Report: Brandon Browner to be suspended at start of 2014 season


Tuesday brought news of cornerback Brandon Browner’s reinstatement by the league after he served more than two months of a one-year suspension handed down late last year.

That reinstatement came after Browner’s attorney said his client would be suing the league in federal court to challenge the length of the suspension, but a report from Adam Schefter of ESPN indicates that Browner didn’t get off with no strings attached. Schefter reports that Browner will be suspended “for some length of time” at the start of the 2014 season as part of the agreement to reinstate him.

Browner’s challenge to the suspension was centered on the fact that the violations putting him in Stage 3 of the league’s drug program occurred when he was playing in the CFL. It would seem to make sense that any coming suspension would be of the four-game variety faced by players in Stage 2 of the program.

Browner will be trying to sell himself to teams when free agency opens next week and anyone interested in signing him will certainly want to know when he’ll be available to get on the field in the regular season. He will be able to participate in offseason work, training camp and the preseason with a new team if suspended for the start of the season, however.

31 responses to “Report: Brandon Browner to be suspended at start of 2014 season

  1. He basically got screwed out of playing through the entire playoff run, including an appearance in the Super Bowl, and that’s somehow not enough?

  2. Good for him for scaring the league. It was stupid they drug tested him when he was in the CFL. Stop smoking BB.

  3. People do realize that his failed drug test was for marijuana not PEDs right? I hope he goes to the Vikings so we can watch all the internet heroes rapidly change their tune.

  4. doctorrustbelt says:

    Dirty, doped up cheater.

    thepftpoet says:

    The 12th man = PEDs

    You guys realize Browner was popped for smoking weed not PEDs right ? Guess not.

    Pretty sad that since your own teams are so bad the only way you can get any enjoyment from the league is to go into every thread about any successful team and post the way you do.

  5. Did he use drugs? Yes, was caught and has to “do the time”.
    Is there really anything more that needs to be said? Take responsibility for yourself and correct the behavior.
    Everyone under 30 will thumbs down this comment.

  6. It is so funny how all other fan bases on here keep going back and playing the “PED/ cheater” card when it comes to Seattle. Your jealousy of our teams Super Bowl title just won’t allow you to let it go. Keep whining…all us Seattle fans thoroughly enjoy it.


  7. Browner didn’t get screwed. He screwed himself. Why would you take PED’s again after having a PED suspension at the end of 2012. Who is he, Ryan Braun?

  8. An illegal drug is just that, illegal.

    They should have tested the whole team prior to the Super Bowl.

  9. OK, so he smoked some pot and was penalized for it. Now he will continue to be penalized by game suspensions “for some length of time”. Why doesn’t the NFL just come out and say how many games?

    They’ve still got Browner twitching on the end of their strings. Just come out with it, NFL. I would have rather seen Browner “sue the daylights out of them”.

  10. joetoronto says:
    They should have tested the whole team prior to the Super Bowl.

    I would be fine with both SB teams every year getting tested for PEDs.

    NFL won’t do that though. If they’d instituted that the year before the Ravens would have seen Ray Ray not allowed to play after the NFL had built up the game as his big retirement ring.

  11. Rules are rules and players know the rules so they need to comply within the rules. Just because you have a good excuse doesn’t mean you should be excused from the rules you know and agreed too…….unless your a seahawk apparently you can do what you want.

  12. Florio_Jr. says:
    Mar 5, 2014 11:32 AM

    Browner didn’t get screwed. He screwed himself. Why would you take PED’s again after having a PED suspension at the end of 2012. Who is he, Ryan Braun?

    Why would you come on to this site and say that he took “PED’s again” when he got busted for pot with the last test, and not PEDs?

  13. joetoronto says: Mar 5, 2014 11:35 AM

    An illegal drug is just that, illegal.

    They should have tested the whole team prior to the Super Bowl.


    Um, last I looked pot was legal in Washington.

    He broke the rules, not the law.

  14. elwaysagenius says:Mar 5, 2014 10:59 AM

    Sherman and Thurmond should be too. Might want to surprise Chancellor and Thomas with a test as well.
    Let’s test Manning while we’re at it. That’s a pretty remarkable recovery from three neck surgeries considering they have a pharmacist in Von Miller playing for them. (See how that works?)

  15. There are people on here that really like to pass judgement and not really follow news. So lets make sure it is clear that Browner was not caught on the last test for PEDs it was Marijuana, as for legal issues, it is not illegal to use Marijuana in Washington. Therefore he did not break a law. If you followed the story on Browner, you would know that he was tested more than 200 times the last two years. If you think Sherman has not been tested multiple times since he won his appeal or if you truly believe that other Seattle players have not been tested at least but most likely more than once over the past year, then you are truly an IDIOT!!

  16. With the amount of haters in here saying shehawks and whatnot you’d think that we won the SB or something(yes I said WE, my number is 12)

    To the point, I wonder if this helps the hawks retain him somehow…scares a few teams away. No suspension and we have zero chance of keeping him.

  17. People saying PED regarding this case are just showing everyone that they don’t like to read very much. Anything more than a couple sentences…forget about it. They need a .gif to understand.

  18. You guys talking about him smoking weed realize he was suspended in 2012 for Adderall right?!!!

  19. Lol at bitter broncos fans who talk about cheating not realizing their team had the same amount of ped suspensions as Seattle last year despite all the testing Seattle received and all the media around it . Also the redskins have had as many suspensions as Seattle or within 1 through this same period of time but according to so many Seattle is all doped up and no other team is even close . Seattle is literally middle of the pack if you exclude the practice squad players and players who never played for the team who were suspended for peds . But technically they do count so you keep pointing them out bc your dear little cheating team still couldn’t compete , we’ll keep winning with our known cheaters while you ignore your own .

    It sucks we had players popped for stupid crap but atleast they aren’t lowlife a like so many other teams players who are constantly arrested for drugs.beating women , sexual assault . Guns , battery of Friends and a million DUI ‘s . My team has it’s characters but atleast they are attempting to help themselves chill out (weed ) or improve on the field (peds) and not trying to kill one another or us who live in the same city .

  20. It is seriously comical reading the ignorance of some of these comments. As if pot somehow gives you an athletic advantage, thus deeming a player a “cheater”. The only performance enhancing capability marijuana provides is extra motivation to eat an entire bag of Cheetos.

  21. Lol @ the posts saying ‘they should have tested him/them before the super bowl’ as if they didn’t. It’s the super bowl…of course people would have been tested prior to it.

    The NFL was above and beyond ridiculous here and I’m glad they somewhat admitted that how they did Browner was wrong by reinstating him. Hard for a dude to assume he needs to be tested regularly when he’s not even in the league…

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