Romo trade would destroy Cowboys’ cap situation

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During a visit last hour to The Dan Patrick Show, Dan mentioned an article suggesting that the Cowboys could trade quarterback Tony Romo to the Texans for the first overall pick in the draft.

It was Randy Galloway of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram who argued for the move in a column published over the weekend.  Given the extent to which Jones & Son love them some Johnny Football, moving up to No. 1 makes sense.

Trading Romo to get there doesn’t.

Based on his $25 million signing bonus from last year ($20 million of which has yet to hit the cap) and the $12.5 million bonus payment under his restructured deal, trading Romo before June 1 would trigger a $32.5 million cap charge.

That’s nearly 25 percent of the unadjusted cap for 2014.  For a guy who wouldn’t even be on the team.

If the Cowboys were going to trade Romo, it would have happened before the restructured contract, when the cap charge would have been only (only?) $20 million.

Either way, he undoubtedly won’t be traded this year.

That doesn’t stop the Cowboys from trying to get Johnny Manziel.  It only means they can’t make it happen by moving Romo.

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  1. The best chances that the Cowboys have had to win a Lombardi over the last 6 years have been personally ruined by Tony Romo..

    People get on Eli Manning daily about being elite. I’d rather have 2 rings and 2 MVP trophies, while leading the league in INTs 2 years…. then have an entire citiy’s hopes and dreams crushed mutilple times by my own hands.

  2. Who comes up with these crazy ideas? And who believes them? Why would the Texans give up the first pick in the draft for Romo? I actually really like Romo, but he’s not an Andrew Luck with his whole career still ahead of him…he’s 33.

    And for all the talk in the column about the Texans being “ready to win except needing a veteran QB”…please. Romo is not a Peyton Manning who a team signs knowing he’ll get you at minimum 10 wins no matter what the rest of the roster looks like. Even Romo’s greatest supporters know that.

  3. Well it’s only an impossible time to trade Romo now. That doesn’t mean they couldn’t have traded him at other points in the past or some other point in the future. Just not today, but that was the path they wanted to take.

  4. I can see Jerry rationalizing that they’d be getting Manziel on the cheap so it would be OK to carry $30 million in dead money. I can dream. What a media train wreck that would be.

  5. LMAO While we are speculating, GB could trade Rodgers to Minne, Denver could trade Manning to Oakland or NE could trade Brady to the Browns. Would affect the cap for all of them. However, quite doubtful any of the above would happen.

  6. This is a team without a true plan. Teams have to look 3 to 4 years out in regards to contracts, FA and drafting. Failure to do so makes you end up like this.

  7. what a stupid article you couldn’t get a can of coffee for romo let alone the 1st pick in the draft

  8. Is Romo worth the first overall pick in the draft?

    Yeah, he’s a starting QB with good stats and a decent measure of success in the league… but really?

    First OVERALL pick? At Romo’s age? And his contract?

    Don’t see it.

  9. They need to cut both Miles Austin and Demarcus Ware, free up the cap space to sign younger, and cheaper, talent who will play more downs than either of those two.

  10. I believe Jerry has semi-wood for JOHNNY FOOTBALL. No, Romo won’t be the guy who goes but i wouldn’t rule out JONES making a move to get the little QB. The kid will fill JERRWORLD in two-three years.

  11. The idea of a Jerry Jones team with Johnny Manziel at QB makes me all tingly. I would love to see that circus unfold

  12. You forget that you’re talking about Dallas though, they would make this move just for the attraction (revenue) it would bring into the stadium

  13. Boy whoever came up with this story must be living in one of the marijuana legal states, why would someone trade a 1st round pick for a 33year old pretty much broken down QB?

  14. If I owned the cowgirls, I’d borrow money to trade Romo. As a lifelong Steeler fan – and despite the fact we don’t still have a rivalry – I rejoice any time I hear that Romo’s future is firmly in Dallas. It ensures that the cowgirls won’t be getting any more rings for the next few years.
    I actually feel bad for them. Their owner is their own worse enemy…

  15. I find it laughable that media members like Randy Galloway. who are PAID to cover sports for a living, can get away with printing garbage opinions like this without doing their research or mentioning the fact that there is ZERO CHANCE of this possibly happening due to the cap ramifications!!

    If I were sports editor of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram I would be all over this hack job. The more likely scenario is he will be lauded for his ‘provactive column’!!

    Luckily the days of the print media columnist hacks are coming to an end as they continue to be exposed for the frauds that they are!!

  16. They are over the cap by $1m even with the restructuring. They cannot take a cap hit from Romo and still have a roster, unless they are all undrafted free agents and rookies. Stories like this are nonsense.

  17. They would still have to get rid of Room one way or another.
    Jerry Jones wouldn’t be bringing in Johnny Football to ride the bench. He would want to show case him.
    However, Jerry would want instant success, that wouldn’t be the case, even though he went to college there, this would be the worst place for him to go. He needs to et away from his college home boys, and concentrate on proving he’s NFL material.
    As far as Romo, the Cowboys are still going to be on the hook for his future payments regardless, because he was overpaid and never was the answer in D town.
    There might be a team stupid enough to take him and his contract, that would be the only solution.

  18. Let’s take a look at this situation from a logical point of view:

    Tony Romo is 33 years old, coming off a season ending back injury that required surgery, has NEVER won a playoff game in his career, has had multiple coaches and Jason Garret and yet some chucklehead with some man crush to see Manzel in Cowboy’s Silver & Blue came up with the most un-godliest scenario to date!

    There is absolutely nothing to gain for the Texans to make this idiotic of a trade but that won’t stop Jones from calling to see if a stupid enough fish is in the pond.

    Don’t waste your time Jerry, McNair ain’t stupid.

  19. Makes sense, the reason Jones gave Romo that extension last year was because he definitely wanted to look for a replacement a year later, as opposed to sticking by his franchise QB.

    Discussions like this belong on TMZ. Dallas can’t trade Romo, the 1st overall pick in a loaded draft class is worth more than any 33 year old QB, and Dallas is happy with Romo and isn’t looking to get Manziel. This is all just speculation from trolls and/or the video-game crowd.

  20. Randy Galloway (AKA Grandpa Urine) is known for throwing crap against the wall just to get a reaction. FYI, a few years back, Galloway was absolutely positive that the best player available in the draft was the Arkansas QB, turned WR, turned crack head. So much for Galloway’s talent evaluation.

  21. Jerry was on top of the world, Than he outsmarted himself, and its been down,down, down since.

    How is Jimmy doing this days? Man I loved the old Buddy and Jimmy games

    Romo??? Lol Yeah when they gave him that money, I was like Sweeeeeeeet that takes care of the boys for a while

  22. They just restructured Romo’s contract YESTERDAY! There is obviously zero chance he will be traded, so why bring up an article that mentioned the possibility over the weekend, before the restructured deal? Must be an extra slow day in NFL news.

  23. Mr. Jones gets who he wants. He’s a man who makes things happen. If he snaps his fingers, it’s done. If he wants Manziel then he will have him. He has three rings and one Dynasty as General Manager. A move here, a move there and he will have a few more rings.

  24. The Texans are not stupid. They will pick Manziel. The only way Manziel will become a bust is if he somehow ends up playing for Jerry Jones.

  25. I would be upset if the texans gave up a 5th rd pick for that ridiculous contract and chiker… and this guy is throwing out there 1st overall pick for him? lmao. By the way, we already had romo here… he went by the name of schaub.

    Signed Htown

  26. n0hopeleft says:
    Mar 5, 2014 11:47 AM
    The best chances that the Cowboys have had to win a Lombardi over the last 6 years have been personally ruined by Tony Romo..

    People get on Eli Manning daily about being elite. I’d rather have 2 rings and 2 MVP trophies, while leading the league in INTs 2 years…. then have an entire citiy’s hopes and dreams crushed mutilple times by my own hands.

    So you are saying that if the cowboys had won one of those win and you are in games they keep losing in week 17s, then they would have not only made the playoffs at 9-7 but taken home a lombardi?

  27. It may be that the Cowboys will soon pine for the days of 8-8.

    Oakland drafted poorly and kicked the salary cap can down the road for many years and only by taking their medicine the last 2 have they been able to get out from under the weight of the bloated contracts and dead cap money. (We’ll see if they do anything with their opportunity)

    Dallas has drafted in, at best, an average manner for some time now. With no change in GM, there is no reason to think those results will vary in the near future.

    By restructuring Romo’s contract, Jerry is more tied to Romo than ever. In 2015 his cap number will rise north of $25M. This, in addition to Dez’s eventual contract and restructuring of many other players’ contracts, suggests the Cowboys will be in awful cap shape for years to come.

    The more Jerry wants to bring in high-profile free agents, the worse it will get.

  28. If the Texans were really smart they’d offer the #1 in a deal to Philly for Nick Foles and a draft pick (maybe a 2nd or 3rd rounder) and then sign him to a long term deal before some over-hyped QB like Kaepernick gets his $18-20 Million a year.

  29. To make this deal, Houston would have to be even more stupid than Jones was to give Romo the $100 million in the first place. I don’t think so.

  30. I will be coming out of retirement, it’s to easy!
    My new name will be {made up} Pete Falk, reporter fot The Connecticut News Network, {also made up} and I am reporting today, a source close to Jerry Jones {his son} oops, told me “they are close to trading Romo; Garrett and Ware to the Washington Redskins for a “future pick” and some cap money.
    I asked “how much” but the source said, “he has to talk to his {father first}.
    END of Update.
    CT. News Network.

  31. LOL!!! Haaa haaa haa the reason being no one in their right mind will pay Romo that type of money to let Jerry Jones off the hook LOL!!! ROFL!!! This team is a Joke Haa haa haaa!! I have never seen the most ridiculous team I ever knew would turn out to be the cowboys haa haa haa!! I know I didn’t like them but this is just downright ugly for the boys. I mean the laughing stock of the league. Never thought it would happen in dallas haa haa haa but boy its a ugly situation there!! Well looks like dallas will not be relevant for about the year 2025 haa haa haaa haaa what a joke!!

  32. Seems to me that Randy Galloway is a Romo hater and just wrote a miss guided article about his opinion instead of the facts. What a joke… I’m pretty sure he knows that trade is 99.9% impossible, plus if he was smart enough he would know dallas needs to draft mostly defensive players this year, make DWare take a pay cut and release some players like Miles Austin.

  33. Lordy,Lordy,we are still 2 months away from the draft and already the wires are buzzing with all kinds of scenarios.First off, you just don’t trade a franchise QB with numbers like Romo for an unknown.Though he gets a bad rap, he’s still one of the more effective QB’s in the league.If anyone is crazy enough to do it, it’s Jerry Jones.

  34. This is a deck chair on the Titanic conversation if ever there was one. The fact is the Cowboys have a host of overvalued, dead money legacy (some Walking Dead Money still on the roster) issues for the next 5 years.

    Romo should have been dealt three years ago, Ware contract should never have been offered etc. etc.

    The team consistently overvalues it’s relative position and make concentrated short-term moves over and over pretending they are nearly a good team. Parcells was the last good coach and knew who to turnover players. Jerry creates the soft spoiled player culture always capped out and thin in quality players.

  35. Randy Galloway is a no-talent hack. Even speaking of this lunacy is bordering on requiring to be a resident of the State School in Austin.

    Come on Mr. Galloway, be a responsible journalist and write about REALITY.

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