Adrian Peterson: Vick would make Vikes a playoff team

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Michael Vick is looking for a new team and a chance at a starting job this offseason, which could lead to a conversation with the Vikings since they are in the market for a new starting quarterback.

One member of the Vikings thinks that the two sides could make some beautiful music together. Running back Adrian Peterson tweeted on Wednesday night that Vick “would intently make the Vikings a playoff team.”

We’re guessing that Peterson may have meant to type instantly as the NFL Network’s Twitter account had asked followers to fill in a blank about which team Vick would instantly make a playoff contender. There are plenty of people who would feel otherwise, if for no other reason than that Vick hasn’t started more than 13 games in a season since 2006. Peterson was still in college at that point.

Vick doesn’t seem like an obvious choice to play in a Norv Turner-run offense, either, but Peterson’s clearly looking for someone who can end the quarterback carousel of last year and help make something out of what’s left of the running back’s prime years. He thinks Vick can do that and we’ll likely find out if his team agrees in the next few weeks.

93 responses to “Adrian Peterson: Vick would make Vikes a playoff team

  1. He’s probably just bummed that a high pick got wasted on Ponder so he has cold feet about them taking a QB that might need some time to develop because he’s anxious to win right away. So naturally he would rather gamble on Vick and using that pick to get one of those premium OTs or WRs which would hopefully help the Offense out in 2 spots as he sees it, and Vick is the top QB they can acquire without using draft material and more likely to be effective right away. And if it doesn’t work out and he has to bolt then he can always choose a team that drafted a QB this year if he ends up really liking somebody. Sounds like a solid plan for him to me.

  2. Yes it’s true. They’d might make the playoffs, but they’d lose in the first round

  3. Love the idea of having someone that resembles a real starting N.F.L. quartback. With that said, just curious if Vick also plays Defense?

  4. So sign Vick. Then in the 2nd or 3rd round, draft a quarterback. Get AJ McCarron or Tahj Boyd. You would be able to sign them cheap and they could sit behind Vick until ready. And the expectations of them would be low

  5. Look at Vick’s injuries; why go with a 30 plus QB when they can draft one. I have a lot of respect for Norv and I’m sure there is a good reason they passed on Vick when he was coach there.

  6. Vick has as many playoff wins as Ponder since he was drafted. Tony Romo has more playoff wins than Vick since Romo became starter in Dallas.

  7. Yes. C’mon Spileman listen to AP on personnel decisions like this. You would have Vick and Ponder as your 1 & 2 quarterbacks, so when Vick gets hurt half way through the season you would have Ponder to fall back on. You wouldn’t have to waste any draft picks on the quarterback position and fill other needs. Listen to AP on this one.

  8. As a Coach or GM? When is the last time Adrian saw Mr. Vick complete a whole season at quarterback in which he led his team to the playoffs.

  9. If they wanted to bring in a veteran FA QB, they would likely be better off with Shaun Hill. Tougher and more durable than Vick, and already knows the division well.
    However, a kid like Jimmy Garoppalo or Derek Carr would fit very well, and could probably start and play pretty well from day-1 for them.

  10. Oh please let this happen…

    The potential schadenfreude from the inevitable purple train wreck would be overwhelming…

    We would start Mardi Gras in the Fall as it happened…

    Star players opining personnel matters is like Hollywood talking heads giving their take on politics…

  11. Wow….not only are the fans delusional…so are the players. Vick couldn’t lead the Niners team to the playoffs

    Check him for concussion syndrome please…before he throws the rest of the team and ownership to the dogs too….

  12. Randall Cunningham
    Donovan McNabb

    Those who do not know their history are destined to repeat it.

    Michael Vick. Destined to be a Viking.

    Good Luck with that injury riddled, can’t slide right, unable to read a defense, fumbling expert.

    Go Birds! #BowlsWithFoles

  13. All the regular vikequeen trolls are hiding from this thread because of the ridiculous comments made by an aging and declining rb who cant leave like Allen. I for one pray this happens, please bring in the washed up Vick so we can watch the circus.

  14. I like Michael Vick, but he will not be able to last a full season. I think he should go somewhere like the Jets and help out a younger more mobile quarterback. Last time the Vikings got an Eagles quarterback(McKnabb), things did not go so well.

  15. This reminds me of Favre coming in and talking about how Moss would get them over the hump. Then he signed and it was a train wreck.

    Don’t go ripping the caterer, Mike!!!

    From the rest of the NFC…please make this happen.

  16. The Vikings need a fresh start at QB, and I’m not sure Vick is Norv Turner’s type of QB.

    They need to trade down in round one, pick up a couple of extra picks, draft Jimmy Garoppolo and spend the rest of the draft building the defense.

  17. Vikings will never make the playoffs with Vick. what’s wrong with Ponder? Maybe they should just draft Bortels if they wand to start over at QB.

  18. Mike Vick and the Vikes would start 4-0. Look awesome – then he’d get crushed by Clay Matthews and try to play for 6 weeks while nursing cracked ribs or something – and they’d go 4-8 the rest of the way with the occasional Christian Ponder sighting.


    Eagles Fan

  19. Okay I get it
    Vick will eventually make them in contention for
    Jameis winston
    After guiding them to one of the worst records in the league next season in another injury riddled season
    Make sense

  20. Look at all you fools believing that AP dictates personnel moves. Wake up, idiots.

    As if Zimmer and Turner are going to turn to an incapable, over-the-hill quarterback at a time when the ownership and fanbase have them under the microscope for the QB position.

    Go back to eating Cheetos and sitting in front of the television, Packer fans. Worry about your own team and stop trolling Vikings boards waiting for an opportunity for your unimportant voice to be heard..

  21. Vick would be good for most any team with a less than stellar QB. He will push the incumbent for the starting job, be a solid back-up if that’s where he lands, and add a new dimension to any offense. Might make it through a season healthy in such a role, too.

  22. Vick may be an upgrade over what the Vikes have at QB now,but he’ll get hurt long before the post season gets here. I don’t see this as a good fit at all. AP isn’t the one making the decisions anyway.

  23. It’s not like it gets a whole lot worse than Ponder… People that Cassel was so great, but truth be told he only looked good because Ponder was SO bad… What do people realistically expect this team to do with the qb position? There’s no magic formula to getting a great qb, its not like baseball, basketball, or hockey where you can make big trades for star players.. You gotta hope we hit on one in the draft, but until that dude is ready to play someone else has to. I’d prefer it to not be Ponder and beyond him the options are limited.

  24. It seems like the Vikings will never learn. The strategy of signing an older vet QB didn’t work with Vinnie Testaverde, Warren Moon, Brad Johnson, Randall Cunningham, D. McNabb and BrINT Favre so now its going to work with the dog killa?

    Remember, when you make a mistake at the QB position, it costs more than just money. There is the time you take away from developing your next qb, which we can all agree its not Ponder but why even waste one minute with Vick?

  25. Vick’s a competitor but he doesn’t have the arm for the system Norv operates on; the Vikes would be better-served to bring in a cheap bridge-option like Josh McCown or Chad Henne for this season, let Ponder play out the last year of his contract on the bench this year and then walk in free agency, and look to draft a QB in 2015 between Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Brett Hundley or Bryce Petty. Hopefully we don’t reach on a QB this year (in both FA and the draft).

  26. Even this Viking fan agrees that perhaps AP should stick to running the ball and having children out of wedlock.

  27. Wow. Peterson was my favorite player in the NFL since Darell Green. But now I know he is simply a racist. Sad.

  28. What a combo this would make! They would both be first ballot inductees into the Illegitimate Children Hall of Fame! Vick = 3, Peterson = 7.

    You will not find a more exemplary pair of role models than these two narcissists.

  29. ????
    I would 4 out of 6 worked out very well!!


    It seems like the Vikings will never learn. The strategy of signing an older vet QB didn’t work with Vinnie Testaverde, Warren Moon, Brad Johnson, Randall Cunningham, D. McNabb and BrINT Favre so now its going to work with the dog killa?

  30. Hahahahaha. I’m sorry but I like mike and everything but at best a back up and hopefully not with the eagles again. How can guys that play in the nfl not know this??? I’m sorry believe I’m not a racist by any means but this whole Michael Vick thing is an AA thing. He is not good never will be.

  31. The only QB from Philly I want is Nick Foles and that won’t happen. Chip loves him. He could even become an elite. That aside, AJ Mac might work if we sign a McCown/Cassell etc. for a year or three.

  32. Illegitimate Children Hall of Fame…..ten (1) between them. Great job guys. Very impressive.

  33. Trade for Cousins, spend your money and your draft picks on defense and we will be in the playoffs.

  34. A oc who has lived off his rep from the 90s and a qb who has lived off his rep from when?good call Adrian

  35. Say what you want but I take him over ponder anyday and beside if he signed and get injured either the rookie QB or ponder kan take his place while mentoring them to me it a win win situation the worst thing that can happen is well end up with a top 5 pick

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