Ryan Pickett

    Jones and Rodgers have a great chemistry and he is still young enough to have more productive years ahead. He also has great control of his ego which is important in such a diversified offense.

  6. “So you’re saying there’s a chance….”

    One of the better lines from the Dumb and Dumber movies.

    I can’t see a huge free agent market for him since he’s entering the latter part of his career and really isn’t a game changer WR. He had that 14 TD season a couple years back. He’d be a good complimentary piece, but you can probably find that in the draft a lot easier.

  7. James Jones is a solid 3rd WR so in reality, what is his value to another team? He would be paid fairly according to his production and the chance of winning another Superbowl is much higher in Green Bay than the chances of his former teammate, Craig Jennings.

  8. There are some players that are in the game just for the money, but most want to win. All available players, offense and defense, know the value of a good quarterback. An elite quarterback is harder to find than a good one. He named two teams with adequate quarterbacks, but he also knows his career would likely do better if he stayed in Green Bay with Rodgers. I guess we’ll see. I always liked this guy.

    PS….ignore the trolls. They will come…like lemmings.

  9. No way a guy with his qualities, on and off the field, doesn’t get a big payday from somebody. A pro’s pro, he’s the best FA receiver available.

  10. Jones might as well sign for less with the Pack then play anywhere else. Rodgers is the best QB in the league, and he will go no where elsewhere. His best bet is to take less and stay with the Packers as they are the best organization in the league with the best weather. Who wouldn’t want to play football outdoors in sub-zero wind chills? Take less to play with the Best !

  11. As a Packer fan who is generally on board with how Teddy runs things I must say that I would be disappointed if he leaves. I look at Denver as a solid example. When you have an elite QB, and it’s a solid argument that ARod has the superior arm over Peyton, you should provide him with depth in the receiving corps. The argument shouldn’t be about Boykin taking over at WR3. It should be about how best to utilize having 4 significant options at WR. And that is before you consider a TE option.

    I’ve thought they should go out and get Eric Decker or Hakeem Nicks.

    Either way, Jones has been a solid citizen and I wish him the best no matter where he ends up.

  12. Rodgers took all the money. The Packers believe they can insert anybody at WR and Rodgers will outscore the opponent. It did work for a single season. That was a while ago. And that time is long gone.

  13. Sam Shields. Yes. The rest of them, no thanks.
    I could see Decker going to minnesota and Jones ending up in Denver.

    Jones was the only complete receiver they had in green bay. Nelson can’t stay healthy and Cobb is just for speed. good luck with that. defense wins championships and they only thing they care about in green bay is how many points they can score to fill the stands and sell more ‘stock’.

    The math is simple. Sam Shields and James Jones want to get paid what they deserve. Ted Thompson wants to pay them what Chris Cook and Jerome Simpson deserve to get paid.

  14. Rodgers took all the money. The Packers believe they can insert anybody at WR and Rodgers will outscore the opponent. It did work for a single season. That was a while ago. And that time is long gone.

    The Packers are currently $34.7 million under the cap. What do you mean by “all the money?”

  15. spawnsacs says:
    Mar 5, 2014 9:47 AM
    Rodgers took all the money. The Packers believe they can insert anybody at WR and Rodgers will outscore the opponent. It did work for a single season. That was a while ago. And that time is long gone.

    The Packers are currently $34.7 million under the cap. What do you mean by “all the money?”
    You forgot to mention, that $34.7 mil ranks 5th best in the NFL. For all the haters who like to spout off that the Packers are in salary cap hell after signing both Rodgers and Matthews, the percentage of the salary cap to their top 3 players ranks in the top third of the NFL. You can hate on Ted Thompson all you want but he doesn’t over pay for players like the Vikings have done for Jared Allen ($17 mil), Craig Jennings ($10 Mil) and Christian Ponder (who would be overpaid after the first dollar)

  16. Cobb and Nelson deserve priority . . . . and that firestarter post on Spielman in the candy store was pretty good.

  17. The same scenario played out three years ago. The Packers weren’t going to set the market with him and let him test free agency. He eventually returned on a team-friendly deal when the interest wasn’t there. It’s possible that could happen with 50 WR’s on the market this year. Nobody is going to get a Mike Wallace contract this year, and the bargains on veteran WR’s will be plentiful.

    I think that might also be why they are waiting to extend Nelson and Cobb. Let’s see what the WR market looks like and use those numbers for comparison, rather than what Wallace and Jennings got last year.

  18. Jones has a lot of tread still left for a 30-year-old. He came in the league a bit older and wasn’t too involved right away… I think he would be a steal for whoever signs him. As good as any player in the league in bringing down contested balls.

  19. “whatjusthapped says:
    Mar 5, 2014 8:23 AM

    …James Jones is a solid 3rd WR so in reality, what is his value to another team..?”

    Probably get $8-10M in Minnehaha.

  20. Hey, James, trying to stay on a team with 13 NFL championships makes some sense. Being thrown to by a future hall of famer makes some sense. Making another deep run into the playoffs after winning the NFC North for the umpteenth times makes some sense.

    Let the clown music play.

  21. Lets not james jones into packer rejects that the vikings will sign. He is a nice talent but even a greater man who caught in a numbers game.

    Truth is if the Packers want to reach a superbowl level the better ger the D moving in a Super Bowl direction.

    James Jones has a big heart and we as packers fans should wish him the best.

    The vikings would not sign him becuase he has character plays with heart two traits the queens never look for in players ..

    As for Lazy no heart Raji , or the Diva finley these are the queens priorities.

  22. I laugh out loud at the Vikings fans who feel it necessary to slam the Packers. It’s all out of jealousy of course, because just like the real Vikings, their team might as well be extinct, too.
    Face it, Vikings and Lions fans — you’re franchises are like pigs stuck in the mud — wallowing in their own ignorance.
    At least the Bears fans can say their teams have been relevant in recent years. That’s more than the Vikings and Lions can say. The only time they get to look at Championship trophies is when they visit Lambeau Stadium. The Packers have won 13 championships, more than any other team.
    So, scoff all you want and make those whiny, sarcastic remarks. The Packers are still the greatest franchise in NFL history and no amount of whiny comments can change that.

  23. When asked what are the 3 things most important to Jones

    1. Money/security 2. Winning 3.Playing with a Great QB. That takes Minnesota out of it if he is being honest.

    I would love to have him back, but I don’t know if the Packers can pay him what he feels he is worth.

    Having him back would mean the Packers can say with ease they have one of the top 3 WR group in the league.

  24. I loved JJ. But think its a smart move on the Packers, and they rarely make smart moves: ex. Datone Jones, James worthless worthy and Perry , examples of stupid draft picks by Ted T.

    By the middle of last season JJ lacked separation. He had dbacks all over him and his ability to go deep went away. I heard he had a calf injury but do you play a guy who is running half speed?
    I think he lost about a step and a half due to age and it ain’t coming back. His forte was to break out in the open and thats gone. Adious James.

  25. I hope the Jets sign him he can be a good No. 2 receiver and GB doesn’t need him after Boykin stepped up as the No. 3 receiver when Jones was injured.

  26. Wherever he ends up (hopefully in Green Bay), I wish him the best of luck. He is a decent reciever who knows the responsibility of being a role model in the league.

  27. Teams didn’t want to do a big contract with James Jones at 26, do you honestly think they’ll break the bank for him pressing 30?

    Having said that, JJ does everything right, from a 3rd receivers perspective. Downfield blocking, catching in traffic, and he still has enough burst to give you a little something between the 20’s.

    Ted was smart to let him go out and set the market for himself. Leaving Green Bay with enough wiggle room to sign him afterwards. I hope they do because he is a pro and a solid citizen.

    One last thing, clown music in Green Bay?
    What do they play in Minnesota, Taps?

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