Jared Allen looking for “chance to win” and “fair contract”


There aren’t many people who think that defensive end Jared Allen is going to return to the Vikings next season and nothing he said during an interview on Wednesday is going to change their minds.

Allen told Bruce Murray and Rich Gannon of Sirius XM NFL Radio that he believes he has a lot of good football left and “a chip on his shoulder” toward those who believe otherwise. He also discussed what he’s looking for in a place to play that good football.

“I think for my next team it will come down to a chance to win, a good organization, as well as getting a fair contract,” Allen said.

If Allen’s definition of a fair contract is one that would allow him to move into more of a situational role, there will likely be a lot of interest from teams with a better chance to win than the Vikings. There were conflicting reports about the Seahawks being interested in a trade for Allen before the deadline last year and they’d certainly qualify for the first two things that Allen’s looking for in free agency.

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  1. “Chance to win” means “Get me the hell out of Minnesota!! There is ZERO chance to win there.”…..

    It’s hilarious that EVERYONE wants out of that pathetic franchise.

  2. Well there went my dreams of seeing him in the silver and black . Why is winning so important to some of these guys ?

  3. The Vikings have a lot of respect for Jared Allen and his hardwork while in Minnesota, but it’s time to move on.

    We have 35 million in cap space to fix our secondary and patch up the little spots on defense to be a top 5 Defense under Mike Zimmer – which he has happened under him the past 3 years.

    Michael Johnson will be his replacement and will sign cheaper than JA would have and he’s in his prime.

    All of this will ultimately lead to us hoisting a Lombardi trophy in the next 3 years.

    Can’t you feel it guys? I can already see the purple and gold confetti flying down.

  4. He definitely ruled the Vikings out when he said chance to win and a good organization

  5. Good luck with that.
    Diminished pass rushing skills….check.
    Never very good against the run and now worse….check.
    Sees himself as every down DE…..not anymore.
    Great player in his hey day but the times they be a changin’.
    Good luck!

  6. sorry to see you go Jared. You were fun to watch and a great asset to the team. Best of luck.

  7. These recent comments and embrace the suck are all you need to know about the futility of the vikequeens.

  8. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him go to the falcons. If they get healthy, draft some o-lineman and signed Allen. They definitely have a chance at losing to the Seahawks in the divisional round.

  9. See you, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Overpriced, money could be used elsewhere, major decline for him, really REALLY hope Seattle picks him up for a ton of $$$$$$

  10. I was hoping he would like to be a Raider, since he would be close to home town (morgan hill) but I don’t think he considers the oakland as a place with a chance at winning.

  11. “A chance to win”.

    That’s just his way of saying he wants to get the heck out of Minnesota.

    On a related note, the reason the Vikings sign so many ex-Packers is because they already have their Super Bowl rings and don’t care about winning anymore.

  12. Smart move by Allen wanting to leave a franchise that has no hopes of ever even getting to mediocre status. Bet he’s wishing he made this move before signing his last contract.

  13. I’m biased but based on what I’ve observed as a Viking fan the past couple seasons, his best days are behind him. He seemed to be the king of the non-game changing sacks, when the D needed a big play you couldn’t find him with a searchlight, but in garbage time he could pressure a QB like no ones business. Seemed like a good locker room guy and teammate, but still living the rock star life off the field and it seems to have an effect on his play. Good Luck Jared it was fun cheering for you!

  14. Obviously the Vikings are out of the equation for Jared. His criteria is everything that the Vikings organization opposes. He fleeced the organization for huge money over the past several years. Now he wants to win.

  15. The Historic Minnesota Vikings ultimately created what football is today.

    From the first mobile quarterback – Fran Tarkenton.

    To the first dominant defense – the Purple People Eaters.

    We revolutionized what the NFL is today.

    Every franchise is now trying to emulate these trends we started from such a long time ago.

    We were ahead of our time, and will always be the best franchise in sports.

  16. As a Viking fan, I have to admit that Allen’s comments about “a chance to win” hurts because its true.

    I hate to see Allen leave, but the reality of it is that Allen deserves a chance to win a Super Bowl now. The Vikings would be better suited to either resign Everson Griffen or go after Michael Johnson.

    Good luck, Jared, and thanks for six outstanding years.

  17. The guy is (2) years removed from a 20+ sack season. I think its a fairly safe assessment that he has a couple pretty stellar years left in him.

  18. I don’t blame him, his tank is getting low, and wants a chance to win. I don’t blame.

    They should also trade Peterson, and get something for him, because I don’t think he can win the title with them.

  19. Love him as a player, it is sad he will not be with us when we win the championship in our new stadium. Best of luck 69! Sorry to hear you are leaving the best team in the NFL…

  20. there are 3 teams that I think he goes too 1. Seahawks, 2. Denver 3. New England.

    those are the best teams that fit him and are a win right now teams

  21. He was a sax machine for the greatest franchise in all of sports, he’ll be sorry when AP is hoisting the Lombardi trophy within the next 3 years! SKOL!

  22. If he signs with the Vikings, he is a loyal, hardworking player who still has a lot to offer.

    If he signs anywhere else, he is a useless, ungrateful player who should have quit last year.

    Just kidding.

    I just wanted to try the Packer fan point of view for resigning your team’s free agents.

  23. Don’t think they will, but I’d love to see the Pats bring him in as a situational rusher. They can’t count on Chandler Jones and Rob Ninkovich to play 98% of the snaps again, and reducing Allen’s workload a little will likely extend his career. I think Seattle proved how well the “strength in numbers” approach works for a pass rush.

  24. I think the guy has plenty left in the tank. He’s a pure pass rusher and if he has 11.5 sacks and you say that is a “down year,” heck, that’s a great season for a lot of guys in the league.

    He’ll have no problem finding a job as getting to the QB now is more important than ever in this evolving football game.

    I wish the Ravens were in a better position to get a guy like him, but we’ve got cap space issues and other guys we need to sign. We still have Dumervil and Suggs, bot both have proven to be a bit fragile and erratic in play this past season so I am sure Allen could have seen a lot of downs at DE or at an OLB spot on passing downs.

  25. Say what you want about Minnesota. It’s not often you let a guy get paid in FULL on the last year of his contract when it was the size of Allen’s. Best of luck no matter where he ends up.

    His support for the Military is worth every penny. Would love to see the night time golf fundraisers he puts on.

  26. Actually the Pats are looking for a 3rd quality DE to share snaps with Jones and Ninkovich, both of whom played 98% of the DE snaps last season.

    NE would match all of Allen’s needs. He’d be with a winning organization, he get a lot of snaps in pass rush situations, but not too many. There have been a long history of Vets a the end of the road, who had a very nice couple of years playing a big role with the Pats. Jared Allen could be one of them.

  27. Pretty apparent the Vikings should trade up and draft Clowney.

    He can make an immediate impact, and then the Vikings can trade him in a couple years just like they did, after ignoring all the red flags, with Percy Harvin.

  28. For all the energized Seahawk fans who think that they’re the next dynasty consider this–there’s no doubt if healthy your secondary stays healthy they’ll still be the best in the NFL BUT you have two DT’s-McDaniel & McDonald that are about to be FA’s, Red Bryant was cut, Chris Clemons is probably going to get, & you still haven’t re-signed Michael Bennett who wants to get paid top dollar. It’s not like he’s going to take less to be on a winning team since he’s young & just won a SB.

    Yes the Seahawks were the best team in the NFL last year BUT only one play better than the Niners in game @ home. The Seahawks will still be damn good but all I’m saying is that repeating isn’t going to be as easy as some of you think…

  29. Welker said the same thing last year, wanted to go to a team where he could win a ring. How’d that work out? Be careful what you wish for, Jared…he won’t go to Denver. Why would he go to a team that just got steamrolled a month ago.

  30. It’s been a pleasure cheering for him, I wish him the best, any weekend he’s not playing against my Vikings.

    He’s been a gentleman and a workhorse for six years. I hope he finds what he’s looking for, if he doesn’t, I hope he’ll be welcomed back to finish his career here.

    A lot will depend on how FA goes, he may draw a final big contract, but I suspect given his age, he will have to settle for a 2 year contract with incentives.

    I wish him the best.

  31. As a Dallas fan, as much as we could use him, he might as well pass us up. The only thing we have a chance to win is dumbest GM award as long as skeletor is behind the wheel of this bus. Hell, we aren’t even on the road to victory, more like the road to a demolition derby 🙁

  32. OK well we all know that the word around the league is that seattle is all about competing and having guys that have a “chip on their shoulder” ala just about everyone on the team from Russell to angry Doug Baldwin.

    So Allen is sending JS a clear signal there no doubt. “I have a chip on my shoulder and want to win.” Translation: I want to be a seattle seahawk. I was talking with my boy Chris Maragos on the phone the other day and damn that sounds like fun.

    “I’ll come cheap so you can sign other guys and we can win another SB.”

    The thing is he was an every down player in minny. In Seattle he will be a situational pass rusher and play way less snaps so his aging body can stay fresh and clean. A perfect fit really.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if we let Clem and his 9 mill go and plus with JA for 5.

  33. Hope he finds a place in Denver, always been one of my favorite players. Dudes story is impressive, out of a no-name college in Idaho to NFL top talent DE.

  34. The Vikings are always taking the Packers free agents, I say it’s time to return the favor!

    Can you imagine Allen and Rodgers on the same team? The facial hair possibilities would be unlimited…

  35. Too funny, here it is a column on a Viking player, nothing to do with the Seahawks and a poster goes off on how the Seahawk defense won’t be as good this season as last.

    Seahawk defense must be giving opposing fans nightmares for them to be posting in a Viking forum about them.

    Defense will be just as good if not better than last season, and the offense will be improving.

    Hope you keep up with those nightmares… the reality will be worse.

  36. We would welcome him in Buffalo, where he would line up with Marcell Dareus, Kyle Williams and Mario Williams. That front line would be hands down the most complete defensive line in the league.

  37. Ghost I agree, but you seem unaware that we redshirted a couple dt’s from last year(Jordan Hill, Jesse Williams) and have a second year guy in Gregg scruggs who has bulked up to 311 from 285 while he was hurt and not really needed.

    All three seem poised to step in, we shall see. But it isn’t like JS and PC aren’t smarter than all of us and don’t have a solid plan. They are and they do.

    Not even counting FAs that will come here under market value to win and have fun going it. Ask Bennett and Avril how much they enjoy their lives ATM. Bet its more than most around the league. Money is only part of the equation.

  38. Allen come to the Seahawks on a short term contract like Bennett/Avril last year. He got 11.5 sacks while getting double teamed and playing on a team with a terrible secondary.

    To people pointing the loss of D-lineman. I am sure you don’t know Seattle drafted and redshirted Jesse Williams/Jordan Hill last year. They also have Greg Scruggs coming back from injury who bulked up to 315 from 285 and is an athletic freak. If Michael Bennett leaves for big dollars you think they will still lose Clem?? Keep dreaming, not to mention Bruce Irvin can play DE or keep competing with Super Bowl MVP for OLB spot.

  39. another seattle farm team player is ready for the big time. goood! GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    now it makes sense why we cut red bryant!

  40. The Packers have a lot of respect for players that have come and gone. Plenty of players have come and gone with fans respecting them.

    If you go to a big rival in attempt to “stick it to the old team,” Of course fans are going to be upset.

    Of course Viking fans will never admit that, mostly cause they are delusional.

  41. If the NFL were serious about raising the quality of it’s teams, they’d trade the Vikings to the CFL for the Saskatchewan Rough Riders and a bottle of Rebel Yell.

  42. Veteran minimum – report to camp with Rooks and Free Agents….oh and by the way – any more cookbooks and you are cut. Immediately.

  43. I’d rather have Clemons restructure to around 5 mil and stay with Seattle than have Allen at the same price. Clemons picked up the left tackle of the Cardinals…off the ground…and THREW him at Carson Palmer in a game this year! Is Allen that strong and athletic? And Clems knee will be a season stronger. No way, bro. That’s a downgrade.

  44. I am a big Jared Allen fan and a die hard Vikings fan. I hate to think of him leaving but realize that its just a matter of time. The Vikings are rebuilding and Jared has been a faithful part of oooohhh…. 2-3 rebuilding phases within this organization. I hope that we have finally gotten a competent coaching staff that can get us past “rebuilding”. Good luck to JA, I hope things go well for you! I’m certain that any team that gets you will benefit from it! Skol!

  45. I would love to see Mr. Allen in a Seahawks uniform. I would bet that San Francisco would also love to have him there to rotate with Justin Smith. Either team is a good fit for his talent and ambitions.

  46. I am seriously considering petitioning to have the Vikings removed from the Seahawks Farm System.

    After Allen leaves they will no longer have any junior talent worth pursuing!

  47. Minnesota can’t possibly fit him and all the unrestricted packer free agents under contract can they …

    Mr Spielman has his work cut out for him …

  48. As a Vikings fan, I hate to see him go. He has a non-stop motor and is definitely an asset to the team.
    That said, he is 31, and is not the player he was, even a few years ago.
    I could see him as a situational player….but not an every down guy.
    The Vikings are rebuilding, and want to sign guys who have more tread left on the tires that Jared Allen does.
    I wish him nothing but the best, and thank him for the years he gave to the Vikings.
    God Bless

  49. The Pack would love to have him, but there is about 8 million reasons they won’t. Datone Jones is looking to up his 22 snaps per season next year..

  50. Packer killer??

    Packers went 8-4-1 against you ladies during Allen’s time with the queens. Can ANYONE in purple get the facts straight? I’m gonna start charging for all these corrections. Jeesh.

  51. Ironic how their some Vikings fans know they will be hoisting a Lombardi in the next 3 years.

    You guys don’t even know your starting QB is next season.

  52. Come to Green Bay Jarred Allen. Green Bay=Success. We went almost undefeated last year, and did well in the play-offs ! Go Pack Go !

  53. No chance he winds up in Seattle. Unlike Mike Holmgren, Carroll and Schneider don’t spend a ton of money on past-their-prime pass-rushers. They’ll look in-house instead at guys who were on IR (like Greg Scruggs) or guys who didn’t get a lot of playing time or who were on the practice squad (Benson Mayowa and Michael Brooks).

  54. This is a big double whammy. First, he insults the Viking organization by saying he wants a chance to win. Pretty obvious that he sees the Vikings as the rest of the NFL does, a substandard franchise that has never won a Superbowl, finished in last place in their division in two out of the last 3 years and the with no NFL Qb on the roster, the next few years look real lean.

    The second whammy is that most NFL franchises don’t offer the wide array of dining choices that the roadkill along side the state highways of Minnesota has to offer. So he really must want to leave if he is going to forgo that.

  55. if seattle loses bennett then i would go after allen on 2yr 10 mill total deal

    he still has got sumthing left

  56. imagine how good Allen could be with the legion of boom secondary behind him??? go get a ring in Seattle Jared.

  57. Seattle would take him only he they couldn’t sign Bennett and Allen would accept 8m as a “fair” contract. He’d get a 1 year contract.

  58. I’m thinking the re-signing of Bennett makes a bit of a difference in Allen coming to Seattle, but a one year “I wanna ring” deal isn’t out of the question.

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