Report: Bills won’t play in Toronto this year


In December, there were suggestions from Bills CEO Russ Brandon that the team would move to abandon their annual game in Toronto in favor of playing all eight home games at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Such a move appeared to be very difficult thanks to the five-year renewal of the agreement to play the games across the border that the Bills signed in 2013. Difficult or not, the Bills and Brandon appear to have pulled it off.

Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News reports that the Bills are expected to announce that they won’t play a game in Toronto during the 2014 season and that they will play their entire home schedule in Buffalo as a result. Per Gaughan, they have been “working diligently” with Toronto partner Rogers Media about moving this year’s game back to the U.S..

It’s unclear if this would be a permanent end to the series or a mere hiatus after the team played in Canada for the last six seasons. They’ve won just one of those games and there have been complaints about the lack of a home field advantage when the team takes the field at Rogers Centre. That won’t be the case at an eighth game at the Ralph.

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  1. Bills fans in Toronto rather go to Buffalo to watch a game. I went to the first game of the series against Miami, and there was very clearly more Dolphins fans.

  2. This is great news. Last year the Atlanta game killed us in Toronto. If we had played in Buffalo I think it would have def been a W. An extra game in December sounds awesome. Beer, awesome fans, home field advantage. Hopefully this gives us the extra win or two to get over that playoff hump.

  3. I’m suspecting this is more about last season’s game in Toronto likely being directly responsible for interfering with a flex the NFL wanted to likely do in Week 13:

    From all indications, NBC and the NFL had planned to flex out Giants-Redskins in favor of Cardinals-Eagles, only it would have created big-time problems because apparently, games at FedEx Field can’t be moved to 1:00 PM for whatever reason (local laws or stadium issues) and can only be scheduled for 1:00 PM well ahead of time. This would have forced Giants-Redskins to 4:05 PM and created a situation where FOX had three games in that slot and just two in the 1:00 PM ET slot that Sunday (the late slot on the singleheader network can only go to a maximum of 50% of the country total) due to the fact the NFL could not move Falcons-Bills (the game in Toronto) to 1:00 PM due to that game airing nationally in Canada (and that has to either be a 4:05 PM ET or Thursday night game). That forced the NFL to keep Giants-Redskins on Sunday Night Football and keep Cardinals-Eagles at 1:00 PM on FOX that Sunday.

    This could wind up being blowback from that particular situation last year.

  4. Poor Attendance vs. Poor Product On Field

    Both are low & both play off of the other! Fans in WNY are Rabid-Loyal-Fans so wise call for this year, but I doubt they quash the whole idea.

  5. The Toronto series was a joke. It was a total money grab for that old bastard Ralph. Idiot Canadians would wear every jersey other than the two teams that were playing….total circus with the a stale scent of drunk Canadian in the air…

  6. You mean no more charging us double for tickets? What a pitty. Fact is half of the tickets were radio station giveaways by the end of it all. Football doesn’t garner the interest it probably should in Toronto. People are so caught up with hockey to even bother.

    They also charge you 25 dollars to tail gate here. What kind of nonsense is that? If you’re a Bills fan, go to Ralph Wilson, it’s only 2 hours away. Way better fans, free tailgaitong and an actual real football atmosphere. Sure the food and amenities are terrible but who cares. Keep the team where it belongs. If Bills fans are anything, it’s die hard. It isn’t fair they lose a home game to a failed experiment. Good for the Bills

  7. This is the right decision. Toronto is the home of the CFL’s Argonauts, not the Buffalo Bills. You cannot force a home team on another city.

  8. It’s about time the Bills ended this farce. No one including the players liked playing up there and the Toronto “fans” never supported the team like they should of. It was in essence a 9th road game for the Bills every year.

  9. This is great news for any Bills fan (minus the 10-15 that live in Toronto). I’m sure it ha something to do with funding they are trying to get to improve The Ralph!

    Long live the Buffalo Bills! New York’s ONLY football team! Jersey can have the jets and giants!

  10. I know in baseball sometimes players have problems securing Visas in order to get a passport to play in Toronto, usually those are players with criminal records, no matter how minor those charges might be. I would assume that would also apply to football players.

    Then there is the exchange rate and competing with the CFL and Hockey in Canada. I can imagine it is pretty much a logistical nightmare and doesn’t reap enough of a benefit for the Bills to keep playing there for just one game.

  11. good. im envious of their fan base. they haven’t been competitive for a while, but man i don’t know if there is a more supportive fan base out there. they’ve been screwed over so much (missed FG’s in the superbowl, music city miracle, etc..) and the fans dont go away. im glad they’ll have one more game at home to cheer on their bills.

  12. It’s about time. Credit the Bills for grabbing the insane amount of free cash from Toronto but it always seemed to be an away game. Went to the Redskins and Bills game few years back, more redskins fans than bills fans. Canadian Bills fans HATE going to the Toronto game and also love the Ralph.

    The record in Toronto is poor, seats are twice as much, no tailgating anywhere and even the field turf is awful. That transcends onto the coaching search as well every time. Won one game there since the series started. Thanks Russ for getting this done. Finally showing you’re serious about winning.

    Ps pftpoet you’re the worst troll on the planet. Can’t see a reason for a Vikings comment here.

  13. The Bills don’t need to be playing in Toronto. They have a long standing, loyal fan base that doesn’t deserve to have a home game taken away every year. Putting a winning team on the field and upgrading their stadium will solve a lot of their problems.

  14. Those Toronto games are awful to watch. No atmosphere at all. Good for Bills fans in Buffalo to get that home game back.

  15. We don’t get to pay 500 bucks a pop to watch two teams from other cities play?

    Good riddance.

  16. joetoronto says:Mar 5, 2014 9:17 AM

    We don’t get to pay 500 bucks a pop to watch two teams from other cities play?

    Good riddance.
    No Joe, you can pay 500 bucks to watch the Raiders, who are worse than the Bills LOL!!!

  17. Went to the Eastern Final last year. Great atmosphere.
    Went to the Bills-Atlanta game two weeks later. Place was dead.

    Argo games are much better.

  18. idonttipipaybills says:
    Mar 5, 2014 7:44 AM

    Finally some good news out of the 716


    716? I thought they changed the area code in Buffalo to 044 back in the 90’s when they were losing superbowls.

  19. Persons from Canada didn’t go, because they have a higher IQ.

    Trying to sell the Buffalo Bills to any city is hard, except for Birmingham or Topeka.

    The Buffalo Bills act like they were doing the Canadians a favor by pimping this dreadful franchise to Toronto. And then are shocked that they weren’t dumb enough to support it.

    Then they have the testicles to blame the crowd in Toronto for losing games, how about your Bills just suck?

    Keep the Bills in Buffalo and suffer miserably, they are a perfect match.

    “Fat Drunk and Stupid is no way to go through life!”

    Dean Wormer to Bills fans.

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